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Peru is a beautiful country in South America most well known for being the home of Machu Picchu. It’s one of our favorite destinations in the entire world! Keep reading to find out what to wear in Peru in every season!


What to Wear in Peru

Written By: Maggie Fogg


Peru has a rich history, from its roots as the height of the Incan empire to the center of Spain’s new world in South America. In this Spanish-speaking country, you’ll find a colorful culture and a great travel destination.

Taste some of the best ceviche in the world, hike and see unparalleled views of Machu Picchu and the Rainbow mountains, breathe in the salty coasts of Lima on a morning jog, hear and dance to energizing and passionate music, and touch some of the softest alpaca wool you’ve ever felt in your life.


Peru Clothing Style


The women in Peru tend to dress beautifully and femininely, often in rich, warm, and bright colors. In cities, like Lima, you’ll find women tend towards easy, figure-skimming silhouettes that flatter their bodies in pretty patterns and breezy fabrics.


A good clothing item to bring to Peru year round is jeans. You’ll be glad you did.


Travel Essentials


Remember that Peru’s seasons are the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere. Summer in Peru is from December to February and winter from July to September.

The country’s diverse geography–including the Andes mountains and Amazon rainforest–means that the weather varies significantly by region, which affects what to wear in Peru. The coast can be warm while the mountains are cold and the jungle is rainy. During winter, the mountains tend to be sunny and warm during the day, but cooler at night.

Generally, September to June is the best time for tourists to visit the country, as there can be heavy rains from December to April in certain regions.

Interestingly, although Lima has a very humid climate, it hardly ever rains there, or along most of the coast. Cities like Tumbes and Piura have tropical climates, which tend to be very rainy.

Always research the weather before your trip. Once you’ve checked the weather forecast, you can focus on creating a travel capsule wardrobe, which should easily fit in a carryon suitcase with the help of packing cubes to compress your clothing.


Read these tips to find out how to pack for different climates!


Hiking Machu Picchu


If you’re planning on visiting Machu Picchu, read these posts for detailed information.



Note: the Inca Trail is closed in February and alternate treks are prone to mudslides – trust me. I did it. Not a great idea.


Editor’s Note: I’ve made two separate journeys to Machu Picchu: I completed the Lares Trek in July 2008 as part of this Peru Panorama tour and the Inca Jungle Trek in February 2011. Each of these treks was challenging in its own way. I highly recommend G Adventures for tours especially for solo travelers.




Skinny Pant | Airy Tee


Regardless of the season, pack clothes that breathe well. Opt for natural materials like cotton, linen, or wool, and for more active trips, pack moisture-wicking options as well. If you plan on doing any hiking, regardless of the season, bring lots of layers and clothing options.


Geography & Must-See Cities


The most popular cities to visit include Lima, the capital situated along the shoreline, and Cuzco. Cuzco is located in Peru’s Sacred Valley region, near Machu Picchu and the Rainbow Mountains – both must-see wonders (and arduous hikes) worth checking out.


Lesser-known cities and villages worth visiting 


Arequipa: Peru’s second largest city. Arequipa is very popular among visitors; the surrounding area is home to the volcano El Misti, and Colca Canyon, a canyon twice as deep as the Grand Canyon.

Trujillo: Peru’s third largest city, located in the north, is home to many attractions: beautiful colonial architecture, an elegant plaza de armas, several museums, great cuisine, and some archeological sites in the surrounding area. It’s worth checking out if you’re heading north of Lima.

Iquitos: It’s located along the Amazon River and isn’t reachable by road. Jungle lodges, rainforest excursions, and unique and mystical tourism experiences with shamans and ayahuasca have helped make this one of the country’s tourism hot spots.

Máncora: A resort beach side town in northern Peru, popular for backpackers and vacation-goers. You can find pristine beaches north of this area and truly get “off the beaten path”.


Tip: Lima boasts 3 of the top 50 restaurants in the world! Number 4 is Central, number 13 is Maido, and number 30 is Astrid y Gaston.




Dress | Blouse | Crossbody | Cardigan | One-Piece | Jeans | Sun Hat | Shorts | Sandals | Jumpsuit


What to Wear in Peru: Spring




Trujillo has the best weather from January to April, with March being on average the warmest month. Average highs in February and March hover around 79°F / 26°C and lows around 61°F / 16°C. November, December, and January are not too far from these temperatures.


Read these tips on what to wear on a rainy day while traveling!


Start by reading these general tips on packing for spring travel:


Peru Packing List: Spring


If you’re visiting Trujillo in March, for example, you’ll want to bring an assortment of summer-like clothes, such as shorts, summer rompers, and sandals, but also some more traditionally spring clothes for cooler days and nights.


Check out our comfortable walking sandals that don’t sacrifice style!


A comfortable sweater or cardigan to cover up, multi-purpose jeans, and comfortable tops for layering are ideal additions to your packing list of what to wear in Peru. A flirty floral dress would be lovely for a nice dinner.

A sun hat and secure crossbody bag are both essentials for tourists spending long days walking around to protect against sun and pick-pocketing theft.


