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As you may have read on my top three travel essentials post, I absolutely love Osprey packs and will be soon purchasing my third one. Osprey really makes the best travel backpacks! Here, I’m reviewing one of the Farpoint Osprey Packs.


Osprey Farpoint 55 Review


The first Farpoint Osprey Packs I used was the Osprey Aura 65 which I took on a 9 month Round-the-World trip and also to travel for 6 months in Central America. Roomy yet not too big for my 5’2” frame, it had plenty of space for all my belonging and all the souvenirs I picked up along the way.

Despite the fact that I hardly ever used a backpack rain cover and put the bag through hell, it’s still in great condition and never failed me.




After experiencing the quality and durability of this bag, I decided that when purchasing my next travel bag I had to stick with Farpoint Osprey Packs.

This time, I upgraded to a carryon size 40L backpack: the Farpoint Osprey 55 which I am currently using. I searched high and low for the best travel backpacks, obsessing over the tiniest details. When this bag arrived in the mail, I couldn’t have been happier and after using it the past 11 months, I can confidently say it is the perfect bag and this is why:



5 Reasons Why Farpoint Osprey Packs are the Best Travel Backpacks




Farpoint Osprey 55




This main compartment is a 40L backpack and it attaches to a 15L detachable day pack for a total space of 55L. When using the two items separately, the two pieces work perfectly for carryon air travel. I’ve used it on several international airlines with no problems.

While I do check my bag in when I don’t feel like carrying it, having a bag that’s carryon size helps streamline the packing process and encourages me to take only the travel necessities.

The bag comes in two sizes which makes a huge difference when it comes to comfort! At just over 5 feet tall, I use the small/medium which fits very well with my stature. Remember, just because you’re taller doesn’t mean you need a bigger bag. This is just the right size for your belongings – choose the medium/large size for a good fit.




Farpoint Osprey 55




As with the Osprey Aura 65, the nylon fabric is easy to clean and doesn’t look dirty. It fabric feels rugged and doesn’t tear easily. The zippers are sturdy even when I stuff the bag beyond its abilities. Osprey packs are built to last which is exactly what you need when you depend on a travel bag to act as a home for your all your belongings on a long backpacking trip.

Farpoint Osprey packs only weighs 2 lb. which makes them very lightweight bags despite its quality materials.




Farpoint Osprey 55




It’s great to be able to have a daypack you can attach to your backpack and avoid walking around like a “pregnant turtle”. When you want to use it during the day, zip it off and go!

It’s very spacious and opens like a suitcase allowing you to organize efficiently and not struggle to find your belongings like you would with a top loader. As a long term traveler, it fits my Maximista Packing List amount of clothing perfectly when using my Compass Rose Packing Cube Set which I use as my preferred travel organizers.

It also has compression straps on the exterior of the bag which helps make sure your Osprey pack will fit into any airplane overhead compartment and it also minimizes the bulkiness of the bag on your back.


You’ll want to look your best when you travel! Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly!




Farpoint Osprey 55


Safety Features


One of the best features of the Farpoint Osprey is that it has lockable zippers which actually did prevent a theft last year in a Borneo hostel. Most theft is due to convenience and ultimately, if someone’s going to take your bag or break into it; it’s gonna happen no matter what.

The majority of people traveling with a backpack are most likely staying in smaller guesthouses and hostels. Usually, you can leave your backpack in your hostel dorm without much concern. While some hostels do have lockers for your bag, many don’t but they do offer services to store your valuables in either individual safes or with reception.

Don’t be alarmed, though. Out of the 5 years I’ve been on the road, I’ve only had something taken out of my bag once while traveling at a hostel in Cape Town so it’s not a common occurrence, plus it was really my fault for leaving cash in my unlocked Osprey Aura 65 bag.

I feel very secure with the Farpoint Osprey 55. I do wish the daypack also had lockable zippers in addition to the main compartment, though.




Farpoint Osprey 55




Osprey makes some good looking bags. It’s not easy to find stylish backpacks but theirs are sleek and chic and don’t look like your typical rucksack backpacks. They offer nice colors (or neutrals if you’re like me) and they won’t cramp your style. Whether you’re a backpacker, flashpacker, traveler, or tourist, you’ll look good in a Farpoint Osprey pack.






I only have one tiny gripe with Farpoint Osprey packs. After only a few months, the back corners of the bag that have regular fabric not nylon, showed general wear and tear after only a few months unlike the Osprey Aura 65 that didn’t even show a scratch after using it for over a year.

However, the fabric doesn’t interfere with the functionality so it wouldn’t deter me from recommending Farpoint Osprey pack and buying one again.


Travel Gear Tip


Treat your Farpoint Osprey packs well and get a backpack rain cover. While it may not make it 100% waterproof, it will keep it clean and prevent your belongings from getting completely soaked when you put your bag on a wet or dirty floor.


So if I love my Osprey packs so much, why am I getting a new one?


Basically, after getting rear ended while driving in 2009 my back has only gotten worse so I’m now in the market for a wheeled backpack and have my eye on the Osprey Meridian 22.


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Please note


You have to remove the daypack to use Farpoint Osprey packs as a carry-on. While most travelers confirm they can use this bag to travel carry-on it may not work for budget airlines with smaller size limitations.

Please double check with your airlines. The Farpoint 40 is slightly shorter at 21 inches which is a good alternative (it just doesn’t have the day pack but you can buy one separately if needed).



Please read this article to learn about How to Choose a Travel Backpack.

What’s your favorite travel backpack? Have you used any Farpoint Osprey packs? Share in the comments!


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