Want the best tips for your toiletry bags? From printable checklist and creating your own mini emergency beauty kit to understanding 3-1-1 liquid rule, we have articles featuring the best tips for your toiletry bags. And don’t forget to download your free printable packing checklist!


What’s the Best Tinted Sunscreen for Your Face? Top 9 Picks

Tinted sunscreens are one of the best two-in-one beauty products for travel. They offer light coverage while also protecting your skin from the sun. Find out which of the best tinted sunscreens will keep your skin looking smooth and flawless and see if your favorite made the list!

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How to Travel with Your Favorite Perfume

Perfume is like the icing on top of the cake – it adds the final touch to your look. Packing a glass bottle of perfume is a pain, so find out what our readers recommend for how to travel with your favorite perfume.

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The Simple Guide to Essential Travel Beauty Products

  Some items should always be at the top of your travel beauty checklist. Here's a list of our top ten essential travel beauty products to bring with you on a trip!   Essential Travel Beauty Products Written By: Sarah Talty   Choosing the right travel...

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Single-Use Toiletries for Time Starved Frequent Flyers

Do you take many weekend travel breaks? Perhaps you’re headed on a short getaway that’s under a week. Minimize liquids and weight in your carry-on by buying or making single use toiletries. Take a look!   Individual Beauty Products   One of the best ways to...

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3-1-1 Liquids Rule: Help Me Understand How it Works

Have you heard of the 3-1-1 liquids rule for carryon luggage?  Guidelines fluctuate between airports; read this post to help you understand how it works!   Have You Ever Heard of the 3-1-1 Liquids Rule?   As travel fashion girls, our aim is to pack light and...

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Travel Wipes to Help You Avoid Packing Liquid Toiletries

  As carry-on travel becomes the norm, we’re constantly trying to find innovative ways to travel liquid-free. Fortunately, it seems that everyday there is a new travel-friendly product to choose from and today we’re highlighting liquid-free travel. From insect...

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5 Functional and Cute Travel Cosmetic Bags

Whether you're heading off on a Spring or Summer getaway or a year-long wander around the world, there's a makeup or toiletry bag to suit your needs. Check out out top five functional and cute travel cosmetic bags!   Cute Travel Cosmetic Bags     Bon...

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5 Nail Tools for the Perfect Manicure On The Go

  Nails can often be forgotten or neglected while you're busy traveling the world. Pack these 5 nail tools for the perfect manicure on the go!   Nail Tools for Travel     4 way Buffer   4-way Buffing Block   This 4 way Buffer has a block...

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Want the best travel toiletries for women? Read these top picks: toiletry bagssingle use toiletries, and insect repellents.