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You don’t have to take a long vacation to experience the benefits of getting away. Weekend breaks and day cruises are a perfect way to un-wind and re-set. Before you head to the boat, make sure you know what to pack for a day cruise.


What to Pack for a Day Cruise

Written By: Rachel Campbell


Thinking about venturing out on a day cruise? Not only are these types of cruises lots of fun, but they’re also great for those who don’t have the time for an extended vacation. Whether you’re cruising down to Key West, Florida or heading up the coast of Alaska, there are a few items that you’ll want to take with you.


Start by reading these general tips for packing for a cruise:




What to Pack for a Day Cruise: Essentials


Before you start packing your bag, you’ll first want to check to see if your cruise grants you use of onboard lockers. Even though the items listed below are lightweight and easy to carry around, you still may find yourself wanting to store them away when taking pictures of the scenery around you.




Backpack | Slim Day Bag


A Day Bag


A day bag can mean different things to different people. Some view day bags as large purses, while others feel that a day bag is simply a messenger bag or backpack.

Though you could easily use any of them during a day cruise, your best bet would be to use a stylish yet comfortable backpack. They’re the easiest to carry and make it so that you’re less likely to accidentally knock into somebody as you’re passing them on your way to the bar.


Find out my top picks for the best day packs for trips to beaches, cities, and adventure travel!




Sony Digital Camera | GoPro HERO5 Black


A Camera


It would be a shame to cruise by a beautiful coastline and not take a few pictures of it. But with that said, you don’t want to bring along your expensive camera and lens set.

Not only will they take up way too much space in your backpack, but you’ll also risk the chance of dropping them overboard. Instead, bring  a small, compact camera that’s lightweight and easy to pack in the side pocket of your bag.

A great camera to look at is the Sony DSCW800. If you plan on taking lots of video as well, make sure to pack an extra battery and SD card, just in case.


Turn your phone into a “pro” camera with these smartphone camera accessories!




Travel Toiletry Bag | Accessory Organizer


A Makeup Bag


Because it is so easy to lose your small makeup pieces inside of a large bag, it makes more sense to bring a waterproof travel makeup bag.

This bag will keep your makeup all in one place and it’s easy to tuck into the bottom of your backpack. A waterproof option gives you added protection against a rogue wave and the salty air. If you have extra space left over, you can also pack your cash, credit cards, and keys in it.


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Waterproof Hooded Jacket | Splash A Little Rain Jacket


A Waterproof Jacket


This tip applies largely to those cruising in a colder climate. If you’re headed to the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, or Scandinavia regions, a waterproof jacket is an essential that doesn’t have to weigh you down. Instead of wearing your thick winter coat, opt for a thin, yet reliable waterproof jacket.

If you can get one with a hood, that’s even better. This is because even if the weather looks great one moment, you don’t want to get caught unprepared while running back into the main cabin during a sudden rain shower.

These coats will protect you from rain and sea salt, and keep you warm against the sea breeze.


Take a look at the most popular waterproof rain jackets for travel!





V-Neck Shirt | Skinny Jeans


An Extra Pair of Clothes


Although you can get away with wearing the same outfit all day, especially if you wear your bikini underneath, some day cruises offer a beach stop, meaning that you’ll most likely get your first outfit sandy or wet. (Check out these bra-sized bathing suits!)

Another thing to think about is whether or not your cruise will go into the night. If this is the case, your day outfit might not be warm enough for evening wear.


These are the best skinny jeans for travel according to our readers!




Emmie Ballet Flat | Chaste Ballet Flat




A good second outfit consists of a pair of skinny jeans or thin leggings, a short sleeve shirt or flowy tank top, and a pair of ballet slippers. Not only are ballet slippers thin, but foldable as well, making them a dream to pack. Bring a jacket or long sleeve top to keep you warm in the evening.


Here’s a round up of cute and comfortable ballet flats for travel to wear at home and abroad!



What are your tips on what to pack for a day cruise? Please share them below!


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Author Bio: Rachel Campbell is a professional travel writer who has been slowly exploring the globe since 2013. Though her heart belongs to Florida and the Caribbean, she can be found making snow angels in the cold white north from time to time. For more, follow The Florida Living Magazine and her adventures on Instagram.