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To adhere to the airline baggage restrictions, you’ll need to know just how much your suitcase weighs! With a luggage scale, you’ll be able to pack with ease and head to the airport with confidence. Take a look at the top picks!


Best Luggage Weight Scale



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From stylish capsule wardrobes to comfy shoes to travel accessories, there’s a lot to keep in mind when it comes to packing. But in the midst of all the excitement, you may forget to consider how much everything weighs once you’re packed!

Airlines maintain very strict weight requirements when it comes to checked luggage, though weight requirements for carry ons are common as well. Rather than repacking at the airport or handing over hefty overweight luggage fees, one small device can change the game: a portable luggage scale!


In this article, you’ll see our top readers’ picks for these handy little travel essentials, but first, we’ll answer some FAQs about luggage scales.




The Away Carry On 21” is highly popular but weighs 7.5 lb! A typical lightweight suitcase should weigh between 4-6 lb.


What is a Luggage Scale?


A luggage scale is a small, portable device that measures the weight of suitcases and travel bags. These handheld tools will instantly display your bag’s weight, allowing you to ensure it’ll be compliant with your airline’s weight restrictions.

No more guessing your bag’s weight and stressing at the check-in line – you’ll know from home whether you need to take out a few items or if you can sneak in that extra pair of shoes!




The Samsonite Cosmolite Suitcase is only 3.7 lb and would add less bulk, so a luggage scale would help you figure out how much to pack!


Why is a Travel Scale for Luggage Important?


Not only are baggage weight restrictions constantly changing, but they also differ with each airline and country. For example, readers have noted that the carry-on weight limits with some European or Asian airlines have been getting more restrictive than many domestic flights.


A good rule of thumb to follow when choosing a suitcase is: 

  • The best weight for checked bags is 6–9 lb.
  • The best weight for carry on bags is 4–6 lb.


Let’s start by setting the record straight: a carry on suitcase that weighs over 7-10 pounds IS NOT lightweight.

If cabin (carryon) restrictions require that your TOTAL weight be under 21 pounds, then how is that feasible when your suitcase itself weighs 9 pounds? It isn’t!

With a luggage weighing scale, you can cross-check the weight of your suitcase with the current weight limits listed by your airline. This will save you both time and money!




A luggage scale used before you fly can save you money and time—and they’re simple to use!


How to Use a Luggage Scale


Using a weight scale for luggage is simple! You just hook it through the top or side handle of your suitcase, make sure it’s secure, and lift the suitcase slightly off the ground using the scale. The luggage scale will then display the weight of your suitcase, and many options will conveniently allow you to change the units of measurement!




For the most accurate reads, digital scales are the best!


Manual or Digital Luggage Scale?


When it comes to convenience, digital luggage scales come out on top. They’re the most accurate luggage scale as they don’t have to round to the nearest ounce or gram as a manual luggage scale does. A manual luggage scale is typically a bit harder to read, whereas a digital scale typically displays a larger and clearer number.

One pro for manual luggage scales is that they do not require batteries or charging, so they’re very low maintenance. Digital luggage scales, however, tend to have excellent battery life.

Both options can be equally compact and lightweight!




Keeping luggage weight down is more than just using a light suitcase!


How to Reduce Overall Luggage Weight


There are several factors that can lighten your packing load; we’re highlighting the most vital ones to incorporate:

  • Use packing cubes: Packing cubes can help you fit more clothing into a smaller space, allowing you to forgo heavier suitcases and bags. They’ll help you prioritize your belongings and use your packing space efficiently! The Compass Rose Packing Cubes are offered in both a slim and medium size, both of which will fit in an international carry-on suitcase! The medium size is great for bulkier items, and both will help you organize and compress your clothing.
  • Build a capsule wardrobe: A travel capsule wardrobe is made up of clothing items that can mix and match together and create multiple outfit combinations. With a versatile capsule wardrobe, you’ll be able to pack less and shave off some extra luggage weight! Learn how to do this with my Pack Light Stylishly ebook.
  • Pack up to 3 shoes only: While you may like to have options, you can definitely get by with 2-3 strategic shoe choices during your trip. Readers suggest one comfortable walking shoe, one shoe for activities you may have planned (hiking shoes, flip-flops for the beach, tennis shoes for excursions, etc.), and one dressier shoe that you can wear out to dinner or for nicer occasions. If one shoe fits multiple categories, all the better!
  • Downsize toiletries and use a lightweight toiletry bag: When it comes to toiletries, stick to the basics! Only pack the absolute essentials, opt for multi-use products when possible, and decant the exact amount of product you’ll need to cut down on weight—see our ultimate guide to toiletries to learn more!
  • Wear your heaviest layers on the plane: Wear your heaviest pair of shoes and carry on your biggest jacket so they won’t contribute to your suitcase’s weight. Airplanes can get quite chilly, so you’ll likely be glad to have the extra layer on board!


