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After that post-travel glow, what happens to your luggage and accessories when you get home? Get your travel gear sorted by taking on our TFG readers’ top home organization ideas and suitcase storage solutions!


Travel Gear Organizing Ideas

Written By: Laura Pulling



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We all like to plan and be organized for our travels, but sometimes post-trip it can be hard to get motivated to pack away luggage and accessories until the next bucket-list destination.  

To help inspire you, Editor-in-Chief Alex shows some of her travel storage organization ideas:




TFG Editor-in-Chief’s Travel Organizing Corner featuring her favorite home organizers


Alex has organized her travel gear as follows:




TFG Editor-in-Chief’s Above Cabinet Travel Organization featuring her favorite home organizers


Here, Alex has put these items in storage bins, above and off the floor:



First Step: Where to Store Luggage?


When it comes to how to store suitcases, it can be tough to come up with bag storage ideas and find a suitable spot to keep luggage out of the way but still accessible.

Some people have smaller houses, so luggage storage at home can be difficult. Try to ensure your cases are clean and dry when you put them away to prevent mold and damp creeping in. Some people keep their luggage in lofts and attics, others don’t have that luxury, so put theirs on top of a wardrobe or in their closet.

If space is limited, you might even want to invest in bed raisers, to lift your bed a few inches from the floor, and your suitcase can fit underneath. To protect suitcases, some readers recommend using a cover.


Second Step: Ways to Organize Travel Accessories


Other essentials like TSA padlocks, luggage tags, travel-sized toiletries, packing cubes, and adapters could stay in your suitcase, and admittedly, some TFG readers do just that until the next trip.

However, trying to sort through items when planning another getaway or wanting to find something quickly can be tough. Which is where bins, containers, racks, and even labeling items can help one stay sane, as well as, organized! Ultimately, the best way to maximize storage tools is by using the space around you and figuring out a system that works for you (and can help you remember where things are).

.Now that you’ve seen examples, take note from our savvy and knowledgeable readers who’ve chipped in with their top tips too!



Best Travel Storage Bags and Containers to Organize




TopZK Clear PVC Suitcase Cover


Store Travel Gear in Empty Suitcases 


The easiest place to store your travel accessories is in your empty suitcases. Plastic luggage covers can help your suitcases stay dirt and dust-free between trips. In some houses where your only storage options are lofts or garages, a plastic cover can help prevent damp creeping in. Just ensure your case is completely dry before packing it away.

These PVC covers can also be used on your trip to help prevent your bags from getting super dirty and bashed around by baggage handlers. Simply slide them on and fasten the velcro.



Compass Rose Packing Cubes


Use Packing Cubes Between Trips


Your packing cubes can be utilized at home as well as on vacay! Between trips, you can use them to store your travel wardrobe pieces that you wouldn’t normally wear at home, (maybe swimwear, or beach cover-ups). These can then be kept in your luggage, ready to go on your next trip. You can even use packing cubes to store other packing cubes!


To get more information on Compass Rose packing cubes, watch this video to learn packing hacks!




Ecoigy Reusable Sandwich Bags


Put Travel-Size Toiletries into Reusable Ziplock Bags


For how to store travel toiletries at home, many readers use reusable bags, just like Editor Alex, to organize those smaller travel items. A reader says, “I have a bin of organized ziplock bags. I can see what I have, and then pack what I need.” Another keeps travel-sized items in a bin and uses her ziplock bags to organize by categories such as skin care, oral health, shampoos, and conditioners.




EZOWare Fabric Tweed Storage Organizer Cube Set


Store Items in a Decorative Fabric Basket


These pretty, yet functional fabric drawers can be used independently for easy closet storage. Put anything from toiletries to packing cubes, or even those tangled electronics. Plus, they fold flat when they aren’t being used. Did we also mention they’re pretty (oh right, already did), and blend well with home decor. 




Plastic Weave Storage Basket


Put Travel Accessories in Household Storage Containers


Storage bins can hold all of your bits and pieces together and these ones work well for travel toiletries and accessories. They come in neutral colors and a basket weave, which means they also look nice on open shelves too. Larger bins can also be the best way to store purses so they don’t get squashed.

A TFG reader says, “I keep my travel accessories in a nice plastic basket I bought, on a top shelf in the wardrobe. Hats etc., live in another. Works well.”




Life Story 6 Quart Clear Shoe Storage Box


Keep Shoes or Boots Organized in Storage Boxes


TFG readers love to organize their travel shoe collections. Some shoes might be specifically for travel and might not suit the climate you live in, such as winter shoes or hiking boots. Storing shoes in these clear plastic boxes will mean they will be as good as new when you come to use them again.




Sterilite 3-Drawers Unit


Add Bigger Clothing Items in Home Storage Drawers

If you have larger items in your travel wardrobe that needs something more substantial than boxes, storage drawers could be a viable option. These drawers come in a gorgeous shade of teal and reviewers say they are great sized for closet essentials, such as shirts, sweaters, pajamas, and underwear.

Many TFG readers use drawers like these and then label each drawer, for things like toiletries, packing cubes, clothes, and travel gadgets.

For other storage drawer options, click here.


Pack light and pack smart with these travel packing tips!




