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Do you take many weekend travel breaks? Perhaps you’re headed on a short getaway that’s under a week. Minimize liquids and weight in your carry-on by buying or making single use toiletries. Take a look!


Individual Beauty Products


One of the best ways to save a little weight and maximize limited liquid space on a flight is to use individually packed beauty products. I first encountered these on my trips abroad and thought they’re the perfect solution for short trips.

To be honest, they haven’t been the easiest to find in the US so this article includes the few products that I have found. Here are few DIY tips to do this on your own. (I found the ones in the pic above abroad.)

If you’re a frequent flyer that’s short on time, buying pre-made packets might be the way to go. You can also use any small samples you get as gifts with purchase, too.


Here are some tips that would be great for time-starved frequent flyers or travelers that like the convenience of minimizing toiletries for vacation:


Shampoo and Conditioner



Travel Size Body WashTravel Size Conditioner


These are the first individually sized packs I found while traveling internationally. Because my hair tends to be dry and frizzy I wash my hair every couple of days.

Taking just two-three individually sized shampoo packs helped me travel luggage free on a one week vacation to Puerto Vallarta!

To save even more space you can also find combination shampoo/conditioner packs. This may not work for you depending on your hair type.

I’ve found that my fine hair looks healthier and more voluminous when I don’t use conditioner or when I use combination options because it’s not as weighed down.

If you have a low-maintenance do this might be a great solution for you! (Hey, that rhymes!)


Here are a few other ideas to help you minimize your toiletries!





Scope Outlast Mouthwash To Go


More compact than a standard 100ml travel-size bottle, pack a couple of these on your weekend break.

These can also be used in your purse at home or abroad to freshen up on long days when you don’t have time to go back to the hotel or home before dinner.

Not a bad idea for a nightclub weekend in Las Vegas, too!


For a travel-size toothbrush that won’t fall apart after a few uses, try this folding style. And, this one for a compact electronic option. They’re hard to compare to the full size version but are better than a regular travel brush.





Banana Boat Sport Sunscreen lotion


Individually wrapped sunblock packets could be a good option for a 1-2 day weekend of fun in the sun! If you plan to have extended time in the sun, consider this solid sunblock instead so you can re-apply frequently.


Looking for an eco-friendly sun cream? Take a look at these biodegradable products!


nsect Repellant



Insect Repellant Packets


These are a good option if you’re on a trip with multiple-stops. If you’ll only need them for a few days on your trip you may as well just take a few wipes and save your liquid space!


For a slightly longer trip, you can also find a packet of 15 wipes! (I didn’t find the solid version as effective.)





Freshmint Toothpaste Packets


Not only could these be used for a weekend trip but how about adding one of these to your in-flight essentials. One of the best ways to survive a marathon flight is by brushing your teeth mid-journey.


You can also create your own travel size toothpaste with these DIY hacks!


Laundry Soap



Lewis N. Clark 20-Pack Laundry Soap Kit


One of the secrets to packing for more than a week is to do laundry as you go! Here are some tips on how to do laundry while traveling.

While soap can easily be bought on the go, if you’re traveling for a couple of weeks then it might not be a bad idea to throw one or two for a quick, convenient wash when needed.

For small items, you can also use shampoo, hand soap, or shower gel!


This is a handy universal sink plug if you plan on hand-washing on your trip!





New Revolutionary On-the-Go Toiletry Kit


This multi-pack by Squeeze Pod includes just about everything you need such as single use packets of shampoo, body wash, lotion, conditioner, and other useful items.

Between these and the wipes shown previously, you can achieve a perfect balance between liquid-free and regular individually wrapped beauty products!

One extra trip from a business traveler is to have a special “travel” section in your house where you store all your items for easy access. For bonus points, pre-pack all your individually sized beauty products in ziploc bags so you can grab and go!


Tip: If you want to be extra efficient, buy a pack of quart size Ziploc bags and fill them up with enough “home made” toiletry kits for one month of travels. For example, if you have five (2-day) business trips per month then put together five packs in advance so all you have to do is grab and go before every trip!


What are your tips on downsizing beauty products? Share in the comments!


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