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TFG readers love luggage sets for their practicality and versatility. Check out their recommendations for the most functional, durable, and cute luggage sets below that fit any budget or type of trip you have in mind!


Best Travel Luggage Sets



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If you’re headed off on a travel adventure, you need some durable and functional luggage to bring with you! With so many different types of suitcases with various sizes and features to choose from, going with a luggage set is a perfect solution! 


While buying individual suitcases works for many travelers, there are some advantages to opting for a set:


  • Versatility – Luggage sets include a variety of individual sizes, including smaller carryons, so they’re super convenient for both carryon only adventures and longer trips where you’ll be checking a bag (or two). And, if you’re doing shorter trips, it’s easy enough to split up the set and use the suitcase you need!
  • Savings – Opting for nice luggage sets is often much more economical. You get more for your money when you buy a set, rather than purchasing each bag individually. While the initial investment may seem a bit at first, many readers recommend grabbing a set during a sales event like Prime Day.
  • Compatibility Good quality luggage sets are designed to work together, so traveling with them and carrying them together will be much easier than using mismatched bags. The suitcases will all have similar features and the same quality, too. Plus, from a style standpoint, a matching luggage set looks so polished and chic! 
  • Variety of Trips or Uses – A set is convenient for a number of reasons, whether you’re embarking on a family vacation, a European jaunt, an overnight or weekend getaway, or a business trip, you can pick and choose from a set as you please! Another lesser-known use of sets is for international moves. Having suitcases that look similar really helps to stay organized and they’re easily identifiable once you’ve traversed to your new home! I’ve definitely done my share of moving to a new country which you can read about here


Plus bonus, luggage sets are often stackable, so they’re easy to store when they’re not in use. 


If you’re looking for general guidance on choosing the best type of suitcase, these resources can help:


Overall, with a luggage set, you’ll be ready for any trip you have planned. The readers have helped us cull together the top rated luggage sets that cover everything from hardside and softside to sets for family travel, the best budget options, the most lightweight sets, and so much more! 



Best Hardside Luggage Sets – 3 Piece


Some travelers prefer a hardside due to their durability and ability to protect delicate items, like electronics. And three suitcases are the perfect trio, a versatile combination to be used for short or long trips. These popular hardside favorites might inspire your wanderlust!




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Samsonite Omni PC 3-Piece Hardside Luggage Sets 


Samsonite makes some of the best hard luggage sets, and readers love their Omni collection for travel. The 3 piece hardside spinner luggage sets contains a 20” carryon suitcase, a 24” suitcase, and a 28” suitcase. The 20” is super lightweight and fits in the overhead compartment of most major airlines when flying domestically. 

The Omni set makes for effortless travel, weighing a mere 25.5 lbs altogether. The 360-degree wheel spinners are easy to maneuver, and their scratch-resistant polycarbonate shells will most definitely hold up against all the rigors of a trip. Users rave about the quality and security of the TSA locks! 

One traveler reports, “Finally got the chance to use this luggage set. Just spent nearly a month touring Europe with this set. We flew to Paris from Chicago. Then we traveled from Madrid to Rome, took trains all over Italy, and did a cruise throughout Greece, with some other stops in Monaco and France. The bags were sturdy and well-balanced. We were easily able to put our backpacks and carryon bags on top of these and not need to keep a hold of them to keep them from tipping.




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DELSEY Paris Helium Aero 3 Piece Hard Luggage Set 


The Delsey Helium Aero suitcases are incredibly popular in the TFG Community, and this is one of their best hard luggage sets! This 3-piece set is sleek and pretty, with a 21”, a 25” and a 29” suitcase. 

They weigh a total of 29 lbs, and their spinner wheels make for a smooth and weightless ride. They can each expand up to 2” for extra packing space (or to add some souvenirs), too! This set is available in beautiful, bright colors that are easily recognizable from afar, and the durable, scratch-resistant cover will ensure they look just as nice off the plane as they did getting on! 

