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With all the Valentine’s Day weddings coming up, I thought I’d make a special Honeymoon Packing List. As you make preparations for your Honeymoon travel, it’s time to take a break from all the planning and let Travel Fashion Girl make your romantic beach getaway a breeze!


What to Pack for Honeymoons on the Beach


Congratulations! After years of dreaming and months of planning, you and your new husband can finally settle into your new life together with a sundrenched honeymoon in a tropical island. Packing efficiently with an interchangeable travel capsule wardrobe ensures that you are prepared to have a fantastic time.



Before loading up your suitcase (carry on of course!), it’s a good idea to research your specific destination as individual locations may have varying requirements for the time of year in which you are traveling; look out specifically for seasonal rains or dramatic changes in temperature; and also local customs.


Start by reading these general tips on packing for summer travel:


Additionally, call the place you will be staying and ask specifically about what they will be providing. After all, there is no need to pack things like a hair dryer if they readily provide one.


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Tee | Shirt | Blouse | Top | Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Jeans | Shorts | Cardigan | Kimono | Skirt 1 | Skirt 2 | Heels | Sandals | Swimsuit | Bag


Honeymoon Packing List for Beach Getaways


6 Tops


Choose some basic tops that you can mix and match. Light colors work  great to keep you cool in the heat and also enhance your new sun-kissed glow. Pack a balance of predominantly short sleeve tops paired with a couple of long sleeves.

Button-up blouses can be excellent cover-ups for bathing suits, added to shield yourself from a slight evening chill, paired with jean shorts or a maxi skirt for casual attire, tucked into an embellished miniskirt for a sexy night on the town, and even be a handy tool when performing a flirty strip tease for your new husband!


Remember, you don’t need to pack too many as there should be laundry services offered at your destination. How to do laundry? Read this tips!


3 Bottoms


Longer pants of a thinner material are great in tropical climates and also comfortable for the airplane ride. Jeans are always an easy and practical staple for any trip.

Additionally, bring two pairs of shorts; shorts of a lighter weight can slide easily over bathing suits and are great for water activities, and jean shorts can be worn for laid back trips through nearby towns or relaxed drinks in an easygoing bar.

Remember to always keep the local (potentially conservative) culture in mind in consideration when choosing lengths. You’re usually fine by the beach but should wear something more covered up in villages.


The key to packing light is to use packing cubes to compress your clothing as shown in this video.


2 Skirts


Skirts are a great tool to maximize outfits and feminine, even flirty looks. These will have to be washed less often than if they were dresses and can be worn with multiple pieces for varied effects.

While your maxi skirt should be bright and billowy, choose a shorter skirt for a fun night out or that can double as a cocktail attire.


2 Dresses


Dresses are a must in any tropical destination! Pack a sundress that is a color that is bright and summery with a flirty hemline that bounces about the knee to make you feel girly and romantic.

Secondly, pack a dress that will make you feel irresistible and sexy as the two of you enjoy candle-lit dinners and intimate dancing. You can always pick up a sundress as a souvenir at your destination in a beachy motif to get into the local vibe.





1 Warm Cover


In many destinations, the nights can get cooler. While your new husband’s body heat is one option to stay warm, also bring something like a sweater or blazer that is neutral enough to not clash with most of the outfits in your suitcase. Alternatively, a poncho is a fun item to wear at the beach depending on your location.

Remember, you can usually buy things if you do find a cooler climate without needing to add the bulk in your initial beach honeymoon packing list.


Find out why we love these lightweight jackets for summer travel!


3 Bathing Suits


It is wise to bring not one, but three different bathing suits. If you want to save space, get a couple of reversible bathing suits.

You”ll be spending the majority of your days wearing these light-weight pieces that take up minimal space in your luggage, so it will be nice to not have to wash the same one on a daily basis.

We all know that some suits are designed for fashion while others are more so for function; having a sturdy one piece handy for activities like surfing or water skiing will prevent the annoyance of having to consistently yank your sexy bikini in place.


3 Pairs of Shoes


Pack shoes to enhance your outfits and that will keep your sexy and comfortable when taking romantic strolls along white sands, rumba from one festive club to the next and perhaps explore nearby parks or archeological destinations.

That being said, the last thing you and your sweetie will want is to be held back because you don’t have proper footwear, so come prepared with a pair of sandals, trainers (if relevant), and heels to hit the town in.




Have subtle, cute studs that you can easily move around in, as well as sexy dangle or hoop earrings for the nighttime. Necklaces will help add range to your looks, so opt for one that is simple and one that is colorful and attention-grabbing.


Jewelry makes my favorite souvenir. Add some local accessories to complete your outfits.




While you will want a few practical travel undies, this is your honeymoon and your time to shine! Make him say “wow” with sexy lingerie and don’t skimp out. Pack a bra with convertible straps for versatility as well as one that is comfortable for those days where you’re more active.


For some protective travel items for your lingerie, check out this helpful article about Travel Bras from Linda the Bra Lady.




Whether or not you two are newcomers or seasoned pros, set the tone for your marriage and add some sexy new bedroom activities to your honeymoon packing list!

Keep a version of The Cosmo Kama Sutra handy and consider adding a little spice to your tropical nights. Those that don’t quite work will have you two howling with laughter and those positions that do will have you howling for entirely different reasons.

While there are plenty of sexy games specifically designed for couples, most of them are bulky to pack. Instead, bring a plain deck of cards and a sharpie and, on the plane ride over, the two of you can discreetly write on the cards different flirtatious or sexual actions or activities.

Not only will this be a great tease, but strip poker will be taken to a whole new level with a little creativity.  As for sex toys, it’s usually a good idea to check these, but these discrete gadgets are perfect for carry on travel (just remember to remove the batteries)!


When finalizing what to pack for your honeymoon


Don’t forget to leave room in your suitcase for shopping! The best travel souvenirs are the ones you can keep wearing for years to come.


For tips on packing your beauty essentials, check out these makeup tips by a traveling makeup pro.


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Congratulations and have the most incredible time on your trip!!!

What were your essentials on your honeymoon packing list? Share in the comments!


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