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Celebrity Airport Style with 5 Easy to Wear Accessories

  When it comes to celebrity airport style, celebrities know how to create a balanced travel look combining comfort and cool. With a few essential accessories, you too can create a comfortable yet stylish travel outfit.   Celebrity Airport Style with 5 Easy...

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Travel Purses: Which One’s Right for You?

  After you’ve carefully planned out your travel wardrobe, these accessories can instantly provide style and function, but at the same time, can also be a distracting downfall if not chosen properly: travel purses. Choosing the right purse for your type of travel...

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Dual Timezone Watches: Must Have Travel Accessory!

A fashionable and reliable watch is a must-have when we’re on the go, especially for frequent flyers or travelers that like to stay close to home when they're on the road. Dual timezone watches are the perfect option for travelers that like to rack up the miles!...

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Holiday Packing Tips: How to Pack for New Year’s Abroad

  One of the most fun and exciting things about travel is experiencing holidays abroad. Whether they’re traditions you’re accustomed to or celebrations you hadn’t heard of, it’s always exhilarating when you’re in a city or town that’s abuzz with enthusiasm. One...

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Tell Your Story with Style! Wear Your Travel Souvenirs

Jewelry is one of my three favorite travel accessories and my favorite travel souvenirs to collect. Jewelry makes great travel gifts for your friends and family back home. It’s light to carry, unique to each country, and is more practical than something like a magnet....

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The Best Travel Accessories in My Backpack

You can travel as a Minimalist and still have fun with your travel looks. All you need is the best travel accessories! You don’t need to pack a huge variety. Choose key items that will make your travel outfits go from Plain Jane to Ultra Travel Glam.   The Best...

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Travel Shoes for Women – Travel Accessory Must Haves!

  IPANEMA flip flops are must have travel accessory because they work double duty! These sandals are made with the same materials as your regular "flip flops" but also serve a higher purpose: they're stylish! Wear them in the shower, on the beach, and for a night...

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