One reader says, “We have the Delsey Helium Aero and love it. It seems to be indestructible, carries a ridiculous amount, and the compression zipper setup is fantastic. I like that each side is packed independently.” 

If you’re headed to Europe, the 3-piece set that comes with a 19” carryon is a great option, as it’ll work for European flights!




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Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Hard Luggage Sets


This Coollife luggage sets hard shell will keep your belongings safe with a TSA lock and sturdy shells that can withstand the roughest of handling! Their aluminum telescoping handles are amazingly sturdy and, along with the spinner wheels, allow you to easily zip through the airport with ease. 

The 20” carryon is small enough to fit in almost any overhead cabin while still being super spacious and packable. The 24” and 28” suitcases are also incredibly spacious, with awesome organizational features inside. This is a lightweight set, weighing 26 lbs altogether. And as a bonus, they can all be stored inside one another! 

One happy traveler says, “The suitcases are lightweight and roll with ease. I loved the zippered section, nothing fell out. The wheels roll well, especially in the busy airport. You can pull the handle up and set your backpack or extra bags on top and nothing falls off. This is the best luggage I’ve owned so far.”




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Rockland Melbourne Hardside 3-Piece Spinner Luggage Sets


The 3-piece Melbourne hard case luggage sets by Rockland come with a 20” carryon, and two larger 24” and 28” suitcases. Readers adore these suitcases, and report that they’re just as functional as they are stylish! 

They’re lightweight at a combined 24 lbs, and the carryon can easily fit in most overhead compartments, so this set is a great option for either domestic or international travel. The simple interiors feature two handy pockets, and the wheels and handle are of amazing quality that will last over many, many trips! Plus, they all expand up to 2” for extra space. 

One reader doesn’t hesitate in their love for these suitcases, “I love my Rockland! Made it to Zimbabwe and back and Israel and Jordan and back in one piece. It’s very lightweight!!”


If you’re in the market for a hardside, review these top reader recommendations for the best hard suitcase for carryon travel!



Best Softside Luggage Set – 3 Piece


If you’re in the market for a sotside set, these are just as versatile as a hardside option! And the perception that hard vs. soft is better actually depends on the material of a bag. A softside can be durable if the fabric is high density and treated to resist water or stains. Like these!




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Coolife Luggage Softshell 3 Piece Luggage Sets


Coolife makes some of the best soft luggage sets. This 3-piece set includes a 20”, a 24”, and a 28” suitcase, and they can all conveniently be stored inside one another! They’re made of an incredibly durable fabric that holds up well over time and looks really nice. 

The sturdy handle and multi-directional spinner wheels will make your journey easy! The carryon suitcase is suitable for most domestic overhead bins, and each suitcase can hold SO much, especially with packing cubes. This is also such a lightweight set, weighing a total of 20 lbs! 

One user shares, “Great suitcases! We brought ours to Italy and trekked across cobblestone streets and they have held up very well through some rough treatment! They are also very lightweight for those who are flying and want to conserve poundage.”




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Coolife Softside 4 Wheel Luggage Sets


Another Coolife option, this elegant 3 piece set comes with a 20” carry on, and two bigger 24” and 28” suitcases to match. The 20” has a big front pocket that’s super handy for storing essentials, and all of the suitcases are roomy and very packable. And the 24” and 28” suitcases both expand up to 2” for more space! 

These durable luggage sets are offered in 3 rich, pretty colors, and readers report that Coolife luggage holds up very well! The sturdy handle and wheels make for smooth strolling, and the TSA lock keeps your belongings safe! Altogether, they weigh 29 lbs. 

A fan says, “I LOVE this luggage set! They are SO easy to maneuver with the four wheels. I can push the two largest ones with no problem. And if I need to pull on the the back wheels, it rolls with ease that way as well. These have several pockets and the universal TSA lock! Amazing!”




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American Tourister Pop Max Softside 3 Piece Spinner Luggage Sets


The American Tourister Pop Max luggage set performs amazingly well! It includes a 21”, a 25”, and a 29” suitcase. The interiors are spacious and have amazing organizational features, including shoe pockets, two accessory pockets, and cross straps to keep everything secure. 

