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Osprey makes amazing backpacks for travelers, but they have so many to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of the best osprey backpacks so you can pick your favorite one!


Best Osprey Backpacks



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Osprey Ozone new version (with Naot sandals, Diane Kroe Wrap, Zella Leggings)


Travelers, I have a confession to make: I’m an Osprey backpack addict. I’ve had four of their bags in five years — and not because they don’t last but simply because I can’t help it. I’m 100% Osprey Obsessed!

Just to set the record straight, they don’t sponsor me to promote their backpacks. No, I’ve paid the hefty (but totally worth it) price tag for each and every one of my Osprey backpacks.

The Osprey luggage brand is filled with high quality, durable, and fashionable travel gear, suited for any of your future adventures. But because the price tag is a little higher than you might expect to spend, I decided to put together a list of the best Osprey backpacks so you can find the perfect one for you. This way you only need to get one (though, if you get four I won’t judge you)!



Osprey Backpacks for Travel




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Best Osprey Backpack for Hiking: Aura 65L


The Aura 65 is one of the best Osprey backpacks for hiking, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced outdoor adventurer!

This Osprey backpack offers a ventilated mesh back panel with an ultra-comfortable waffle foam harness. The hip belt provides superb fit, while the AirSpeed suspension provides great carry. The Aura 65 comes in an array of color choices and is easy to clean, with lightweight ripstop fabric.




While a great Osprey backpack is an investment, if you have a long hike planned and still want to feel good at the end of the day, then it’s well worth it. The anti-gravity system will help relieve pressure and stave off any unwanted pain!

Plus, the Osprey Aura 65 has plenty of storage as it’s covered in storage, and it includes loops to carry your hiking sticks. You also could fashion the straps underneath to hold a tent or a mat if you’re carrying one along your travels.

While this is one of the best Osprey backpacks on the market, it’s a better choice for hiking backpacking vs. travel backpacking. But it’s a great travel bag choice if you’re not ready to go carry-on only and won’t be carrying anything valuable inside it because the top loader doesn’t lock, and it isn’t properly sized for carry-on.


We walk you through the steps to choose a travel backpack!




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Best Osprey Backpack For Space: Farpoint 55L (40+15)


The Farpoint 55 is one of the best Osprey backpacks on the market with its lightweight build, durable ripstop fabric, and extra space!

The Farpoint 55 comes with a detachable 15L bag in addition to the 40L main bag. This Osprey backpack is featherlight, perfect for a carry-on, and locks, making it great for safe travels.




Size-wise, the backapack has a fixed unisex harness in two sizes (either S/M or M/L), a spacer back panel with light wire suspension, and an ErgoPull hipbelt closure.

This is a great bag for all travel backpackers and definitely one of the best Osprey backpacks — if not the best. And it’s easy to pack! The bag opens fully so you can pack and unpack it easily — and if you pair it with some packing cubes for organization, it’s the perfect choice.

While the Farpoint 55 might be the best Osprey backpack, I do find that the compartments aren’t super functional, and you can’t attach the daypack to the main bag easily when it’s packed. Plus, if you’re planning on using the Farpoint 55 as a carry-on you’ll have to remove the daypack.

Most travelers have confirmed that they’re able to use this Osprey backpack as a carry-on. It’s possible you might have issues with budget airlines that have smaller size limitations. To be safe, please double check with your airline.

If you love the Farpoint 55 but you need something smaller to avoid any issues, the Farpoint 40 is slightly shorter at 21 inches, making it a great smaller version of the best backpacking backpacks for travel. Note that the Farpoint 40 does not include a daypack, but you could purchase one separately if you need it.


Looking for more details on the Osprey Farpoint? I love this Osprey so much that I wrote an entire post about it and how to pack it!




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Best Osprey Backpack for Wheels: Meridian 22


The Osprey Meridian 22-inch backpack is the deluxe traveler for this series, offering 60L of space. It’s one of the best Osprey backpacks for travel if you’re looking for a little luxury and some wheels in your pack!

