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How Far in Advance Should I Pack for a Trip?

How soon is too soon to pack for your trip? Do you pack months in advance or the day before your trip? Read these tips to find out why you should start preparing for your travels as soon as you book your trip!   When to Pack for A Trip   It’s never too soon...

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7 Simple Space Saving Packing Hacks

  Did you know you don’t need to pack a straightener AND a curling iron? Or you don’t need to pack pajama pants AND leggings? There are multiple ways to use one item, which saves space in your carry-on. Here are simple space saving packing hacks!   How to Save...

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Folding vs. Rolling Clothes for Packing

What’s the best way to pack your clothing: folding or rolling? Some people swear by rolling because it allows them pack more and eliminates unused space and others fold because it’s faster and prevents clothing from wrinkling. If you’re unsure if you should be folding or rolling clothes for packing, here are a few things to consider.

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How to Be a Polite Plane Passenger

Most people dislike flying, but just remember; you’re not alone. Before you head on your next flight, read our readers’ amazing tips on how to be a polite plane passenger!

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