They weigh 28 pounds altogether, and while top and side handles make for easy carrying, their fantastic spinner wheels and sturdy handles make these bags feel weightless when rolling them! Readers report that this carry on size is best suited for domestic travel, and fits in the overhead compartments of most major airlines. 

One reviewer shares, “This set of luggage is lightweight, rolls smoothly, and is constructed of high quality material. The zippers move easily and the luggage can literally twirl around and around. I am very pleased with this purchase!”


Our well-traveled readers have helped us compile this list of the best soft side luggage!



Best 2 Piece Luggage Set


Some travelers may not need a set of three suitcases and don’t travel enough to justify that purchase, while a two piece set is a cohesive duo of a carryon and a slightly larger version for those times you need to pack a bit more. These popular choices stand out amongst the readers!




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Samsonite Winfield 2 Piece Hardside Luggage Sets


TFG readers love Samsonite suitcases, and the Winfield 2 piece hard case luggage sets are a top pick, both for domestic and international travel! This set comes with a 20” and a 24” suitcase. These two gems weigh just under 17.5 lbs, so they’re quite light, and readers applaud their durability and stability, even after years of wear and tear! 

Inside, interior dividers zip fully so nothing will fall out, and the outer zipper locks keep your belongings safe. 

One reader shares about her Winfield, “It’s nice and lightweight. The wheels spin nicely. Samsonite is a great brand.”




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Delsey Paris Helium Aero 2 Piece Luggage Set Hardside 


The incredibly popular Delsey Helium Aero luggage is also available in a convenient 2 piece luggage set hard shell, which includes a 21” and a 29” suitcase. These beauties weigh a mere 11.2 lbs together, and solo travelers say navigating airports or even city streets with them is a breeze! 

Their smooth spinner wheels make them feel weightless, even when packed to the brim. And they can each expand up to 2” for extra packing space! This 2 piece hard shell luggage set is incredibly durable, and will stay looking beautiful long term! 

One traveler shares more, “They went through London, Barcelona, Rome, Copenhagen, and Amsterdam airports without a single problem! The suitcases did great and are relatively light. The wheels move really smoothly, even over streets and cobblestones. The handle never sticks. Best of all, the suitcases never tipped over.




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Away The Carry-On and The Medium  


While Away suitcases aren’t technically sold as sets, it’s encouraged by the brand to make your own set! The two most popular picks to make a set are The Carry-On and The Medium.

At a decently lightweight 8.1 lbs, The Carry-On is 21” and designed to fit overhead bins for most airlines while The Medium at 9.9 lbs is 26” and is roomy but still compact. Both could even be used for international flights, as long as you check in the larger size.

Both of these have a polycarbonate hard shell that barely shows any signs of use, even after lots of rigorous travel. You can fit SO much inside both, especially with the mesh zippered compartment on one side, and the compression system on the other. 

And both of them come with a water-resistant laundry bag, and there’s even an option to add a USB charger!  One reader raves about her Away discoveries, “These have been my favorite travel purchase of all time and have been on 40+ flights.” 



Getting ready for my TravelCon speaking gig with the Away The Carry-On


Alternatively, you could also swap The Carry-On for The Bigger Carry-On and pair that with The Medium, or make a 3-piece set by adding The Large, which is 29”!

And while I don’t have The Medium or The Large, I did just pick up the The Carry-On recently because so many readers say it’s a reliable, durable suitcase. I took it with me to speak at TravelCon, so feel free to head to the TFG Facebook Group to watch my first impressions! (If you aren’t a member of the TFG Community it’s easy to join!)




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Kenneth Cole Reaction Chelsea Softside 2 Piece Luggage Sets 


Kenneth Cole’s Chelsea 2 piece spinner luggage set is super stylish! This set comes with a 20” and 28” suitcase which only weighs 16 lbs combined, so they definitely won’t weigh you down! The 20” carryon is definitely on the smaller side, and some users have actually reported being able to use it as their personal item, so this set will work for both international and domestic travel. 

