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The Amalfi Coast is a 43-mile stretch of Italian coastline just around the bend from Naples. The coastline is made up of romantic towns and delivers a touch of drama via its rocky shoreline.

Traveling to the Amalfi Coast in fall? Keep reading for our tips on what to wear in the Amalfi Coast!


What to Wear in the Amalfi Coast: Fall

Written By: Maggie Fogg


During summer months, coastal towns are crowded with tourists, but the fall – particularly September or early October – is a perfect time to enjoy the relaxation, fine dining, and stunning vistas of the area.


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Visit the towns of Positano (centrally located), Ravello (perched high atop a ridge), Sorrento, or the town of Amalfi, which is the largest of the cities. From the area, excursions to Capri and Pompeii are easy and convenient. Capri, an island in the Bay of Naples, is a swanky, yacht-filled spot, home to the infamous Blue Grotto.

Pompeii, once a sophisticated Roman city, was buried in ash after the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. The site is near the coast of the Bay of Napes and is a well-preserved spot for visitors to explore.



Amalfi Coast Clothing Style


Italian fashion is classically well-tailored, stylishly put-together, and undeniably glamorous. Style on the Amalfi Coast is no different – particularly if your goal is to look like a local rather than a tourist.

The coast is a prime vacation spot, so this resort-like area tends much more towards “chic” than “casual”. You’ll find the Amalfi Coast to be sophisticated, yet with a relaxed and effortless feel. Silhouettes tend more towards comfort, rather than structure. Color palettes tend to be vibrant and upbeat, rather than the muted color stories often seen in the city.

However, make no mistake: even while relaxing on the coast, Italian style is always well put-together, enviable, and fashion-forward. Accessories often take the lead in Italian fashion, and it’s no different on the coast; however, women may change up their focus from bags and shoes to sunglasses, wraps, and scarves. Keep this in mind when choosing what to wear in the Amalfi Coast.


Amalfi Coast Fall Weather


Early fall on the Amalfi Coast is the perfect time to visit. In September, the lion’s share of tourists have cleared out, but the weather remains warm and sunny.


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Temperatures in early fall are quite like late summer, with average highs of 77°F / 25°C and lows of 65°F / 18°C. The month of October is also fairly nice although slightly windier and with fewer sunny days.







Dress | Jacket | Pants | Tank | Dress | Jumpsuit | Sandals | Glasses | Earrings | Skirt | Scarf


What to Wear in the Amalfi Coast: Key Pieces for Fall


Early fall has a lingering feeling of summer, with slightly cooler temps and a breezier atmosphere. Add some vibrancy to your color palette with bright fall hues like wine, olive, and perhaps a vermillion orange. When deciding what to wear in the Amalfi Coast, continue with fresh seaside tones of cream, off-white, and camel.

The Amalfi Coast has a resort-like feel, so a stylish statement piece for the fall would be a beautiful wide-leg jumpsuit. Relaxed yet stylish silhouettes like wrap dresses or semi-full midi skirts are easy to wear and offer comfort in a stylish package.

A romantic off-the shoulder maxi dress with a sexy slit is a pretty piece for a sunset dinner along cliffs. Cream-colored skinny jeans are a versatile choice for dressing up or dressing down, depending on your mood.

Round out your packing with pieces that work well for layering – a sleeveless top is perfect for a warmer day. If it gets cooler, you can layer on a chic blazer or cozy fine wool sweater.


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What to Wear in the Amalfi Coast: Fall Footwear


A beautifully made wedge sandal in a soft leather and a warm, neutral tone like a cinnamon or creamy caramel color is a perfect fit for what to wear in the Amalfi Coast in fall. The wedge style offers elegance to any look, while still being sturdy and comfortable enough for touring around in the daytime.

The style also works perfectly from day to night in a relaxed coastal atmosphere like Amalfi or Positano, where dressier looks for evening will still carry a relaxed resort-like feel.


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What to Wear in the Amalfi Coast: Accessories & Outerwear


In the early fall, the weather will still be beautiful and quite warm, but in preparation for cooler nights and unseasonably chilly days, you’ll want to pack a light coat.

Try a versatile and comfortable coat like this easy duster style, which gives a sophisticated finish to even casual outfits. Choosing a warm neutral color like a rust, camel, or dusty rose hue is perfect for fall without appearing too drab or heavy.


Choose the perfect travel coat so you can stop stressing about the rest of your travel wardrobe!


Stick to simple and versatile jewelry like good quality hoops or a feminine, somewhat dainty classic necklace or bracelet. Easy glamour and simplicity are perfect for the coast.

However, there’s one very important accessory that no woman should forget, and that’s an oversized, chic pair of sunglasses. Sunshine on the coast in September is still good, with more than fifty percent of days being quite sunny!


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What are your tips on what to wear in the Amalfi Coast in fall? Please comment below!


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