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For the travelers who love to document their adventures, bringing along your favorite camera is a must! But you also want to make sure your gear is stored as safely as possible. TFG readers share their recommendations on functional and cute camera bags for women, so scour these top picks!


Best Camera Bag for Travel



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Looking forward to capturing those beautiful moments on your next trip? If you’re bringing your camera along on your travels, finding the right camera bag is essential. You’ll want to an option that’ll keep your precious equipment protected, but still be functional and comfortable enough to carry while you explore all day long. 

The last thing you want is a style that’s too bulky or too flimsy and doesn’t protect your camera well enough. There are some important factors to consider when choosing a camera bag such as weight, portability, safety features, and padding.


To help you out, we asked TFG readers for their thoughts on the best camera bags for travel, which run the gamut from backpacks, crossbody styles, sling bags, and more! So, take a look at their top picks!



Best Camera Backpack for Women


Readers emphasize that some of the best camera backpacks for travel produced by Lowepro and BAGSMART. And we can see why! Many have amazing organization for serious amateur travel photographers, with places a camera safely, to store lenses, or other vital accessories. Like these top picks!




Lowepro Transit 350 Camera Backpack


Reader’s Top Pick: Lowepro Transit 350 Camera and Lens Backpack


Readers have voted the Lowepro Transit 350 as the best camera backpack for travel because it’s sleek, yet portable. This has a nifty, protective system for camera equipment, like lenses, or for any other small items you want to store. Several dividers keep everything secure with fasteners and padding. 

It also has a laptop compartment in case you don’t want to leave that piece of tech behind. One reader says, “I absolutely love my lightweight Lowepro 350 Transit backpack. There’s space for laptop, cameras, lenses, and a change of clothing. I travel all over the world with this bag.”

There is also a side opening that allows for quick access—just swivel from back to front, unzip the compartment, and grab what you need. Another reader shares, “This backpack is fairly sleek and can pass as my personal item (if they don’t weigh it), but more often than not, it’s my carry-on.”


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Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW II


Lowepro Photo Sport AW II Camera Bag Backpack


Another top pick is the Lowepro Photo Sport camera backpack for hiking. This one is great for women who are traveling to more outdoorsy or adventurous destinations. According to readers, this version of the bag works well for mirrorless and crop-sensor CSC cameras, while the 300 version is perfect for large 400mm cameras for photographing animals and very large 16mm cameras for those breathtaking landscapes.

There’s also room for a tripod as well as other items such as snacks, sunglasses, and an extra water bottle. Adjustable straps and a waist belt add tons of comfort, and it’s able to withstand adverse weather conditions! 

One review says, “In short, I think this is the best bag in the world for me, I just backpacked all over Asia, and this was the only bag I brought with me. It never tore, and the shoulder straps were amongst the comfiest I’ve had!”




BAGSMART Camera Backpack


BAGSMART Waterproof Camera Bag


This BAGSMART stylish camera bag is a wonderful option for travel because it provides organized compartments for your camera and all of your camera lenses and accessories, as well as a pocket for a 15-inch MacBook Pro. 

Travelers love that there’s ample padding and the middle compartment can be transformed from compartmentalized camera use to everyday use as well! It’s made of durable, waterproof canvas, and even features an extra waterproof rain cover for any unexpected weather you may encounter. This trendy and adorable canvas camera backpack will not steer you wrong!

One traveler gives a review, “This backpack has been awesome so far! I just took it on a trip to Washington state. We did a lot of hiking and walked around in Seattle one day, and this bag was a champ in both situations. It’s more than big enough for the amount of gear that I usually want to carry at one time.”


Our TFG readers have voted for the anti-theft purse options they love the most!




Travelon Anti Theft Classic Backpack


Travelon Anti-Theft Classic DSLR Bag


Travelon makes some of the best travel bags because of their amazing anti-theft features, and their DSLR camera backpack is a great option if you’d prefer to carry the weight of your camera on your back as opposed to across your body while keeping your gear safe and protected. 

One reader says, “The backpack is better for weight distribution if you suffer from a bad back, it is also larger than the bucket purse so I will be able to fit more in it.” 

As usual, Travelon builds in great security features with slash-proof material, RFID protection, and locking straps and compartments. If you want your camera equipment to be more secure, this bag will bring peace of mind.




