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Walking for two hours in the wrong way because you’re directionally challenged. Soaking up way too much sun because you thought it would be fun to visit the desert in the summer. Getting caught in a downpour of rain while you’re three miles away from your hostel. Being nervous because you don’t know what to expect in your newfound travel adventure.

What do all these things have in common? Sweat and stains! Use these three travel accessories to help make preventing sweat stains easy!


Preventing Sweat Stains

Written By: Jessica Lippe


Like it or not, sweat happens to the best of us, especially during travel. Any long-term traveler is probably hiding a photo of themselves where they have a large wet spot on their shirt- and that wasn’t caused by water! Even the best deodorants don’t always cut it. Fortunately, there are clothes and accessories on the market today that can help keep you fresh as a rose!

These three travel accessories are essential at preventing sweat stains:



The Multifunctional Headwear


Keep you warm in the cold and dry in humidity.

Commonly known by the brand name Buff, these fabric tubes keep you warm in the cold and dry in humidity. Although the Buff brand comes in many different styles, there’s similar off-brand headwear as well. (Mine is called a Tubie.) Many people double-loop this around their wrist so they can easily wipe off any sweat anywhere. Because the area around my neck tends to swelter, I wear my Tubie like a necklace.




This also makes it easy to transform it into a headband or hair covering when my scalp starts to perspire. Buffs can also be used as a scrunchie to keep your hair off your skin.




The Moisture Wicking Shirt


You never have to feel yourself sweat.

This is one travel item that I can’t seem to get enough of! These shirts can be found in the women’s athletic section of department stores. They’re popular among runners, so many tend to have a sporty design, but there are also some that just look like a solid color t-shirt. Some even have a hidden zippered pocket in the seams to store small valuables.




Wicking shirts absorb moisture on contact and dry quickly, so you never have to feel yourself sweat! Although the shirts make your perspiration-free, they don’t necessarily make you stink-free. Some of these shirts trap odors, so plan to at least wash the armpits before wearing the shirt a second time.




The Wool Sock


Keep your feet toasty.

This one may seem counterintuitive, since wool is typically used as a warm winter fabric. Yes, wool socks will keep your feet toasty, and yes, you will likely sweat more. However, you probably won’t feel it. We’ve all had that experience where we feel like our cotton sock stepped in a puddle, or where our sandal feels like a slip-and-slide for feet. Wool is much better at absorbing moisture. Although I haven’t worn wool socks in arid regions (yet), I have worn them in warm climates and my feet never felt too hot!


These three items, combined with good hygiene, will help make preventing sweat stains easy!

What are your tips on preventing sweat stains while traveling? Share in the comments!


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