ABO Gear and Storage Bags


Fold and Stack Items in Travel Storage Bags


This bag storage combo is a cute 3-set that is also practical to store clothes or bigger items like travel blankets or microfiber towels. One review says, “They are durable and spacious. They fit right underneath my bed and looks very good. When not in use, I can fold them flat and put them in my closet.”

Readers give tips on how to store bags like this. They say you can put them on a closet shelf out of the way, under the bed, or in a safe spot in your basement. Talk about ingenious and convenient suitcase storage bags!





Sterilite 6 Quart/5.7 Liter Storage Box


Try Lidded Boxes for Travel Electronics 


 TFG readers suggest using smaller sized plastic bins. You can use them for chargers, cords, SIM cards, GPS devices, and more. These ones can be bought in a six or 12 pack. 

One savvy TFG traveler shares how she uses them, “For smaller items, I use plastic clear shoe boxes, sorted by category and the boxes labeled… categories such as electronics, dental supplies, medical supplies, chargers/converters, hair supplies. Then I pick from each bin what I need for each particular trip.”




Whitmore Over the Door Shoe Rack


Use a Space-Saving Shoe Rack Over the Door


Many TFG readers say that a shoe rack that goes on the back of your door can free up closet space. This one by Whitmore is adjustable and can hold up to 36 pairs. Plus, the bars are adjustable to take shoes of all sizes.

A reader explains, “I keep current shoes on the back of the door, daily ones on the floor because I wear them on a rotating basis and out of season shoes in clear, plastic shoe boxes on the top shelf of a closet.”


Give yourself a break and read our top 75 packing tips!




Felidio Natural Wood Coat Hooks Wall Mounted


Utilize Hooks for Bags, Scarves, and More


TFG readers tout wall hooks to store bags, scarves, or other hangable things not being used. They also made some crafty interior design features in their closets from them!

One explains, “I put a bunch of hooks on an empty wall in my closet and hung all my purses to and covered it practically to the ceiling. It looked pretty awesome!”




IRIS Stack and Pull Storage Box


Get Locking Storage Boxes for General Travel Gear


These locking storage organizers have a secure click-to-lock lid so nothing can get in. They’re transparent and you can see what’s in each one easily. You can stack them too, so you can pile them up safely.

A ton of TFG readers use clear plastic bins and rate it as one of their top organizing ideas: they share, “I use clear storage bins, labeled, so I can see at a glance. A large one for snorkel gear, beach towels, etc. A medium tote for packing cubes, airplane blankets, travel pillows. A smaller one holds toiletries, gadgets, etc.”

While another explains, “I have clear plastic totes under the beds in my guest room. One has “bags” of all sorts. Another tote has all the travel size toiletries and yet another has miscellaneous odds and ends.”




SimpleHouseware Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer


Use a Door Shoe Organizer for Bits and Bobs


If you need a slimmer and more economical back-of-the-door option, this home organizer can hold up to 24 pairs of shoes (and other stuff too!). It fits closer to the back of the door and shoes won’t fall out. TFG readers also tout the transparent pockets for how to organize travel toiletries at home.

One explains, “My favorite organizing travel tip of all time is an over-the-door shoe organizer for all your toiletries.” While another uses hers differently, “I use one in my laundry room to keep my vacuum cleaner attachment tools for my stick Dyson.” 

Ingenious TFG readers going on a cruise take one of these with them to help maximize storage space.




Lynk Floor Standing Pivoting Scarf Rack


Store Scarves or Jewelry on a Rack


A reader recommends buying a scarf rack if you have a rainbow of scarves in your collection. The bars on twist 360 degrees and the heavy base won’t fall over easily. You can also use it for jewelry or storing bags and purses. A reader touts,  “I bought this scarf tree and have it in the corner of my bedroom. It’s very colorful.”



Homz Plastic Underbed Storage


Put Random Trip Things Under the Bed


Sometimes organizing isn’t easy to come by, let alone enough space! And you need to maximize the options you have available. Underbed storage is a great way to use that forgotten space, and using plastic lidded boxes ensure that your belongings stay dust-bunny free!

One TFG reader explains, “I have an under the bed plastic box with all sorts of travel items. It includes my travel set of tech cords, binoculars, travel games (a deck of cards, and some other small games), travel blanket, and so many other items. When I go somewhere everything I might need to grab is in one place.” 




Ziz Home Under Shoe Organizer


Keep Traveling Shoes in Underbed Storage


If you want to use your underbed storage for your shoe collection, maybe these divided under bed shoe organizers could be just what you need. You could also use it for organizing travel items using different compartments! One TFG reader explains, “This is awesome for storing stuff if you have space under your bed.”


Here are simple space saving packing hacks!





Brother P-Touch Label Maker


Label Your Gear Like a Boss


As well as sorting their belongings into boxes, drawers, and bins, most of our TFG readers label whatever containers they use, so that they know what is in each box. 

For a professional edge, why not use a label maker to create neat and uniform labels for each storage box. This one can print in a variety of different fonts, plus you can get different colored tape too!



Storage and Organization Comparison Chart


[wpsm_comparison_table id=”248″ class=”center-table-align”]



What are your storing luggage solutions? Share your tips below!


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