Manfrotto MB-MA2-BP-BFR Advanced Camera Backpack


Manfrotto Waterproof Camera Backpack


Manfrotto’s backpack camera bag is an essential bag that will fit all of your needs and function well under many circumstances. One TFG reader explains, “For personal trips, I usually bring my larger camera and have tried numerous bags (way too many to think about how much they add up to!). My current favorite is this one that I used on our trip to the Arctic—it was light, fit well on my shoulders, and is water-resistant.” 

The same reader says, “It can fit a full-size laptop, has a padded section for camera and two lenses at the bottom, with room to spare for a jacket, sweater, a phone, Kindle, and more.” 

As you can see, the best thing about this camera bag is its versatility! This is a sleek-looking laptop camera bag that will help you take hobbyist or serious photos during your travels.




MOSISO Camera Backpack


MOSISO Camera Backpack Waterproof Bag


This MOSISO large camera bag is amazingly functional, and can easily store anything you need to bring along with you! There are multiple organizational compartments to hold a camera, lenses, and SD cards, as well as side compartments for a tripod or to hold a water bottle. 

It also has a laptop compartment for up to a 16” laptop. Users say this camera and laptop backpack is really roomy and can hold a lot of gear. You can also remove inserts to turn it into more of a regular backpack. It’s easy to carry and the outer hardshell is waterproof!

This is highly recommended by one of our readers, who shares, “It’s the best thing I bought for traveling. Took it to Europe twice with my DSLR, it fits a lot of stuff and is stable and sturdy. Also the straps are wide and didn’t hurt my back. I use it without the camera too. Highly recommend it.” 


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Best Camera Purse Bag for Women


TFG readers also like a bit of variety, and say the best travel camera bag can also disguise as a purse while out sightseeing. These choices range from crossbody, messenger, to a sling style!




Lowepro Passport Sling II


Lowepro Passport II Sling Camera Bag


Voted as the best camera sling bag, the Passport II by Lowepro is super versatile. One of our readers uses it to hold her Nikon D200 camera. Even though her camera is heavy, this camera bag easily holds her camera as well as her water bottle, personal stuff, and even a sweater! 

It’s also the perfect women’s camera bag for travel because of its features. An adjustable shoulder strap with a removable shoulder pad helps with comfort, while the impact-resistant material makes it a durable daypack.

A reader echoes this sentiment, saying, “I’ve brought this bag across Italy, England, Ireland, and Spain, and it’s AWESOME! It’s got a zipper so that you can enlarge it and I shove everything from my camera to my down jacket into it, and it’s neutral in color and rocks!”




BAGSMART Compact Camera Shoulder Bag


BAGSMART Camera Bag Crossbody


This BAGSMART mini camera bag is great for smaller, digital cameras. Made of lasting, water-resistant nylon, it has an adjustable shoulder strap and enough space for your camera accessories. 

For those concentrated shutterbug moments, take this cute camera bag with you on day excursions, sightseeing around the city, or even a short nature hike. 

One TFG reader says, “I use this cutie when I want to be relatively portable. I generally only keep a travel telephoto lens (Nikon 18-200) and maybe a portrait lens. Plenty of room for batteries, charger, SD cards—everything needed on the go.” This style comes in five pretty colors, so choose what fits your personal style!




Kattee Canvas Messenger Camera Bag


Kattee Messenger Camera Bags


Quite stylish and purse-like, the Kattee camera messenger bag surpasses the “pretty” test. This bag is also uber functional, so it’s no wonder this pick comes SO highly rated! 

One user says, “My go to travel bag. I have used it to bring my photography equipment with me in several cities. I got it to take with me on a two-week trip to Japan. It held up great with all the walking and hiking that I did.”

This canvas design features leather straps and clean, metal accents. It has plenty of room for a standard DSLR and multiple lenses and is spacious enough to hold other essentials, too. This bag gets high points for elegance and class—it’ll feel like a purse and not any ol’ camera bag!




Meliae Chic Leather DSLR Camera Purse


Meliae Chic Leather Camera Bag


This crossbody camera bag purse from Meliae Chic is perfect for the fashionista photographer. It has the look of a purse and the functionality of a camera bag. The interior has a padded compartment that can fit a standard DSLR camera and lens, as well as additional pockets for your phone, wallet, lens caps, and other essentials!

The leather exterior is scratch-resistant and water-resistant, keeping your valuables safe, and the adjustable strap allows you to carry it as a shoulder bag or crossbody. A lot of users love the fact that it’s discreet, too. And interestingly, this was designed by a professional female photographer! 

A traveler shares, “I absolutely LOVE this camera bag!!! The quality, design, and attention to detail are all superb. This bag is perfect for travel, since the camera insert can be easily removed, and then it becomes a classic, supple leather purse.”


