Whether you’re planning what backpacking essentials you need to take, how to pack them, or when you need them, take a look at our favorite tips on backpacking essentials. And don’t forget to download your free packing checklist!


Backpacking Checklist: Top 10 Hostel Travel Essentials

Whether you’re a hosteling newbie or a seasoned traveler, here’s a quick backpacking checklist to make sure you’re always prepared for a hostel stay. These hostel essentials are best if you’re going on round-the-world trips, are long term nomads, or budget travelers.

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Best Portable Power Bank Chargers for Travel

  Find out the best portable power bank chargers for travel. I’m addicted to mine and don’t know how I’ve ever traveled without one!   Best Portable Power Bank Chargers     Table Of Contents     Smartphones have quickly replaced the need...

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The Best Travel Towel Styles for Ultra-light Packing

  Long-term travelers aren't the only ones that should pack fast-drying towels. They're an absolute must-have in my packing list. Find out what's the best travel towel for you to take on your next trip!   Best Travel Towels   Many travelers don't...

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Gap Year Essentials

Whether you’re going on a pre-college adventure, you've finished your studies, or are planning a career break, a gap year is an incredible life experience and an awesome way to see the world. Here are some gap year essentials you should add to your checklist!  ...

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Backpack or Wheeled Luggage for Southeast Asia?

Confused about whether you should take a backpack or wheeled luggage when traveling? Read this post to help you choose the best option for your trip!   Backpack or Wheeled Luggage   Travel Fashion Help! Reader asks:   "I was just wondering if you could...

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Ultralight Backpacking Gear Guide: My 10,000 km Walk

Want travel, packing, and life inspiration? Meet Agni who has a goal of walking 10,000km for freedom. Learn about her inspirational story and her ultralight backpacking gear guide for this type of walking trip!   Ultralight Backpacking Gear Guide Written By: Agni...

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Daily Travel Essentials: What to Carry in Your Day Bag?

What do you carry in your day bag while traveling? Here are our daily travel essentials in four different scenarios!   Daily Travel Essentials Written by: Niki Landry   When you go out for the day of exploring in a new destination it’s normally advisable to...

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What to Take on a Hike: Essentials, Gear, and Safety

Summer and early autumn are the perfect seasons in which to explore the wilderness on foot. Packing for a hiking trip takes forethought, since civilization can seem far away once the mountains and forest are in sight. In order to have a safe, enjoyable trip, this is...

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