The polyester-twill exterior not only looks great but holds up super well. They have eight multi-directional spinner wheels for the smoothest of rides where you won’t feel the weight! And great interior organization allows you to perfectly fit everything you need. 

One traveler says, “Love our set. It’s a beautiful design and it has survived two air travel trips and three car trips without damage. Highly recommend this luggage. Price is reasonable also.”




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Rockland Melbourne 2 Piece Hardside Luggage Set 


The Rockland two piece luggage sets are perfect for a long getaway! It comes with a 20” carryon and a larger 28” bag, both of which are lightweight, durable, and cute! Their telescoping handles and spinner wheels are easy to maneuver, too. 

Both suitcases are spacious and very packable, and the 20” carryon is compact enough to fit in most overhead bins, so this set is a great option for both domestic and international travel! Together they weigh 16 lbs and are really easy to carry and roll around! 

One frequent traveler says, “I’ve used my set to death in the three years I’ve had it and it’s still in great working order. I travel frequently for work and quite a bit for personal vacation travel as well. My luggage, particularly the smaller carryon, has been on many flights and is still functioning very well!”


Discover the best luggage brands for travel and why they love them!



Best 2 Piece Carry On Luggage Set


Rather than purchase separate carryon pieces, a two piece set means you can buy from one brand and each piece works together and looks cute as a unit! Try these out!




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Kenneth Cole Reaction Diamond Tower 2 Piece Luggage Set Carry On 


Kenneth Cole’s Diamond Tower luggage sets with backpack are SO cute! This set combines a 20” hardside carry on with a matching backpack, and together they make the perfect pair! The two bags are of amazing quality, and will most definitely hold up to the rigors of travel. 

The suitcase has eight spinner wheels that make it easy to control, even on bumpy terrain. The backpack is spacious, with a padded laptop compartment that fits laptops up to 15”, a front pocket, and side pockets for water bottles. Users say the padded shoulder straps are very comfy, but if you don’t feel like carrying anything on your back, you can use the handy trolley sleeve to sit it on top of the suitcase! 

An owner of this set shares, “This suitcase is exactly regulation carryon size, the wheels glide like a dream and the inside provides so much organization. Best luggage set I’ve ever had!”




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Rockland Fashon 2 Piece Carry On Luggage Sets


Leave the hassles of checking bags behind with Rockland’s best 2 piece carry on luggage sets! This awesome set comes with a 19” suitcase and a 14” bag that snugly sits right on top! Together, they meet the restrictions of most major airlines. 

The suitcase features two large zippered pockets on the front, and three handy pockets inside for easy organization. The bag features a comfortable, adjustable shoulder strap, and has a super spacious main compartment to store all of your essentials. The suitcase expands up to 2”, too! 

One traveler raves, “This set was amazing for my 11-day trip to five countries. It went through many airports, through customs, and on and off of trains and buses. It survived! I used packing cubes which allowed me to fit a large selection of clothes. The bag that comes with it holds a lot of stuff, has the right amount of pockets, and fits perfectly under the seat in front of me. This is an excellent value for the price!”




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Travelers Club Sky+ 2 Piece Carry On Luggage Sets


You’ll be able to tackle any trip with Traveler’s Club Sky+ 2 piece hard shell luggage set! It comes with a 20” hardside suitcase, a 15” tote bag, AND a matching toiletry case! The suitcase has spinner wheels for easy maneuvering, and the bag sits right on top with a trolley sleeve, so you can zip through the airport weightlessly! 

The suitcase’s hard shell is lightweight yet durable, and all three items together weigh just under 9 lbs! They come in a range of cute colors, too! 

One user says “I’m in love with this set! They all stack inside of each other, which is perfect for storage! Durable and lightweight and glides very evenly.”


Use packing cubes to help you organize and even compress your belongings to maximize your space.



