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Think traveling carry-on only is impossible? No more excuses! Read this.


Traveling Carry-on



I know how you feel. You think traveling carry-on only is completely unrealistic. I mean, how can you have everything you need in one tiny little suitcase, especially when you’re traveling for a really long time?

Well, I am about to share my top secrets with you. Things that will change the way you think about packing for a trip. The shortcuts that will transform the way you pack and shock those that criticize your infamous habits of overpacking.

And even if you already travel carryon, I guarantee these strategies are a game changer. Read this:





The Capsule Wardrobe


The very first thing you need to do is master the art of creating a capsule wardrobe. Without this, you’ll never stop overpacking.


The main factors to consider when planning a capsule wardrobe for travel are:

  • Each piece can be worn in various settings
  • All items must mix and match
  • All colors should work well together
  • Shoes should be neutral and suitable for all outfits
  • Weather should be taken into consideration


We have three super helpful FREE resources that will help guide you through this process:


1. Four Customizable Capsule Wardrobes for Travel: Choose from summer or winter examples, featuring six to fifteen items per set. You won’t believe how many outfits you can make with just ten pieces of clothing!

2. Travel Wardrobe Essentials: This free guide shows you exactly how to choose the right clothing for travel. Spoiler alert: no convertible pants required!

       3.  Download our FREE printable packing list. Not only can you print it, but you can customize it and save it, too!


Want to learn everything about how to make a capsule wardrobe for travel ASAP? Read our ebook Pack Light Stylishly!





Downsizing Toiletries


The biggest mistake travelers make with toiletries is not considering how much product they actually use. There are four key steps when it comes to downsizing your toiletries properly for a trip:


  • Find combination items. You can find two-in-one shampoos and conditioners, body cleanser that can double as shave gel, a foldable brush with a mirror attached on the handle, and multi-use makeup products.


  • Purchase empty containers of various shapes and sizes and DO NOT default to choosing “travel size 100ml or 3oz” options. These are the best travel containers.


  • Stick to the basics. Simplify your skincare and pampering routine and bring a capsule makeup collection. It’s only temporary.




For useful tips such as downsizing toiletries and choosing the best travel makeup, read our Ultimate Guide to Packing Toiletries. It includes a free printable checklist!





Pro Packing Strategies


To pack like a pro, you need to know our secrets. Follow these guidelines:

Start with luggage. If you don’t already own a suitcase, choose one wisely. Read these tips on how to pick a suitcase and consider one of the top brands recommended by travel experts. I use and recommend the Osprey Ozone.


If you’re going on an adventurous trip, learn how to choose the best travel backpack here.



Packing Cubes


Use packing organizers. Do you want to know the ultimate tool to travel in a carryon? PACKING CUBES! They changed everything for me and thousands of other travelers. See my video tutorial on how to use them. Trust me, they are a must!



Travelon Heritage Backpack / Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack


Use tried and tested packing strategies. I’ve recently taken on a few extreme packing challenges to show you that packing carry-on only is possible for any trip. If I can pack like an ultra-minimalist (with style, of course) then you can pack more comfortably in a regular carry-on.


Watch these packing videos to learn more:




I’m a full-time traveler who’s been on the road for over eight years. If I can travel carry-on only for my indefinite travels (that means months and even years at a time) then you can do it, too!




And for every single trick in my packing book, read my full course “Stop Overpacking“. I created the STOP OVERPACKING program to teach you my exact packing process. Every secret, every detail, nothing is spared.


Learn more about Stop Overpacking here!


I hope this gives you a better idea about how I manage to pack carry-on only.

Got any packing questions for me? Post them in the comments!


For more insight into my personal packing strategy as a long-term traveler, please read:





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