To dive even deeper into this topic, get my stop overpacking ebook and master the art of packing light!


Now that we’ve answered all the FAQs and you’ve learned why luggage scales are vital to your packing routine, review our roundup of the best portable luggage scale, according to readers!



Best Weighing Scale for Luggage




Compass Rose Digital Luggage Scale


Compass Rose Travel Luggage Scale


The Compass Rose digital scale for luggage is easy to use and gives a clear and accurate reading in four different units— pounds, ounces, kilograms, and grams.

While lightweight and small enough to throw in a personal item, this portable scale for luggage can read weights of up to 110lb/50kg. The rugged nylon straps and corrosion-resistant materials ensure it’ll hold up over time and in different environments. And it’ll always be easy to find in your travel bag, with its pretty red hue!

The Details: Digital | 110 lb / 50 kg capacity | Pounds, Ounces, Kilograms, Grams | Backlit




Etekcity Portable Luggage Scale


Etekcity Handheld Luggage Scale


With a high-accuracy sensor, this Etekcity luggage scale can measure both luggage weight and ambient temperature so you can adjust your packing strategy accordingly. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket yet heavy-duty enough to measure bags of up to 110lb/50kg, and it has an ergonomic grip to make the process easy.

The Details: Digital | 110 lb / 50 kg capacity | Pounds, Kilograms, Fahrenheit, Celcius




Travel Inspira Digital Hanging Luggage Scale


Travel Inspira Electronic Luggage Scale


Weighing your bag is effortless and accurate with this Travel Inspira travel scale luggage accessory. It easily attaches to your luggage and can read weights of up to 110lb/50kg with impressive accuracy. The rubberized handle is easy to grip, and the data lock feature is another plus, giving you plenty of time to read the results.

The Details: Digital | 110 lb / 50 kg capacity | Pounds, Kilograms, Fahrenheit, Celsius | Backlit




Luxebell Digital Luggage Scale


Luxebell Airport Luggage Scale


This Luxebell luggage scale digital option is sleek and slim yet resistant enough to handle up to 110 lb/50 kg of weight. Users highlight the backlit LCD screen that’s bright enough to see in any light conditions. You can also choose between pounds, kilograms, ounces, and grams depending on your weighing scale luggage needs.

The Details: Digital | 110 lb / 50 kg capacity | Pounds, Ounces, Kilograms, Grams | Backlit




Samsonite Manual Luggage Scale


Samsonite Luggage Scale


If you’re looking for a classic manual option, this Samsonite luggage bag weight scale is really popular. It has an 80lb/35kg capacity and is a slightly larger option at 5 x 6 inches, but users agree that it’s lightweight and compact enough to make it a must-have travel essential.

What makes this option unique is that it also comes with a retractable measuring tape to make sure all of your luggage satisfies the dimension requirements of your airline!

Samsonite also offers a portable digital luggage scale with a clear backlit screen and an 80lb/35kg capacity. It comes with a retractable measuring tape, too!

The Details: Manual | 80 lb / 35 kg capacity  | Pounds, Kilograms




Travelon Stop & Lock Luggage Scale


Travelon Weight Luggage Scale


You’ll never forget your suitcase’s weight with Travelon’s manual weight scale luggage tool! The dial will lock at your bag’s weight and hold that reading until you manually reset it so you can refer back to it if need be. This heavy duty luggage scale measures up to 75lb/34kg and includes a measuring tape for ultimate travel preparation.

The Details: Manual | 75 lb / 34 kg capacity | Pounds, Kilograms




Dr.Meter Luggage Weight Scale


Dr.Meter Airport Luggage Weight Scale


This Dr.Meter digital weighing scale for luggage gives both weight and temperature measurements, with a bright, backlit display that’s easy to read. The data lock feature is extremely handy for busy packing days, allowing you to refer back to the measurement if needed. Users say it’s reliable, user-friendly, and easy to store in any bag!

The Details: Digital | 110 lb / 50 kg capacity | Pounds, kilograms, Fahrenheit, Celsius | Backlit



What do you think is the best scale to weigh luggage? Share the one you use below!





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