Best Lightweight Luggage Sets


While all the luggage sets featured are lightweight, the ones listed below are that much more featherweight. Remember, just because you have a weight allowance, doesn’t mean you need all of it! And these top lightweight sets strive for balance.




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Samsonite Winfiled 2 Hardside Luggage with Spinner Wheels 3 Piece Set


The Winfield 2 hard shell samsonite luggage 3-piece set consists of a 20” carryon (6.7 lbs), 24” (9.3 lbs), and a 28” (11.5 lbs), which makes the whole roster very lightweight at a total of 18.7 lbs! 

The quality is there naturally, with spinner wheels that move anywhere you need them to go, 1.5” of extra packing room, and constructed of sturdy polycarbonate. 

One intrepid traveler says, “They really are incredible pieces of luggage. To date, I’ve had them out in the rain, loaded them up with upwards of 150 lbs, and then thrown a 100 lbs duffle on top and still rolled them around with relative ease and with no degradation or breaks in the wheels. These are so fantastic!”




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Rockland Safari 3-Piece Hard Suitcase Set


The Rockland Safari hardside spinner luggage sets are amazingly lightweight, but are also durable and will protect your belongings, not to mention fashionable looking! The set comes with a 20” (6 lbs), a 24” (8 lbs), and a 28” (10 lbs), which means you won’t have to face overweight baggage fees.  

They’re easy to maneuver with the 360-degree spinner wheels, and the telescoping handle holds firm. Readers love Rockland for their awesome quality, for how much they can fit in them, and for how nice they look!

A traveler says, “Holds up really well. Maneuverability is great, lightweight but holds tons of stuff inside. The pocketed liners and interior cover hold a lot so there is the added space there on top of the expanding zipper. Overall great luggage set!”




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Steve Madden 3-Piece Soft Side Luggage Sets


These stylish luggage sets from Steve Madden are adorable, and it’s made with practicality in mind! It comes with an under seat bag (5 lbs), a 20” carryon (7.8 lbs), and a larger 28” suitcase (10.1 lbs), all decked out with plenty of zippered pockets, sturdy handles, and wheels–even on the small bag! And the tassels are such a cute touch!

They weigh 24 lbs together, which is very lightweight, especially with the rolling capabilities of all three! This set gives you endless combinations to suit any travel journey, and makes traveling with them easy! 

A user shares more, “The pieces all nest within each other for easy storage, and the under seat bag has a strap on the back to fit over the handles of the carryon and oversize bags. There are a lot of pockets on each piece for easy storage and organization, along with removable toiletry bags in the two larges pieces. I’m very satisfied with my purchase, and know these will get through many more trips to come.”  




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IT Luggage 3 Piece 8 Wheel Softside Luggage Set


The soft sided luggage sets with spinner wheels from IT Luggage will have you gliding around the airport with incredible ease! The entire set only weighs 18.7 pounds! And with their eight spinner wheels and lightweight trolley system, you will have absolutely no problem getting to your destination. 

This set comes with a small 18.3” (5.4 lbs), a 24” (6.28 lbs), and a 28” suitcase (7.01 lbs) that nest inside one another, and are said to be very spacious! And the dual-tone not only looks great but will help you spot your bags easily. 

One IT fan shares, “Long-time user of IT luggage. Love how they’re so lightweight. Have owned six-plus IT bags over the past decade and all have proven to be reliable.”




Shop: Amazon


American Tourister Stratum XLT 3 Piece Hard Case Luggage Set


Travel in style with this American Tourister 3 piece hard suitcase sets! The set is functional, cute, and super lightweight. The whole set weighs just 27 lbs, with a 20” (6 lbs), a 24” (7 lbs), and a 28” (8.7 lbs) hardside suitcase. Readers often recommend this brand for its quality and functionality, and this set has every size and feature you could need! 

One user says, “Love this set of luggage. I was able to easily maneuver all three pieces through the airport on my own at the same time! It looks good too!”


