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For those of you hitting the slopes for a late winter getaway, we’re bringing you some expert travel tips on what to pack for a ski trip.


What to Pack for a Ski Trip





I think the Sarfini, is the perfect accessory for a ski trip. It will keep you warm on the slopes as a scarf, but then you can turn it into a chic poncho. You should also pack cashmere flats for the lodge, warm leather gloves, and layers of thermals.

– Teju Owoye, founder of Tusodo


Snow boots, hand warmers and gloves


Make sure you pack cute snow boots, hand warmers, waterproof gloves, and don’t forget the bikini and flip flops for the heated outdoor pools or hot tubs that many ski lodges have!

– Nicole and Kelsey of Sisters in the Sand




I loved bringing my Cuddl Duds ‘under’ layers of leggings and top to wear under ski pants and thicker shirts.


Hand and foot warmers


Best thing: adhesive hand and foot warmers. These things work! My toes always get very cold, so I wore these on the bottom of my socks every day and they work! They last for hours and keep my toes from getting numb!

Other must items: ski pants, ski or down jacket (down keeps me warmest), thick socks, tight knit or fleece hat, a fleece gaiter or neck warmer (insulates neck and unlike a scarf, it’s out of the way).


The key to packing light is to use packing cubes to compress your clothing as shown in this video!


Waterproof mascara


If you wear makeup: Bring waterproof mascara!

 – Lisa Lubin, Travel and Food writer of LLworldtour


Base layers


Base layers (including socks), boots with tread (no heels, ladies, it’s icy out there), ski pants, goggles, sunglasses and casual clothing for après ski. Ski towns are generally places where anything goes fashion-wise. Jeans can go just about anywhere!

Sally Spaulding, Public Relations of Aspen Skiing Company


Use a capsule wardrobe to pack light but create many outfits. Learn more here


Long underwear


My husband and I try to take a ski vacation every other year (the opposite years are a beach vacation!). I’ve been skiing at least a dozen times and the item a woman should pack is quality long underwear. They should make sure that their long underwear is made from polyester and NO cotton!

– Nicole McNamee, Sales Director of P.O.P Solutions Group


Socks and beanie


Key items include ski socks, a cute beanie to wear on and off the slopes, layers upon layers of waterproof, wicking athletic wear, lightweight gloves to wear around town and boots with a sturdy heel and tread.

– Meisha Lawson, Owner of Meisha Lawson Marketing Services


Bathing suit and sunglasses


I have lived in ski towns (Park City, Mammoth Lakes, Tahoe) for the last 10 years. I now own and operate a hotel, the Avalon Lodge, in South Lake Tahoe about a block from the Heavenly Gondola. Here are a few things I always remind our guests to bring, in addition to the regular ski gear.

  • A bathing suit – Nothing beats relaxing in the hot tub on a snowy night.
  • Sunglasses – the glare from the snow can be tough on your eyes when you are out and about.
  • Light layers – on and off the slopes. Restaurants, shops, galleries and bars are all heated. If you wear bulky sweaters you get too hot and sweaty inside and which causes you to be extra cold when you head back outside.
  • Gloves for on the mountain and a lighter pair for the evening.
  • Shoes with good treads.

– Katy Donoghue of Clehospitality


Lip cream


CARMEX!  Or some medicated lip cream — slather it on at night and in the morning your chapped lips will be much better!

  • Carmex Click Stick Blister Medicated Lip Balm available at

– Angela Todd, Head of Ideas of Funnermother




If you are skiing or snowboarding, a thin hat without a pompon or or other embellishments is best because you can wear it under a helmet, which is good to wear even if you are a good skier because there might be someone on the hill who isn’t and lots of good skiers are injured getting run into by other people.

  • Acorn Women’s Versafit Flat available at

– Eileen Gunn, Editor/ Founder of  FamiliesGo


Healing cream


Topricin Healing Cream is a must-have to get through the winter season: A must-have for skiers!

When applied beforehand, it helps maintain vibrant micro capillary blood flow in your extremities and helps maintain a more constant blood flow. Applied afterwards, it stimulates maximum blood flow to chilled extremities, helping to get them warm more quickly. It also eases the aches and pains of exertion by helping the body to heal the damage that’s causing the pain.

  • Topricin Homeopathic Pain Relief and Healing Cream, 2 oz available at

– Christina Liv Towle, Media Relations Liaison of  Topricin


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