If you are worried about theft, add items like a money belt or Secret Bra Pocket to your packing list for South America!





Dress | Bra Crop | Sunglasses | Playsuit | Denim Shorts | Necklace | Wedge | Espadrille | Bag | Bikini Top & Bottom


What to Wear in Peru: Summer


The Northern Hemisphere’s late winter and early spring will be the height of Peru’s summer, and the best time to visit Lima. In contrast, during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer (April-October), Lima’s winter, you’ll find the city covered in a dense fog.




The height of summer in Lima is January and February. The climate is humid, subtropical, and mild. The coast barely ever sees rain, but the driest months are January through June.

In Lima’s summer, the average temperature is 77°F / 25°C. Lima sees significant sunshine in the months of January to April, with around 200 hours of sunshine per month.


Read this post on how to layer your clothing!


Start by reading these general tips on packing for summer travel:


Peru Packing List: Summer


If you’re planning to visit Lima or the coast during Peru’s summer, you’ll want to pack lots of beautiful, bright-colored clothes.

The women in Lima, for example, tend to take pride in dressing up with some feminine flair, so pretty dresses and rompers are a great addition to your wardrobe, as well as comfortable shorts and slip-on shoes for sightseeing and walking around the city.


Find out how to choose the best walking shoes!


Lima has many world-renowned restaurants, so enjoy dining with flair and sipping on the city’s signature drink, the Pisco Sour, and dancing all night. Come prepared with some wedges comfortable enough for evenings of dancing and a flirty dress!

When planning what to wear in Peru, you’ll also want to pack some vibrant beachwear, like a bright bikini and cute straw beach bag. The sun can be quite strong so don’t forget a hat.


Take a look at this gorgeous bra sized swimwear!





Cape | Blouse | Tee | Backpack | Earrings | Jeans | Vest | Tights | Shoe | Hiking Shoes


What to Wear in Peru: Fall



The Northern Hemisphere’s summer and fall are the best times to visit Machu Picchu. September to December tends to have the nicest weather and a nice average temperature, whereas June tends to be the driest month to visit.

On average, September tends to be the warmest month at Machu Picchu, however the average temperature remains pretty consistent throughout the season with highs of about 68°F / 20°C and lows around 46°F / 8°C.


Start by reading these general tips on packing for autumn travel:


Peru Packing List: Fall


If you decide to hike in the fall, you’ll want to travel armed with layers and a variety of hiking gear. Natural fabrics like wool are good for keeping warm at night. Also consider investing in some moisture-wicking items to avoid sweating and then getting cold.


This is the best hiking gear list!


Proper hiking boots are essential if you’re planning on doing a longer trek. The grip will be much better and make all the difference in your comfort and security.

A great layering piece for hiking or just hanging out is a down vest. Other hiking must-haves include moisture-wicking activewear leggings and a light daypack–choose one that’s comfortable to wear for hours and not too heavy.

For hanging around town, like Cuzco for example, you’ll likely want to wear casual and comfortable clothes, but something nicer than athletic wear.

Boyfriend jeans, bright blouses, and a blanket coat are the perfect vibe for Cuzco. Sticking with earthy, warm colors will leave an impression and fit right in with the bright and vibrant culture.


Find out how to choose the best hiking shoes for travel!





Cardigan | T-Shirt | Jumper | Kimono | Ankle Booties | Scarf | Jeans | Cardigan | Trousers | Bodysuit


What to Wear in Peru: Winter



During Lima’s winter, temperatures remain moderate, but there’s a dense mist or fog in the air from April to October. The air feels damp and lower temperatures can hover around 53-59°F / 12-15°C. Although it’s not the most beautiful time to visit the city, there are still many worthwhile attractions to visit.


It’s important to note that even though it’s cooler in winter, the days are sunny and sunburns are common due to the altitude in some areas. Wear sunblock!


Start by reading these general tips on packing for winter travel:


Peru Packing List: Winter


During Peru’s winter months, stick to slightly more muted earthy colors, like tans, rusts, blacks, creams, rich browns and khakis, and grays.

Layering remains important; for cooler mornings and evenings, a light jacket or cozy sweater is perfect over your blouse, top, or sweater. Jeans, ankle boots, and a scarf are must-haves for the winter.

For stylish evening events, go for tops with a sexy cut, or even a bodysuit, and layer with kimono jacket.


Find out why thermals are a must for traveling light (and staying warm) in winter!


Key Takeaways


Whichever season you visit this friendly country, here are some key points to remember when planning what to wear in Peru:


  • Experiment with vibrant colors
  • Pack lots of layers
  • Pack a mixture of city and outdoorsy outfits (especially if you’re hiking)
  • Leave room in your suitcase to bring home crafts and beautiful alpaca products!



Have any tips on what to wear in Peru? Please comment below!


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I hope this packing list helps you plan what to wear in Peru. Don’t forget to share the love on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Thanks for reading!


Author Bio: Maggie Fogg is a full-time traveller and writer. She left Toronto with a one-way ticket to Spain and has been making her way around the globe ever since. Currently, you can find her dancing and hiking her way around South America. Follow Maggie on Instagram.