The Osprey Meridian offers some great organizational features, such as internal and back panel compartments, a laptop compatible feature, and an adjustable, removable back panel suspension system. It also comes with a zippered detachable daypack.

The Osprey Meridian 22 is now sold out, however, here’s a similar style.




Unlike some of the other Osprey backpack models, the Meridian is suitcase style with great wheels, removable backpack straps, and lockable options. Plus it’s carry-on sized. That said, it’s heavier than some of the other choices, and the structured shape makes it difficult to make full use of the space it has.

All in all, the Meridian 22 is one of the best Osprey backpacks for backpacking travelers who prefer wheels and crave the occasional flexibility of using the bag as a backpack. But it’s certainly not for everyone.


If you want more information on the Osprey Meridian, I’ve written about the good and the bad of this bag.




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Best Osprey Backpack For Versatile Travel: Ozone 21.5


The Osprey Ozone 21.5 is one of my favorite bags because it’s lightweight, durable, and lockable — making it perfect for a versatile array of travel.

If you’re headed out on business, the Ozone 21.5 is one of the best Osprey bags for those looking to pack light and travel carry-on only. The Ozone 21.5 has 42L of volume and only weighs 4.53 lbs., making it roomy and light. It’s made with easy-to-clean, ripstop fabric, has a laptop compartment, and locks for extra security.

While a few travelers comment about the single-bar handle, I’ve been able to port this bag around as my carry-on for all my international flights, including budget airlines like Air Asia. It fits perfectly in the airline luggage size racks, and I’ve fit it easily underneath cramped bus seats and limited overhead compartments.

The downside to the Ozone 21.5 is the fact that it doesn’t have straps, so it’s not a traditional backpack design like the others on the list, but it is surely one of the best designs Osprey has to offer, especially if you’re looking for an alternative to straps!

I love that it has a contemporary look that’s not too sporty, and yet it’s durable enough to handle the wear-and-tear of long-term traveling.


Looking for an alternative luggage option that still has wheels? Here are our readers picks for lightweight rolling duffel bags!




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Best Osprey Backpack For Travel: Fairview 40L


The Osprey Fairview 40L is a great choice if you’re looking for the best travel backpack thanks to the built-in security measures, space, and comfort carry.

This Osprey has great comfortable carrying features, including the back panel, hip belt, and secure harness system — all of this is helpful in making a slimmer profile for the bag and can help when it comes to using it as a carry-on!

The best Osprey backpack for travel has to include lots of storage, and the Fairview 40L delivers, being able to carry up to 40 lbs. Plus there’s a zippered front panel slash pocket to store a few of your favorite things, and it features a padded place to securely store your laptop.

This is a great choice of Osprey bags if you’re looking for the best travel backpack. Whether you want a bag to carry around on your next hike, cart through the airport, or simply the best travel backpack for Europe, the Osprey Fairview 40L should definitely make the list.


Packing organizers can help you pack lighter!




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Best Osprey Backpack for Compact Travel: Farpoint 40


The Osprey Farpoint 40 holds a surprising amount, considering its size. Organize it with packing cubes and you can pack it for longer-term travels.

This is one of the best Osprey backpacks for its superior but compact design. Even full, the Farpoint 40 is lightweight and is a great carry-on size, working for most commercial aircraft. And while it has the look of a backpack, it opens like a suitcase, making it easy to retrieve your things.

It features a slightly padded, lockable laptop pouch (great if you’re traveling for business), and the compression straps are great for keeping things in place and adding a bit of extra security. And it’s built with nylon ripstop fabric.

That said, this might not be the best choice for more intense adventure hiking as it’s not built for packing hiking gear (though some users have had success regardless). If you’re looking for a contemporary bag with a sleek design and enough room to cart your travel gear with you, then this is the perfect bag!


We round up the best backpacks for business travel!




