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After a trip away, our packing cubes have helped us to travel light and stay organized. So show them you love them back with these TFG reader tips to refresh and clean your packing cubes!


How to Wash Packing Cubes

Written By: Laura Pulling



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Packing cubes are a TFG reader’s best friend! They’ve taken us from messy over packers to carry on flyers! Now, what do you do with them after your trip? (Hint: these are our favorite packing cubes!)

Give them the TLC they deserve so that your packing cubes stay ultra-fresh and you can reuse them for many years of traveling to come. 

Our insightful TFG readers are here with the best ways they clean dirty packing cubes!  



Tip 1: Clean Dirty Cube in the Washing Machine


After getting back from a trip, a lot of travelers ask, “Are packing cubes washable?” Depending on the brand you have, you may not be able to use a washing machine to clean your cubes. If this is the case, you’ll need to hand wash them instead (more on that later!).




How to wash packing cubes post-trip?


Wash on a Gentle Cycle


Readers say that Compass Rose packing cubes hold up extremely well, and have lasted for years even after repeated washings.  

Lots of TFG readers, and TFG Editor-in-Chief, Alex, explain that washing their cubes couldn’t be easier, they just fully close the zippers and put them into the machine on a gentle cycle.

One TFG reader shares this gem of advice. “All my packing cubes get washed regularly. I zip them up and throw them in. Some I put in delicate bags… some I use as delicate a bag too.” 


Read this full review to learn more info about Compass Rose packing cubes!



Tip 2: Use the Right Cleaning Tools


Most readers share that they just use normal laundry detergent, but if your packing cubes have been through the wringer you might want to consider something tougher on stains and dirt.




Tide Power PODS


Wash With a Reliable Laundry Soap


Many readers use Tide, but if your cubes have really been put through their paces (such as on a backpacking or camping trip) you can use a more intense stain remover, such as OxiClean alongside your detergent. 




Lysol Laundry Sanitizer Additive


Sanitize for Germs


Some readers also recommend laundry sanitizer if you’ve taken cubes on a trip abroad and may “never know what they might have picked up along the way.” Just add to your laundry cycle, it’s as easy as that! 



Tip 3: Other Options – Hand Wash Your Packing Cubes


For some packing cube sets, a machine cycle isn’t gentle enough to wash them. Some readers prefer to hand wash instead.




Dr. Bronner’s Lavender Pure-Castile Liquid Soap


Hand Wash With Gentle Soap


For this just fill up your sink with warm water and add your detergent to the mix, some readers use Dr. Bronner’s soap when hand washing, as it is more gentle on your hands (it’s also a great all-around soap that can be used for pretty much anything!).

Once washed, rinse well and leave them to dry. This soap is widely used by travelers (and our readers) in their travel-sized versions, which are so handy when out and about!




Soak Wash


Do a Low Maintenance Soak


One TFG reader who doesn’t have access to her own washing machine, recommends  SOAK Wash, “I use a common laundry room so I just soak my cubes in a detergent called SOAK that you don’t rinse out! Seriously. Use it for silks too.” 

After you wash dirty cube, you need to dry them. Most are not suitable for use in the dryer (although some TFG readers have risked it on a low heat cycle). Alex, TFG Editor-in-Chief prefers to air dry hers, and they don’t take very long to dry due to their thin fabric.




Editor-in-Chief Alex demonstrates how she dries packing cubes


Avoid leaving them in direct sunlight while drying, as this may affect the colors and cause them to fade.


Follow these strategies to learn how to use packing cubes and travel carry-on only!



Tip 4: No Time to Wash Packing Cubes? Do a Quick Refresh


If you have only taken your packing cubes on a quick business trip away, or an overnight weekend break, a full wash may seem unnecessary. So, what is best to do? TFG readers have some ideas!




Herban Essentials Cleansing Towelettes


Freshen With Essentials Oils


Some TFG readers used wipes to refresh between uses instead, “I wash mine every few trips, but give it a wipe down with an Herban Essentials towelette after every use.”




Febreze Fabric Refresher


Spritz on Fragrance


For a burst of freshness and fragrance, you could also just spritz your cubes with a fabric refresher spray, like this one from Febreze.



Tip 5:  Employ Storage Hacks After Cleaning Packing Cubes


If you won’t be using your packing cube again for a while, TFG readers have some awesome ideas of how they store their cubes to retain that just-washed freshness, all the way up to their next use.




MYARO Lavender Scented Sachets


Pack Them Away With Scented Sachets


Readers recommend making sure you store packing cubes in a memorable place, so you know where they are before your next trip.  

To keep them fresh, one reader suggests this tip, “I tuck a sachet of lavender and stuff them in each cube when we start a new year of travel— keeps my clothes and the cubes smelling sweet.” These lovely packets are also useful to put into suitcases before and during travel, to keep your travel wardrobe fresh!




Method Dryer Sheets, Beach Sage


Slip in Dryer Sheets for Longer Lasting Freshness


If you’re storing your packing cubes back into your suitcase (which some readers do), then be cautious of things getting funky.

One reader shares how to prevent this. “I wash mine, then pack them in a ziplock bag with a dryer sheet till next time to use them.” And the one pictured is Beach Sage scent; sounds like a dreamy, tropical vacation to us!

With these thorough tips on how to clean your packing cubes, you’ll surely be ready for the next trip, and the next!


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Compass Rose Packing Cubes


Packing Cubes – The Key to Packing Light!


Many travelers have come to rely on packing cubes to not only organize but help compress clothes for an upcoming trip. This way you can take a capsule wardrobe and be able to fit everything in.  

Compass Rose packing cubes can help you pack easily! Because of the color coded and numbered system, you’ll know where everything is packed and be extra organized. Check out this video below on how simple it is to use them!


Learn about our hacks with packing cubes in this video!


We also put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. Also, check out our full review on why packing cubes is the secret to traveling carry-on only!



What are your tips to wash dirty packing cube? Share them with us below!


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