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Did I ever tell you about the time I went to Europe on an organized tour, and they abandoned me at a train station and then took off? That experience is actually why I started using anti-theft devices, even though it had nothing to do with theft — find out why!


Getting Lost in Europe



The reason I started using anti-theft devices had nothing to do with theft. They saved me when I got left behind by a reckless tour company!

In 2008, my grandmother and I went on a whirlwind 10-day trip to Europe with Globus tour company. On the 2nd day of the trip, they abandoned us at a Belgium train station and carried on to Amsterdam without us.

Aside from being terrified of being lost on our first trip abroad, our purses and luggage were still on the tour bus. THEY LEFT US WITH NOTHING. Since this was 2007, we didn’t even have phones.

We were lost. We couldn’t find someone to help us, and there was little to no signage in English (at the time). We were in a panic and didn’t know what to do. My poor grandmother was terrified.

Fortunately, we walked into the Air France office right before they closed, and their kind staff was not only willing to keep the office open for us, but they offered to help and let us use their phone to try to get a hold of the tour company.

As it turned out, the tour director did not do a head count on the bus, so did not even notice that we were missing knowing that we had gone to the bathroom. (She’d told us there were no bathrooms on the bus, which turned out to be false.)


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To make matters worse, the tour director said there was no way they were turning back to get us and told us we had to find our own way to Amsterdam and meet them there.

We did not have our wallets; we had left ALL of our belongings on the bus. We were in absolute disbelief. How in the world were we going to get out of this situation and figure out how to find the rest of the tour group?

In our moment of despair, my grandma remembered she’d hidden cash and a credit card IN HER SHOES!!

There was hope! Scared and uncertain, we somehow managed to get to the hotel in Amsterdam late into the evening and missed the entire day’s activities.


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We were so disappointed, and to add insult to injury, the tour company handled the situation so unprofessionally. My poor grandmother was left traumatized for the remainder of the trip.

Fortunately, the quality time we spent together and the memories we created will forever hold a special place in my heart, even if she’s no longer with me.

My grandmother’s sneaky shoe saved our bums on that trip to Europe, and thereafter, I was determined to never let something like that happen to me again. She gave me a little bra pouch, and I used this in the years that followed to travel the world.


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It was completely fitting that I announced the release of the Compass Rose Secret bra Wallet while I was on my 2-week trip around Europe in 2018. Watch the unveiling here!


This experience is what ultimately led me to consider a Secret Bra Wallet as one of my all-time travel essentials. Aside from being the perfect place to hide extra cash and cards so you don’t have to carry everything in your wallet, it acts as an emergency stash so you always have a way out no matter what.



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Here are a few extra safety travel tips!


    • There is both uncertainty and excitement in traveling to unfamiliar places. But over the years, I’ve picked up a few tricks of the trade for avoiding theft, starting with keeping your stuff safe by not bringing it with you when you’re traveling! Leave valuable jewelry at home, for example.
    • Be cautious about where you stash your cash so you don’t fall prey to muggings and pickpocketing. Generally, backpack or crossbody styles are the most popular, with many opting for a bag with anti-theft features for peace of mind.
    • And while carrying an anti-theft bag is always recommended, it’s also a smart move to store extra cards and cash elsewhere. Apart from a bra stash, there are lots of additional theft-proof accessories to protect your valuables, including money belts or a neck wallet.
    • IMPORTANT: Whether you travel with our Compass Rose Bra Wallet, a money belt, or other anti-theft products, these are to be used ONLY for things you don’t need access to. Split up your cash and cards, keep the cash you’ll need for the day inside your purse, and don’t dig into your money belt in public—that defeats the purpose! I see travelers doing this all the time, making them an easy target. It’s important to be discreet!

We asked our readers for tips on keeping their valuables safe from pickpockets. ​This is what they said!

Most importantly, don’t let worry and fear of pickpockets damper your trip and stop you from having a memorable time!



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