Searching for the best travel gadgets? From electronics to packing organizers, we have a selection of articles featuring the best gadgets for travel. Start reading below to find out!  And don’t forget to download your free packing checklist!


Smartphone Camera Accessories: Take Phone Pics like a Pro

Few people seem to travel with a point-and-shoot camera anymore. And with the top-notch quality of smartphones like the Samsung Note 4 and the iPhone 6, who needs to? Throughout my travels, I’ve definitely noticed a surge in travelers using their phones to take...

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The Most Lightweight Scuba Gear For Travel

Looking for lightweight scuba gear for travel? I tested the Aqualung Zuma BCD and Micron Regulator. Find out how I almost traveled carry-on only with all of my dive gear!   Lightweight Scuba Gear for Travel   Over the past eight years my travels have evolved...

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Daily Travel Essentials: What to Carry in Your Day Bag?

What do you carry in your day bag while traveling? Here are our daily travel essentials in four different scenarios!   Daily Travel Essentials Written by: Niki Landry   When you go out for the day of exploring in a new destination it’s normally advisable to...

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Laptop or Tablet for Travel? Which One to Choose

When people ask me if I recommend a laptop or tablet for travel, my initial response is to leave it at home. Traveling unplugged is an incredible feeling. I’ve written about this several times and how technology has affected travel today. But how on earth could you...

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Best Items to Get a Fresh Start in Your Travels

If you're looking to get a fresh start in 2016, these are some of the best travel items to help you get organized, prepared, and in shape for your upcoming trips this year!   Best Travel Items by Josie Reim   Three of the most common New Year’s Resolutions...

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Travel Electronics: Staying Connected on the Road

Staying connected while traveling is super easy, but with so many devices and gadgets it can be tempting to over pack. Deciding what travel electronics are necessary for your style of travel is the first step in keeping your tech gadgets manageable. Below is my...

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7 Essential Blog Tools for Travel: Blogging on the Go

  I’m not only a long term traveler but I’m also a blogger and digital nomad which means that in addition to my regular travel gear and scuba diving accessories, I also have to pack electronics to maintain Travel Fashion Girl on the go. It’s a wonder I reached my...

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Safe Travel Essentials: Will these 5 Products Help You?

We're half way through Backpacker's Month on TFG and today's topic is safety! Safe travel is always a concern for female travelers. Whether traveling alone or with others, we take a look at 5 products that may help keep your belongings safe.   5 Safe Travel...

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Travel Headlamp: Top 5 Reasons Why I Always Pack One

  One of the random items that are very important in the packing list of any long term traveler is a headlamp. Find out why! As a long term traveler I've always carried a headlamp and consider it one of the most essential items in my bag. I currently use this...

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Trip Checklist: Don’t Forget to Prep your Electronics!

When you’re hitting the road there are a few extra things you need to take care of. Get some USD, Euro, or GBP to have on hand in case of an emergency, let your bank and credit cards know you’ll be traveling, and don’t forget about your electronic trip checklist!...

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