Here are our tried-and-tested best lightweight luggage for travel!



Best Affordable Luggage Sets


If you’re on the hunt for cheap luggage sets, that doesn’t mean quality has to be sacrificed. A brand with a strong reputation and proven track record is usually the way to go. These budget-minded options are top-rated!




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Coolife 3 Piece Hard Shell Luggage Set


Readers say Coolife makes some of the best budget luggage sets. This 3 piece set has such a cool, modern look. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and scratchproof, and users say it glides easily and also very quietly! The 20”, 24”, and 28” suitcases all come with a TSA lock, spinner wheels, and spacious interiors, and the 28” suitcase is expandable up to 2”! The features and quality are awesome for the affordable price point. 

A user shares, “This lightweight but durable luggage set is perfect for all travel needs, from a multiple-week stay to a short one-night trip. Extremely roomy on the inside. Four spinning wheels make it easy to transport multiple pieces at once. Very happy with the set, especially for the price!”




Shop: Amazon


Kensie Hudson Softside 3-Piece Rolling Luggage Sets


Kensie offers three pretty 4 wheels luggage sets that are lightweight, efficient, and durable, all at a great price! The set includes a 17” under seat bag, a 20” carryon suitcase, and a larger 28” suitcase, all with wheels and strong handles. Users rave about how easy they are to maneuver, even when using them all at once! The whole set weighs 22.9 lbs, and both the carryon and larger suitcase expand 2” for more capacity! 

A happy user says, “Amazing quality, the fabric and rose gold accents give this set class! If you’re on the fence, buy it, this set will not disappoint! I’ve had so many compliments from strangers in the airport wanting to know where I purchased them. I will be buying a second set for family travel.”




Shop: Amazon


Showkoo Luggage Sets With TSA Locks


The Showkoo three piece luggage sets feature a 20”, 24”, and a 28”. The 20” makes an easy, functional carryon that fits in most domestic overhead bins, and the 24” and 28” suitcases are expandable and easy to roll around! 

The fabric is abrasion-resistant, waterproof, and stainproof, and each bag features two outer zippers for extra storage space, and TSA locks for security. At a total of 26.1 pounds, these lightweight suitcases are overall an amazing set at a super affordable price! 

A traveler says, “Wow!!! This seemed to be too good to be true for the price. This luggage set far exceeded my expectations! It’s perfect in every way: the spinners are almost too good, very lightweight, TSA and combo locks, tons of space (expandable), and easy to spot off of the belt. When I got home not even the slightest scratch on any of the pieces. I’m pleased with this luggage set!”


If you’re looking for the best lightweight luggage sets, Delsey also has some awesome options!



Best Family Luggage Sets


Traveling with your family can be a lot more organized with a set on hand. While these four to five piece picks really can fit whatever you need to bring, if you’re a small crew, you could stretch it to a three piece set (those are featured above). It really depends on the number of people and the type of trip!




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COOLIFE Luggage 4 Piece Hard Shell Luggage Sets


This Coolife 4 piece set has everything you need for a family vacation! The set includes a 16”, a 20”, a 24” and a 28” suitcase, and amazingly, they all nest inside one another for ultimate space-saving! This set is lightweight, with a grand total of 28.9 lbs for all four pieces, and the material is durable and scratchproof. 

The suitcases also all come with a TSA lock, spinner wheels, and spacious interiors. Users say the 16” is small enough to fit under an airplane seat, too! 

A happy user says, “This luggage far exceeded my expectations! It’s light, maneuvers effortlessly (my 9, 6, and 4 year old could manage them), and best of all I fit SO MUCH stuff in this luggage! The five of us went on a nine-day trip and had plenty of room for all of our clothes, shoes, toiletries, and beach towels. We even had extra room to bring back souvenirs.”




Shop: Amazon


Travelers Club Sky 5 Piece Hard Shell Suitcase Set 


If you have a brood to pack for, the Travelers Club Midtown 5-piece set is functional and pretty! It includes a 20”, 24”, 28” for checking in, a 15” tote, and a 10” accessory toiletry bag. The whole kit and caboodle weigh 26.9 lbs together, and the travel tote weighs a mere 1 lbs, wow! 

