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Whether you’ve been planning your ski weekend for months, or it just happened overnight because of a promising dump alert, you’re now packing your gear for the trip.

You know the drill: warm layers, waterproof jacket and snow pants, cute sweater, etc. You think you have it covered, but here are five ski trip essentials for a weekend on the slopes that may have slipped your notice. Add them to your list!


5 Ski Trip Essentials

Written By: Michelle Pettit


Killer Hat


Beanie with Faux Fur Pompom


If you’re going to mess up your hair, do it in style! Whether it’s a faux fur hat, a retro knit hat with a giant pom pom on top, or a cutesy animal face, a statement hat is a must. Make sure it’s warm and covers your ears. It will look so good that you might not even need to take it off at the après ski bar—you know how badly that dry air will play out with your static laden trusses.



Ear Flap HatThe North Face BeanieNewsboy Cable Knit HatAnimal Face Hat


And even though your hat is Instagram worthy, don’t forget your helmet for the slopes. All it takes is getting slammed by one out-of-control kid to damage your pretty noggin. Be safe.


Warm Slippers


Genuine Lamb Fur Slipper


Get cozy with some Uggs or down booties for your condo or hotel. If your feet are anything like mine, they take a beating during a ski trip. Packed into plastic boots during the day, they intermittently get cold and hot, and then they get tired.



Minnetonka Slipper BootieUGG Slipper BootieUGG Slipper


There’s absolutely nothing like taking off your wet boots at the door and slipping your feet into something warm, soft and cushiony when you settle down after a perfect day. As a bonus, slippers protect your stocking feet from those inevitable snowy wet spots that find their way into your room.


Skin Kindness


Moisturizing Lotion


It’s easy to forget beachy things like sunscreen and moisturizers when planning your ski trip essentials. But make no mistake, your skin will want them even more. The dry winter air will crack your hands and the high altitude sun reflected off the snow will give you raccoon eyes in minutes.



Korean cosmetic sleeping mask / lip balm / sun protection


Pack plenty of and body lotion and sunscreen and moisturizer for your face. Don’t forget lip balm with sunscreen and take it on the slopes with you.


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Warm and secure footing


Sorel Tofino Boot


When it’s really cold you’ll be grateful if you have some insulated snow boots (you’ll be able to spot the locals by their warm Sorels).



Waterproof Snow BootWaterproof Insulated Moon BootTraction Cleats for Snow and Ice


Alternatively, if you have leather boots with a treadless sole and you’re going to be walking around town for a while, consider adding some chemical foot warmers and traction cleats to your packing list. The cleats slip over your boots to give you traction in snow and ice—preserving both your ego and your bum! They are also fairly compact and light for traveling.


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Altitude Precautions



At least 25% of skiers report getting headaches at a mountain resort. Because altitude can cause swelling in the brain, headaches are a symptom of mild altitude sickness. Taking ibuprofen 4-6 hours before hitting the mountain may help you tolerate thinner air and reduce the likelihood of headaches. So be sure to include plenty of that ibuprofen in your packing list. (Always consult your doctor before trying any new medicine.)



Thermos Hydration BottleCamelBak Water Bottle


Maintaining hydration will also help. Take advantage of all those water fountains around the resort. And don’t forget you’re at altitude when you want to order that second (or third) après ski hot toddy. You can’t blame all your headaches on the altitude.


Overall, packing for a ski vacation can feel like you’re taking everything including the kitchen sink. These five ski trip essentials are just a few smart things that will keep you safe, warm, and stylish while spending time in the winter mountains. After all, that first exhilarating sting of cold on your cheeks, the fresh crisp smell of pines and the rush of speed under your skis is so worth it.

What are your tips when packing for a ski on weekend? Comment below!


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