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When traveling carry-on only, you want to pack everything as compact as possible to keep your items organized and to make sure you have enough room for everything. Find out whether you can save more space by rolling your clothes in a suitcase or using packing cubes. (Hint: the secret is doing both!)


Should You Roll Your Clothing in a Suitcase or Use Packing Cubes?


Travel Fashion Girl help! A reader asks:


What percentage of you roll your clothes in a carry-on suitcase versus using packing cubes? I’m headed on a 14-day trip and I’m wondering what will save me the most space.


Even for those new to light travel, it’s possible to travel for two weeks in a carry-on only. However, it does require some smart packing and a few tricks of the trade. While there are a number of ways to keep your items organized and as compact as possible, many people roll their clothing and/or use packing cubes.


Here, our readers sound off on whether they prefer to roll their clothing in their suitcase or use packing cubes to save space and keep their items organized.




Delsey Luggage Helium Aero


The Benefits of Rolling Your Clothing


Choosing between rolling and folding partly depends on the fabric of the items you’re packing. Consider folding clothes that are very light (like silk or rayon), very heavy (like wool), or wrinkle easily. Medium weight fabrics, like cotton and polyester, benefit more from the rolling method.

One reader says, “I’ve heard that it’s better to fold bulky items and roll less bulky ones,” while another adds, “I rolled all my clothes for my 16-day Italy trip, and it worked well! I did have access to a wardrobe where the more wrinkle prone were hung.”

Additionally, many travelers say it’s much easier to roll their clothing for keeping their suitcase tidy and easy to access. One reader says, “I roll now, but I used to pack flat. I can get more in my carry-on by rolling. I even roll a lot of my clothes at home.”

Another adds, “I use a hybrid of the Konmari (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up) method and roll clothing to put things in my drawers now. It’s nice because it is compact and I can see everything at a glance.”


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Compass Rose Compression Packing Cubes


The Benefits of Using Packing Cubes


Travel packing cubes are also great for saving space because they’re the ultimate luggage organizers! They maximize the space in your bag so you can fit in all your belongings in an organized and efficient way using minimal space.

While it’s possible to use Ziploc bags to store your clothing, true packing organizers have several benefits and don’t cost that much more money.  They’re a game changer!

One reader says, “I tried packing cubes earlier this year for trips to four African countries and a transatlantic cruise and love them.” Another adds, “Packing cubes changed my life!”



Watch this video on rolling clothes using packing cubes


In case you missed it, we launched our own packing cubes!  Compass Rose Carryon Packing Cubes offer you an efficient way to organize your luggage. They have a unique color and number coded packing system that allows you to pack using one of my six one-of-a-kind packing strategies: separate your belongings by color or by number, you’ll always know exactly where to find what you need.

Plus, they’re the only packing cubes that fit perfectly into a carry-on suitcase. You can stack them on top of each other like shelves or lay them flat on top of each other. They have a strong fabric that keeps their rectangular structure. The fabric and quality zippers also help you compress your clothing to maximize space.


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Rebecca Minkoff Julian Backpack


Rolling Your Clothes in Packing Cubes


While many of our readers roll their clothing or use packing cubes, an overwhelming number do both. A reader says, “I have always rolled and put in Ziploc travel compression bags. I switched to packing cubes after learning about them from this group. Love them!”

Many readers love rolling and using cubes to save the most space. One reader says, “I tried packing flat in the packing cubes and it really made no improvement to just packing flat without cubes. Rolling is the key.” Another adds, “The trick is the combo attack of rolling and using packing cubes. Even when I was plus sized I could fit four to five shirts rolled up in one slim cube.”

Rolling really allows you to squeeze as much clothing as you can fit into a cube, yet without causing extreme wrinkling. Packing cubes also help you organize your items better than just packing them all in a suitcase. You can use different cubes for different items, like pants and tops, or use them for each outfit, depending on how organized you like to be.

You can even use a packing cube in your day bag for an outfit change after a long flight or to pack a scarf and cardigan for warm days and chilly nights.


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Do you have any additional tips on how to save space in your carry on? Do you roll your clothing or use packing cubes? Comment below!


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