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When you’re traveling to multiple cities for short trips, the last thing you want to do is get off the plane and wait for your luggage after a 10+ hour flight. If these short trips involve business meetings or outings where you’ll want to capture on Instagram, you might be tempted to pack your entire beauty regime.

So how do you cram in all your products and leave space for your clothes? Here’s a list of the top 10 travel beauty products to pack!


Top 10 Travel Beauty Products

Written by: Iona Y.









Every country has different specifications on the SPF number allowed. If you’re used to wearing SPF 50, pack your own – you might not find it in other countries. Decant it into a travel size bottle, unless you’ll be spending most of your time in the sun. You can also consider packing liquid-free sunblock sticks or wipes for your carry on.



An All Purpose Oil



When you want to pack light, go for multi-purpose items. An all purpose oil such as argan oil or Exceptionoil which can also act as a body moisturizer, eye cream, a face serum, hair serum and cuticle oil. Pick one with nourishing ingredients that absorb quickly into the skin. People have the misconception that oils will make your face oily when they can absorb into your skin faster than some creams and lotions. Pack this one in your carry on as the circulated air on the plane can dry the skin quickly.



Makeup Wipes



This isn’t a substitute for a facial cleanser but when you need to take off a night’s worth of makeup, makeup wipes can do the job quick stat. Pack a travel sized pack and put it in your carry on. They are great for touch ups – just before you land.



Face Cream



You’ve already packed the sunscreen so you don’t need to pack a day cream with SPF. Instead pack a face cream you can use both day and night. Pack this in your luggage. If your face gets dry on the plane, you can always use an oil



Travel Sized Cleanser



You may have the makeup wipes but a cleanser will give your skin a proper clean. Most cleansers don’t come in travel sizes so you’ll need to decant and label accordingly. Pack it in your luggage, they don’t need to go in the carry on.








A good mascara draw the attention away from dark under eye circles and make you look more awake. Find one with a conditioning serum to build healthier and fuller lashes.






Nothing makes you look awake like a swipe of blush. Fake a good night’s sleep with a universally flattering color.



CC Cream



A CC cream gives great coverage during the day and night. Find one without SPF, especially if you’re going to be taking photos at night. Products containing SPF will make you look pale in the photos.






Eyeliner is light weight and easy to pack, you can control the amount of definition you give to your eyes and skip the eyeshadow.



Brow Kit



Your brows frame your face, don’t neglect them just because you’re on holiday or traveling for business. Use a brow kit like the one shown above or use an eye shadow as a dual purpose makeup item.


Do you have any travel beauty products to add to the list? Please comment below!


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