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Best Osprey Backpack for Organization: Porter 46


Need something a little bigger? The Osprey Porter 46 has a whopping 46L of space, perfect for those of us who want to toss in a few extra things. It’s quality-built, lockable, and also works well as a carry-on for most travelers.

The Porter 46 is great for travelers who are looking to travel carry-on only and need a little help with organization. It features a ton of easy-to-access compartments that make packing for travel easier, including a lockable laptop back panel, a top compartment for easy access to your toiletries, and even somewhere to store your travel documents!

The Osprey Porter 46 is built specifically to be carry-on compatible, much like the slightly smaller version (though double-check with your airline), and travelers report having no issues storing this Osprey backpack in the cabin of their plane.

This bag also comes in four sleek colors, if you’re looking to stay away from the traditional black. Whether you’re a leisure or business traveler, the Osprey Porter 46 is a great companion for your carry-on only adventures.


Think you can’t travel carry-on only? Think again and read this!




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Best Osprey Backpack for Daytrips: Tempest 20 


If you’ve been a reader of TFG for a while, you may have noticed I’m incredibly brand loyal. Osprey is a brand that first impressed me on my 9-month round-the-world trip with the Aura 65L, and it’s been my go-to travel and outdoor gear brand ever since!



Navigating a slight incline in my Scarpa Boots, with Trail Buddy Hiking PolesOutdoor Research Hat, and Osprey Tempest 20 Daypack


The Tempest 20 is the latest item in my collection. It’s feather-light, and my first official Osprey daypack as the previous one I had was a part of the 55L Farpoint. At first, I wish I would’ve gotten the size 22 for just a little extra space for multi-day trips. However, the size ended up being just perfect for this trip!


Find out why the Osprey Tempest is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts in this review!



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Best Osprey Backpack for Air Travel


The Transporter 44L backpack is the ultimate carry-on backpack for air travel. It opens flat like a suitcase and has ample storage space, so with strategic packing, you can take this on longer journeys and fit all you need! It’s also a great option if you have kids and need a functional bag for storing essentials. 

It features interior and exterior pockets to keep everything organized, a padded laptop sleeve for laptops up to 16”, and compression straps. 

Because you can definitely pack a lot in it, the padded shoulder straps are designed for comfortable carrying. There’s another strap included for over-the-shoulder carrying, or you can use the trolley sleeve if you’re traveling with a suitcase. 

The rugged and water-resistant fabric holds up incredibly well over time, and it overall has a sleek and pretty look!



Shop: Amazon | Osprey


Best Osprey Luggage for Carry-On Travel


While not a backpack, the 38L Transporter wheeled luggage is too awesome to not mention! This style makes a great carry-on, with plenty of space and organization to store your travel belongings neatly and efficiently. 

It’s easy to pack, with a wide opening and plenty of pockets and dividers. There’s also a laptop sleeve that’ll safely store a laptop up to 16”. Plus, the zippers are lockable! 

Users rave about the durability of Osprey bags in general, and this one is certainly no exception. The frame is super strong and the durable, water-resistant fabric will keep your items as safe as can be. 

If you like to travel carry-on only and are looking for a moderately sized and super functional bag, this Transporter wheeled carry-on is a fantastic choice! 



Best Osprey Packs for Travel




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Osprey Waist Pack Tempest 6 


I’ve been wanting something like this Osprey waist pack since last year when I went hiking at Red River Gorge. It was hot and having a daypack felt a little uncomfortable on my back, so I wanted something smaller and lighter to carry a few of my essentials. This was perfect!

So glad when I found this on the Osprey website. It has space for 2 water bottles, 2 decent sizes stash pockets on the hip belt, and 2 interior pockets that are spacious enough to hold my sunglasses, my Eddie Bauer long sleeve, and a couple of snacks.