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Eddie Bauer Ripstop Sling Backpack


Eddie Bauer Small Camera Backpack Sling


The Eddie Bauer camera crossbody bag isn’t specifically made as a camera bag, but it works great for traveling in all circumstances, and readers say they can be used as DSLR camera bags when needed. You can wear this bag crossbody or off the shoulder, and because it’s not bulky, it’ll fit ergonomically to you.

TFG readers say this bag is versatile and holds everyday items, as well as camera accessories. It’s easy to carry, incredibly durable, and lightweight. One reader says, “I prefer this since it’s lightweight and doesn’t scream camera. I take fewer lenses when I go on vacation.” 

Also available on Amazon.




Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bucket Bag


Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Camera Bag


These Travelon crossbody camera bags look just like a stylish purse, but can hold a DSLR, and also have anti-theft features. This item comes in three, eye-pleasing colors! 

One TFGer says, “Last year I traveled to Italy with my DSLR, a telephoto lens, and a wide angle lens. I decided to take a Travelon anti-theft purse, which had plenty of room for the camera, lens, scarf, and booklets. This purse has several pockets which I like because of the extra room and because they lock, making it harder to pickpocket. It also has a water bottle pocket and an umbrella pocket.”

Another reader reports that it fit her Sony A6000 mirrorless camera with a long lens on it!


Don’t easily become a victim by getting too comfortable. Travel with the best money belt with additional anti-theft accessories on your next destination!



Other Travel Camera Accessories




Op/Tech USA Dual Camera Harness


Op/Tech Camera Harness


If you’re looking for an alternative to camera shoulder bags, the OpTech Dual Camera Harness is a great option. One TFG reader says this harness is the most useful photography item she owns because she can carry two cameras all day with zero weight on her shoulders. 

A harness can be suitable for action-oriented photography, like a safari in Africa or trekking to Machu Picchu. Though it’s not exactly stylish, a black top underneath can help this harness blend in nicely! It’s available in different lengths and is super adjustable, ensuring a snug and secure fit.




Altura Photo Thick Protective Neoprene Pouch


Altura Camera Lens Bag


A good storage option to use inside your camera bag for travel is these Altura neoprene camera lens bags for DSLR camera lenses. One TFG reader says, “I am a photographer and I use individual neoprene covers for my cameras that I put into my normal backpack.” 

These covers can give added protection to your valuable lenses and they come in a 4-pack to suit different sized lenses.




Domke F-34L Protective Wrap


Domke Protective Wrap for Camera Lenses


This Domke protective wrap is a useful accessory if you’re looking for a way to keep your lenses safe without adding bulk or weight to your shoulder camera bag when traveling. 

One reader says, “I have two small Domke wraps to protect camera/lens when I have it unassembled and one medium when it’s together. Then, I can put it in any bag.” 

The wrap comes in three sizes which makes it great to store other things besides lenses, such as lens cleaning tools.




Case Logic DCB-306 SLR Camera Holster


Case Logic Camera Holster


The Case Logic camera bag purse crossbody holster is a smart alternative to a bigger bag for those who want to carry their camera on the go. These holsters make perfect mini camera bags! You can also keep your camera in this holster for extra protection while it’s packed away in your bag or backpack. 

Once you’re out on your next adventure, simply pull it out and hold your camera from the straps. It’ll protect your camera from dust and other elements.




Tenba BYOB Camera Bag Insert


Tenba BYOB Camera Insert


Looking for some cool camera bags inserts? The Tenba BYOB 9, is a great way to organize camera equipment inside a normal bag or backpack. If you can’t find a camera bag for travel that works for you or you don’t want to spend extra money purchasing one, this is an awesome budget option.

This company’s inserts have roomy interior spaces and exterior pockets to store anything from other camera accessories to snacks or phones. One TFG reader says, “I use my Osprey Strato 34L pack, as I hike a lot and need proper back support and waist strap, which I find a problem on any camera backpack I’ve touched or researched. Instead, I use a Tenba insert in my everyday backpack. The one I have fits one full-frame DSLR, with two extra lenses and camera strap. Also, carried my 3-liter water bladder, jacket, and food.” 

Another reader reports, “The inserts come in different sizes and configurations to suit your needs. Another advantage is that you can transfer it between bags and your bag doesn’t scream camera bag to thieves.”



Best Travel Camera Backpacks and Bags Comparison Chart


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Which is the best camera travel bag for you? Share in the comments and let us know your favorite!


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