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Extended honeymoons are the trend of the moment but packing for one can be challenging. It required even more preparation than a standard honeymoon packing list! Follow our tips on what to pack for an extended honeymoon so you feel prepared for the trip of a lifetime!


What to Pack for an Extended Honeymoon

Written By: Sebrin Elms


In 2015, I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life. I not only married my hunk of a husband, but I also hit the jackpot because he was willing to indulge in my wanderlust fantasies and travel the world with me on an extended honeymoon.

A three-month honeymoon to be exact. We left two weeks after our wedding to visit Norway, Germany, Morocco, Indonesia, and Australia.



And while it was the trip of a lifetime, I’m sure you noticed one thing about this list of countries: the incredible diversity in style and climate. We visited very diverse countries that each called for different styles of clothing. Preparing for a long trip across multiple terrains can be a big and overwhelming planning task.

So how does someone figure out what to pack for an extended honeymoon in such varying cultures and climates?


Start by reading these posts:


Next, read my tips on what to pack for an extended honeymoon:





Bag | Cuff | Lipstick | Dress | Earrings | Sunglasses | Sandals


Bring 2 Dressy Outfits


When someone envisions their honeymoon, they probably imagine beautiful kaftans, glamorous maxi dresses, and colorful dresses. And while that makes for beautiful honeymoon pictures and romantic moments together, it’s not practical for a long honeymoon.

For one thing, they take up a lot of space in your backpack or suitcase. Secondly, these outfits may be worn once or twice, but probably won’t work for everyday wear.

You can still bring incredibly elegant outfits, like a long beautiful dress for a nice dinner or a beautiful cover up for the beach, but only bring two or three of these types of outfits. If possible, pair them with a matching jacket, shoes, or accessories for a less formal occasion.


Tip: Skirts are useful because you can wear them casually with a tee or dress them up with a nice blouse. Here are a few skirt outfits!





Outfit 1: Tank Top | Crossbody | Sunglasses | Watch | Skirt | Flats
Outfit 2: Top | Earrings | Lipstick | Bag | Bracelet | Skirt | Sandals
Outfit 3: Hat| Bikini | Tote | Sunscreen | Sunglasses | Skirt | Sandals


Make Sure Your Items Can Mix and Match


With the previous tip in mind, it’s important that most of your items mix and match. If you can, pick luxurious items that go with everything. Bring a beautiful, white, off-the-shoulder top that pairs with your jeans, skirts and shorts.

Or, pack a long, floral, maxi skirt that looks good with a blouse, tank top, or bikini top. The more items you can mix and match, the more outfits you have for your trip.


Take a look at these cute summer dresses for women!


Repurpose Your Clothing


Not only should your items be able to mix and match, but they also should be utilized in multiple different ways. A multi-purpose scarf is a great example of this. You can wrap it as a skirt, a sarong, a scarf or a hijab!

A loose-fitting T-shirt can be rolled at the sleeves to create a tank top. For cooler days or evenings, you can wear tights under a dress, skirt, or shorts. Experimenting in unique and innovative ways can expand your wardrobe and extend the use you can get out of your clothing items.


Find out how to mix and match with these sample capsule wardrobes!




Extended Honeymoon Packing List


This extended honeymoon packing list can vary depending on where you go, but for the purposes of this example, let’s assume you’re going to at least one hot, tropical climate and one cold climate.


  • 5 tops (two dressy tops and three casual tops)
  • 3-4 dresses/rompers (at least one maxi dress)
  • 1 skirts (long if you don’t pack a maxi dress)
  • 1 shorts
  • 2 pants (at least one pair should be jeans)
  • 1 heavy jacket, coat or parka
  • 1 light jacket or cardigan
  • 2 bathing suits (get in the spirit and bring one white suit)
  • 1 multipurpose scarf
  • 1 cover up
  • 1 pair of tights or leggings
  • 1 pajamas
  • 3 pairs of shoes
  • 1 crossbody bag (that has a detachable strap to go from day to night)
  • 1 beach bag
  • Various accessories


A steamer can help add the perfect touch to your outfits. These are the best travel steamers!



Wrap Maxi Dress | Shelby Romper


Dresses & Rompers


This is where you can get fancy. If you plan on going out to a nice dinner, enjoying wine tasting, or partaking in something else equally romantic and adventurous, you’ll want pictures in a beautiful dress.

Pack a dressy romper or maxi to wear for the occasion. Just remember, with such beautiful items you’ll want to pack a portable steamer to get rid of unwanted wrinkles. If you bring one or two casual rompers or maxi dresses, they can double as a beach coverup.


Here’s a selection of summer rompers for women perfect for warm weather travels!




Short Sleeve Top | Tank Top Plus


Blouses and Tops


The tops you pack should match with all of your bottoms. For starters, a chiffon blouse or off-the-shoulder top can pair with skirts and shorts. Meanwhile, your tanks and tees can be paired with accessories, shorts, and jeans. If you choose these items correctly, you’ll have an endless number of options.

If you find that you didn’t bring the right options for a romantic night out, don’t forget that shopping can always be added to the agenda!


This seven-piece travel wardrobe creates twenty different looks. Find out how!




High Waist Leggings | Stretch Twill Skinny




It may be your honeymoon, but you probably want to spend some of your days lounging in comfort or exercising. That’s why one pair of leggings is essential for your travels, with black workout pants being even more versatile. They can be used for exercising or even as pajama bottoms.


Here’s what our TFG readers recommended for the best leggings for women who travel!


In addition to leggings, a pair of classic blue jeans is a must, as is a pair of beige or olive pants, which are incredibly adaptable for just about any occasion or location.

In regards to shorts, one black pair and one white or light blue pair should be perfect. And with skirts, make sure you have at least one maxi skirt as it works well to wear when visiting holy sites.


Check out our list of chic, comfortable linen clothing pieces you can add to your travel wardrobe!




Polarized Sunglasses | Square Silk Scarf




It’s amazing what a few accessories can do to dress up an outfit. Chunky jewelry, a beautiful hair clip, a silk scarf, or beautifully framed sunglasses can take a casual outfit and turn it into a chic one.

Just be careful with overpacking here as heavy jewelry and accessories can add a lot of weight to your suitcase. Small earrings or rings are also easy to lose!


Find out how to pack necklaces with these simple tips to keep your jewelry untangled and organized!




Espadrille Flat | Gladiator Sandal




I always say you should bring three pairs of shoes, as it ensures you can bring pairs that work with every single outfit.

Your first pair should be a dressy option. If you don’t want to bring high heels to go with your fancy outfits, try beautiful espadrilles, slip-ons, or ballet flats.


See our round-up of the cute and comfortable ballet flats to wear at home and abroad!




Casual Sneaker | Fashion Sneaker


Your second pair should be sandals for going to the beach or strolling around town. Make sure they’re comfortable so you don’t get blisters!

Finally, your third choice should be a pair of athletic shoes. These will work in multiple climates, give you arch support while touring, and give you the option of exercising. Of course the type of shoes you ultimately choose should reflect the local weather and culture, so take this advice lightly.


Here are comfortable walking sandals and cute walking shoes for travel that are stylish, too!


Lastly, for toiletries, don’t stress about bringing everything you own. Use the best travel containers and follow the tips shown in our Ultimate Guide to Toiletries so you only pack exactly what you need!









What are your tips on what to pack for an extended honeymoon? Share in the comments below!


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Author Bio: Sebrin is a newlywed, flower child, and travel-obsessed blogger. When she isn’t traipsing the globe with her husband, you can find her curled up with a book, snuggling with her kitty babies, or binge-watching Netflix. Follow along her travels on her blog or instagram!