The travel bag features a handy trolley sleeve to sit snugly on the carryon suitcase, and because these bags are all lightweight, they’re super easy to roll around. The suitcases’ hard shells are highly durable too, and available in a range of cute colors! 

A reviewer says, “We purchased it for a family vacation and it held up nicely. Not only is it a nice-looking set, but it’s also durable. I was very surprised how much we could actually fit within these suitcases.”




Shop: Amazon


Rockland Journey Softside 4 Piece Luggage Sets


The Rockland Journey softside 4 piece set has you and your family covered, no matter the destination! The 14” tote makes a handy personal item, the 19” suitcase makes a great carryon for both international and domestic flights, while the 24” and 28” suitcases are spacious and sturdy. They weigh 20.5 lbs altogether.  

Readers love Rockland for its durable, heavy-duty fabric that can take a beating, and for how well the luggage holds up over time! Because it’s so durable and practical, this luggage is awesome for adventurous families who travel often! 

One parent says, “Great set for the value! Perfect for our family trips and the assorted sizes serve many purposes—weekend, long weekend, one week or more. So far, they’re great and held up on a United flight and nowadays that’s saying something!”




Shop: Amazon


American Tourister Fieldbrook 4 Piece Soft Sided Luggage Sets


This American Tourister Fieldbrook 4 piece luggage set has an awesome variety of suitcases that’s perfect for family travel. The set includes a 21” suitcase, a 25” suitcase, a large wheeled duffle bag, and a sturdy bag that works as a personal item. 

This set is made of high-quality, shiny polyester that looks so beautiful and holds up well, and the reinforced corners prevent rough handling. Each bag has both interior and exterior pockets, and all of the wheeled items are reportedly super easy to maneuver! Every bag is quite lightweight, too! 

A user says, ‘‘Used this for our first family vacation! Very nice room for carryon bag. I was also able to fit all three family members’ items inside. Holds up very well with all the beating from the flight. Definitely recommend them!”


Check out this post to find out how packing cubes help you pack everything in a carryon!



Best Spinner Luggage Sets Comparison Chart


[wpsm_comparison_table id=”396″ class=”center-table-align”]




Apple AirTags


Luggage Tags


A super practical addition to your new suitcase is a luggage tag! TFG readers have been raving about luggage tags, and highly recommend them for every trip. 

Luggage tags are handy little trackers that you attach to your belongings and then track through an app on your phone. The most popular option in the TFG community is Apple Airtags, which hooks up to the Find My iPhone app so you can see where your item is in real time. Readers say they’ve been lifesavers in finding lost luggage in an airport! 

For non-iPhone users, readers recommend the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and the TilePro, which are compatible with Android devices, and the TilePro also works for iOS. 

Luggage tags are not only handy for your luggage but for your purse, keys, wallet, or even your parked car. You can enjoy your vacation with the utmost peace of mind!




Left: Compass Rose Medium Packing Cubes (13″ x 8.5″ x 2.8″) | Right: Compass Rose Slim Packing Cubes (13″ x 5″ x 2.8″)


How to Pack Your Travel Clothing


It’s time to pack your clothing to prepare for your big trip! Many readers use our packing cubes for this task.

The Compass Rose Packing Cubes are now offered in two sizes: slim and medium. The slim size cubes measure 13 x 5 x 2.8, and the medium size cubes measure 2.8 x 13 x 8.5. Both fit an international carry-on suitcase and can help you organize and compress clothing items. The medium sizes is great for bulkier items.

If you’d like more help on learning how to use packing cubes, see the video below.



Watch this video to start learning how to organize with packing cubes!


We also put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can also compress your belongings. This method has helped many women travel carry-on only!



What do you think are the best luggage sets? Share your picks in the comments!


For more help with luggage or suitcases, please read:






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