Whether you’re planning what skin care products you need to take, how to downsize them, or how to pamper yourself post-trip, take a look at our favorite skin care tips. Don’t forget to download your free packing checklist!


Top Spring Beauty Releases

Along with the warmer Spring weather comes a new wave of exciting drugstore and high-end beauty releases. We've cherry-picked our favorite products, ready to be added to your vacation shopping list or packed in your makeup bag for your upcoming spring break.  ...

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Spring Break Travel Beauty Essentials

  Spring is just around the corner, which means warmer days, blooming flowers and of course - Spring Break! Here are our top travel beauty essentials to take with you on your sunshine getaway.   Spring Break Travel Beauty Essentials     Chachatint...

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The All Weather Guide to Travel Beauty Products

It’s not unlikely that every year I will find myself in 4 time zones in a span of 2 weeks. With the jet lag, the subsequent sleep deprivation and the change in temperature between cities, I can’t rely on hotel amenities to keep my skin from freaking out. I hate the...

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Beauty-licious Beach Essentials For A Winter Escape

If you're thinking of a beach itinerary for your winter escape, you're in for a treat. But before you leave, make sure you pack these beach essentials. Ready? Here's the list! Beach Essentials For A Winter Escape Leave-in Conditioner   You...

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The Travel Beauty Essentials I Never Leave Home Without

If you read last week's newsletter or follow me on Instagram you'd know I was in London last week meeting with beauty blogger and color expert Ximena de la Serna from Not only is it always exciting to visit London but I'm really excited to work with...

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Winter Skin Care Tips for Travelers

  The winter season is a magical time to take a vacation – fluffy white snow covers the cityscape and mountains making for a picturesque background for any travel shot. It’s a beautiful season to see, but to feel. Winter is the time when our skin suffers the...

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10 Must Read Travel Beauty Essentials

Travel Fashion Girl doesn’t just bring you custom packing lists and expert packing advice, we also share insider travel beauty essentials and tips.  Our travel beauty essentials and tips include local and global beauty products suggested by travelers all over the world.

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Homemade Beauty Recipes Using Global Ingredients

With the growing popularity of organic homemade beauty recipes, it seems that more cosmetic companies nowadays are adding natural beauty products to their offerings. The store shelves are quickly filling up with green and Paraben free options that have girls quickly...

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Detox Spa Retreats for Travel Wellness

Detox Spa Retreats are wonderful for a variety of reasons. Whether you want a relaxing solo vacation or a girly weekend away, there are different types of wellness retreats available to meet your needs.   Revitalize your Mind and Body with a Detox! This past year...

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Permanent Hair Removal for Women: Toss the Razor

I don’t know about you but I can get a little grooming lazy when I travel and have wanted to try permanent hair removal for women for a long time. Katka from Katka Travels tells us all about why she loves getting LHR and where you can find affordable laser hair...

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How to Care for Your Skin and Hair Post-Travel

Now that the holidays are over and we prepare to turn off our “out of office” messages, it’s time for some post-vacation TLC! Your spirit won’t be the only thing feeling the post travel blues when you return home from your travels. You might start noticing skin and...

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