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Backpack or Wheeled Luggage for Southeast Asia?

Confused about whether you should take a backpack or wheeled luggage when traveling? Read this post to help you choose the best option for your trip!   Backpack or Wheeled Luggage   Travel Fashion Help! Reader asks:   "I was just wondering if you could...

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Daily Travel Essentials: What to Carry in Your Day Bag?

What do you carry in your day bag while traveling? Here are our daily travel essentials in four different scenarios!   Daily Travel Essentials Written by: Niki Landry   When you go out for the day of exploring in a new destination it’s normally advisable to...

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13 Splurge-worthy Luxury Travel Accessories 2016

A higher price tag opens up a whole new world of fashionable luggage and travel accessories. If you prefer luxury, Prada, and designer bags - you don't want to miss this round up of the most splurge-worthy luxury travel accessories for 2016!   13 Luxury Travel...

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What Exactly is a Carry-on Personal Item?

  Ever looked at airline baggage rules and wondered: what exactly is a carry-on "personal item"? Find out what it is, how to choose one, and a few of our top picks!   How to Choose a Carry-on Personal Item Written by: Josie Reim   What is a carry-on...

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Backpack or rolling bag: Which is right for me?

Deciding on your main travel bag can be an arduous task. You want to be versatile and comfortable, while also being able to carry all your essentials. Regardless if you chose a rolling bag or backpack, it needs to fit in an overhead bin.

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Weekender Bag for Women: 4 Stylish Bags for Short Trips

As warmer weather closes in its time to start prepping for spring break and weekend getaways. For shorter trips, it’s imperative to pack light and efficiently and the right weekender bag for women can make all the difference. I’ve outlined a few bags below to suit a...

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Tom Bihn Convertible Travel Backpack: Aeronaut Style

By now you're probably already familiar with my absolute favorite travel backpack, but I thought I'd share with you another popular choice for travelers: the Tom Bihn Convertible Backpack. They participated in TFG's big holiday giveaway last year and I had a chance to...

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7 Steps for a Perfectly Packed Suitcase

  DELSEY has over 65 years of experience designing luggage that makes travel seamless, and now, the iconic French brand known for both timeless quality and audacious design is offering travelers a few steps to take to make packing perfect.   I featured them...

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