Enjoying Capitol Reef in Old Navy Tank TopPatagonia TightsOsprey Tempest 6 Waist Pack, and holding Trail Buddy Hiking Poles


I didn’t fill it all the way as I still wanted to keep the weight down, but it was perfect. A little skeptical about the look at first, but the comfort and convenience made up for it, and in the end, so happy with this new addition to my hiking gear!



Osprey Backpacks Comparison Chart


Here’s a quick summary of the best Osprey Backpacks for travel:


[wpsm_comparison_table id=”51″ class=”center-table-align”]



Why an Osprey Backpack?


When planning my 9-month Round the World trip in 2010, I wanted a bag that would last the duration of my travels. That’s when I found my first Osprey backpack in the REI Outlet and scored an awesome discount during online Black Friday sales.

During those 9 months as a new and “official” backpacker, my bag underwent abuse like you wouldn’t believe! From stuffing it to the brim to mean baggage handlers throwing it around and contaminating it with the dirtiest floors around the world, this bag was pushed to the limits.

But at the end of it all, it still looked as good as new and was perfectly intact.

Since then, I’ve been in love with Osprey backpacks and have never looked back. Not only do I love traveling with an Osprey bag, but their construction and functionality are superior to many of the products on the market. Specifically, Osprey uses quality fabric, a lightweight design, and is quite durable.


The secret to traveling light is to create a functional but minimalist capsule wardrobe. Learn more in my guide!



Osprey Uses Superior Fabric


The fabric Osprey backpacks are built to set them apart from other brands. I love the lightweight ripstop fabric. It’s easy to clean, repels dirt and stains, and is water resistant. Technically, the last one isn’t isn’t advertised but that’s been my experience so far.


Check out my tutorial on how to clean a travel backpack!



Osprey Backpacks Are Lightweight


Because the fabric used in an Osprey backpack is so thin yet highly functional, it’s also incredibly lightweight. This is super important when you’re trying to pack light (though I’ll note that the Meridian featured is a little more heavyweight than the other designs).



Osprey Backpacks Are Durable


Travel backpacks like the Osprey designs are pretty expensive. This makes sense considering long-term travelers or backpackers need gear that’s built to last. The Osprey is quality-built.

As mentioned earlier, I carted mine around during my 2010 Round the World trip. I highly recommend the Osprey brand due to its reliable reputation — don’t skip out on the investment!


Need some more specifics? Here are the most important features to consider when choosing a travel backpack!



Osprey Features Minimal Design


Osprey has minimalist design options for people who want to “backpack” around the world without looking like a hiker. The color pallet is also minimalistic, with nice, inoffensive colors (like the subdued greys and blacks I love). But if you’re looking for something a little more feminine, they have pretty but non-flashy colors, so you can show your personality but not stand out like an amateur.



My Osprey Backpacks


I own different Osprey packs, which I love for different reasons.

And the reason why I’ve gone through so many bags in just a few years is because my needs have changed over time in my transformation from overpacker to carry-on traveler!




Osprey Aura 65 AG Backpacks


Which Osprey Will You Choose?


If I knew then what I know now, I would say to skip the top loader Aura and go straight to the Farpoint if you’re a backpacker-style traveler. Why? Because the Farpoint zips and locks, making it safer, plus you get a carry-on size main pack plus a smaller daypack in one. You can even get this Farpoint on its own without the daypack.

For travel, this is by far one of the best Osprey backpacks.

For travelers who prefer wheels, especially someone with back problems like me, I’d say to skip the backpack straps altogether avoiding the Meridian, and choose the Ozone instead. If you’re a long-term traveler or like to get off the beaten path, then the average suitcase wheels aren’t good enough, so you need something rugged with durable wheels like either of these two options.

If you’re trying to decide between the Osprey Porter vs the Farpoint, the main difference is the design. The Osprey Porter has a straightjacket design with padded panels that cover the bag and clip in the front, whereas the Farpoint does not. The Farpoint also doesn’t have the bottom carry handle that you’d find on the Porter.



What do you think are the best Osprey backpacks? Please comment below!


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