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While traveling is all about living in the moment, it’s fun to document your adventures and share them with the world on social media. As you head on your next trip, follow our tips for taking the perfect travel photos on Instagram.


Taking Instagram Travel Photos


What vacation is complete without amazing photos to showcase your destination? From breath-taking sunsets to selfies lounging on the beach, some of the most eye-catching images found on Instagram capture moments to remember for a lifetime.

Don’t just point and shoot your photos during your vacation. Take a little time to document the moment that you can enjoy remembering for years to come.



Every destination has a distinct landscape and story to tell, and capturing the location can give a glimpse of your experience on your trip. If you’re new to photography, these techniques help you create a swoon-worthy Instagram feed with all of your favorite travel spots.

And if you’re a solo traveler, take your selfie game up a notch with some of our tips to capture DSLR-worthy photos right from your phone.




Take Horizontal Photos


One of the best tips for taking the perfect travel photos on Instagram is your positioning. Before you go around pointing your phone to capture a shot, take a moment to really feel out the atmosphere and see what you can show from your perspective. For starters, taking a horizontal photo will give you a beautiful wide shot of your scenery.

You can then apply the rule of thirds concept to your photos to create a more balanced composition. Visually break down your shot into three sections and frame the subject. If you are planning to take a photo of your arm or leg in the image, create more interest by aligning along the far left or right.

Taking center-framed images can also work! You can also edit and crop your image for Instagram to create a balanced photo.


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Keep It Focused


Lighting and depth in an image go hand-in-hand for taking the perfect travel photos on Instagram. If your photo is too dimly lit or dark, chances are you’ll end up with a blurry, pixelated mess. The trick to adding light to a dim location is to touch the screen to automatically focus on the subject. You can also brighten the image by increasing the depth of field to enhance the exposure.

While you can do this when editing your photo, taking a sharper image will always look incredible for posting on Instagram. By using the focusing method, your photo will have a sharper subject and a blurred background to create more depth.





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Bring a Tripod or Remote


If you’re traveling solo, you may have a hard time getting someone to take a photo of you as the subject, or feel uncomfortable asking. If you’re worried about your phone getting stolen, take a lightweight mini tripod that will securely fit on your phone and be easy to carry around.

A bluetooth remote for your phone is also helpful so you can snap a photo with a push of a button without asking anyone for help. Better yet, a mini tripod that turns into a selfie stick will go a long way to capture some amazing views to post on Instagram.


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Keep it Less Touristy


If you want to stand out with your Instagram game, avoid taking the typical tourist photos with popular landscapes and sites in the background. Some of the perspective photos that have been done to no end are the ‘holding a monument’ or the ‘leaning against the leaning tower’ poses. These are all a big no in terms of tips for taking the perfect travel photos on Instagram.

For something more unique, try a pose that creates a dramatic effect even if you’re feeling silly. Use props, such as a coffee cup, or hold an object to the lens for a different perspective. Use a tripod with a 3-way panhead tilt to create a panoramic image with you as the subject.


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Take Selfies with Perspective


Taking your own photo has its perks, as we know our own angles better than anyone else, making for amazing portraits. Selfies during your vacation should capture the beauty of the scenery without cropping yourself out of the frame.

For selfies, consider the rule of thirds again. Your face can cover a third of the frame while featuring the beautiful location that you’re in. You can compose the image by taking it high above your head, or try stretching out your arm to capture more of your scenery.


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Make the most out of your vacation with beautiful images to showcase on your Instagram feed. These tips and tricks will make you a pro with your phone camera in no time.

Do you have anything to add to our list of tips for taking the perfect travel photos on Instagram? Comment below!


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