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One of the downsides of being a long term traveler is that not all your favorite beauty brands are available abroad. There’s not even a Sephora in the UK!

However, certain drug store products tend to be available all over the world and for skincare it’s Oil of Olay and Nivea. With regards to anti-wrinkle skincare products, let’s take a look at what other female travelers recommend as their best drugstore moisturizers.


Travel beauty help!


Oil of Olay seems to be the most easily accessible anti-wrinkle brand worldwide. Does anyone have any specific products they can recommend from this brand or other drugstore options?


Top Drugstore Skincare Products 



Their Regenerist crème is okay, but I like Estee Lauder’s much better, if only I could justify the the $100 price tag. I’ve only tried this one for OoO though.~ Shell Bufton


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I’m living in Mexico and about a month ago, purchased Ponds Rejuveness. It was super cheap and I’m AMAZED at how nice my skin looks. Wrinkles aren’t so deep and some minor blemishes cleared up. It looks super thick and goopy but goes on nicely. Maybe Ponds is pretty available around the world, too? ~ Jennifer McVey


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I have used Oil of Olay’s Complete All Day Moisturizer since I was 14. I’m not 30 and people say my skin looks amazing. They have it for sensitive skin too. ~ Stacie Mullins-Rose


Olay is called Olaz is much of Europe. I live in Switzerland & find it to be reasonably priced, their day time face cream with SPF 15+ is good, especially if you are travelling to hotter climates, it’s not too heavy but offers good protection. ~ Liz Dunn



YES! I have a huge tip! Olay makes an awesome all-in-one dry cleansing cloth. Just add a bit of water, and you have wash cloth, cleanser, toner and (depending on the type of cloth you get), little scrubbies that help exfoliate. I actually find I can cut the cloths into quarters and still have plenty to clean my face really well.

I do take some uncut ones along as well – they are great for your whole body in the shower. They’re especially awesome for travel, as they are 3-1-1 friendly, and you can ever stash a few in your pocket to clean yourself up in the airport, a campground, etc… Here’s the link to a post I did reviewing the Olay cloths and some other TSA friendly, dry toiletries. ~ Turnipseed Travel


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Regenerist night cream is amazing! Definitely one of the best drugstore moisturizers I’ve ever used! ~ Victoria Jones


Just an in case of emergency… (and I am a face cream/ anti wrinkle cream junkie)…. real coconut oil works great in a pinch! You can get it all over the US and Asia (not sure about Europe or South America.) It is also great for your hair. Don’t get the junkie coco butter stuff, clogs up your pores like crazy. ~ Noonan Rubick


I use the Olay facial moisturizer with SPF 15…been using it for probably 6 years now and I love it. ~ Isabel Arrañaga


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The Olay total effects gentle moisturiser with SPF 15 is wonderful for anyone with dry and sensitive skin. Perfect for travel as its non irritating when you’re in different climates to normal. I always stock up on it when I’m in Asia as its 1/3 of the price compared to Australia (and the Aussie stock is from Indonesia anyway!) Been using it for many years now ~ Sarah Irwin


Thank you for the recommendations!

So much love for Olay gives me some hope yet!


What products do you consider the best drugstore moisturizers?


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