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Zipperless luggage tends to offer superior security to traditional suitcase styles. We’ve listed the best hardside zipperless luggage and why you might want to consider them for your next trip!


No Zipper Luggage

Written By: Tae Haahr



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Sometimes luggage with zippers just gets in the way. They can break more easily or just aren’t as convenient to use. If you’re looking to upgrade your luggage, some TFG readers recommend trying out a zipper-free suitcase. Here are their top picks!



Best Zipperless Luggage




Samsonite S’cure Zipperless Spinner, 28″


TFG Reader Picks for Best Zipperless Suitcases: Samsonite


If you’re looking for zipperless hardside luggage that is affordable and comes from a trusted brand, then TFG readers highly recommend Samsonite. This Samsonite S’cure 28″ Zipperless Spinner Luggage has a sleek design and a textured case that will protect your things. It has a 3-point locking system that lets you lock your case, with the main lock being TSA-approved.

One TFG reader shares “We have a Samsonite that has no zippers. It reminds me of the old suitcases with almost briefcase style closure. It’s a hardside spinner so there is no expander. It is one of the smoothest spinners I’ve ever pushed because it feels so solid. Highly recommend it!” You can also get this in carry on size too!




Samsonite Tru-Frame, 2-Piece Set


If you’re looking for a 2-piece set with no zipper luggage by Samsonite, this Tru-Frame Samsonite zipperless luggage set is also a popular one. Made with 100% Polycarbonate construction, ultra-protective security frame with sealed gasket closure features and integrated TSA combination lock that provides peace of mind when checking cases through security.

Comes with a deluxe interior featuring two divider panels, two cross-straps and plenty of organizational pockets, and four multi-directional dual spinner wheels for effortless mobility. If you don’t like the set, you can also grab this in carry-on size and medium size only.


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Shop Tumi 19 Degree Spinner, 22″: Nordstrom | Tumi


Best Zipperless Carry On Luggage: Tumi


If you’re looking for the perfect carry on luggage no zipper style, the Tumi International Spinner Carry-On is made from lightweight-yet-sturdy aircraft-grade aluminum that forms a protective, impact-absorbing structure within the case. With two-way zip-around closure features two low-profile integrated TSA-approved locks with three-digit combination dials for extra security.

Its inside space features smart removable garment sleeves, compression straps, and zip dividers to help keep your things organized on the road.


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Monos Hybrid Check-In Medium Luggage, 26.5″


Best Checked Zipperless Luggage: Monos 


If you’re looking for zipperless luggage that is lightweight and strong, take a look at the Monos Hybrid Check-In Medium. Maintains a balance between being durable and lightweight. Outfitted with a hard polycarbonate shell that features a refined metallic finish, zipperless aluminum frame, and sturdy, anodized aluminum corner guards, the Hybrid Check-In Medium is virtually unbreakable.

All components are color matched, from the ultra-sturdy telescopic handle to the two TSA-approved locks and whisper-quiet wheels. This option is available in carry on size and has a bigger option to use as a checked bag.




July Checked Trunk, 24″


Best Lightweight Zipperless Luggage: July 


The July carry on trunk is a sturdy little no zipper hardside luggage carry-on that weighs only 8.4lbs while their checked Checked Trunk weighs only 13.2lbs with polycarbonate shell, pack effortlessly with latch locks, SilentMove™ wheels, and an ejectable Power Bank.

Features Y-Strap Compression System that provides a heavy-duty strap that pulls down to create more space in your case while a hidden laundry bag that is odor-proof and compresses down to keep your worn items hidden and the rest of your clothes crisp and clean. Also equipped with stain-resistant lining for protection.

This lightweight no zipper luggage has a unique style that gives you a high fashion look that’s great for the weekend or veteran traveler.

Make it a set with carry on and checked trunk and their Trunk Luggage Covers.


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Coolife Luggage Aluminium Frame, 24″


Best Budget Zipperless Suitcase: Coolife


Made from a luxury aluminum frame with a brushed finish, the Coolife Luggage is a fashionable choice for a luggage without zipper bag. It’s fully lined which means your stored items won’t get scratched or snagged.

If you’re looking for something sturdy and lightweight, it’s a great choice. It’s built with security in mind with TSA-approved locks. And is easy to roll with its 3-step telescope handle and quality aircraft wheels.


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Rimowa Classic Cabin Luggage, 21.7″


Best Luxury Zipperless Suitcase: Rimowa 


Looking for a high-quality zipperless suitcase?  The Rimowa Classic Cabin effortlessly combines luxury with functionality. Features a high-end anodized aluminum alloy, riveted matte black aluminum corners, and hand-made leather handles, which creates the perfect balance between craftsmanship and superior engineering.

Designed to fit in most airplane overhead compartments, this lightweight aluminum cabin suitcase is ideal for short weekends or business trips of 2-3 days.


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TravelKing All Aluminum Hard Shell Suitcase, 20″


Best Aluminum No Zipper Suitcase: TravelKing


Looking for a bag that’s easy to access but still keeps your things safe? Check out the TravelKing model. It is keyless, zipperless, and has a TSA-approved lock. It’s durable with smooth wheels and looks sleek.

Travelers say that they recommend this bag to all of their friends, especially if they travel a lot. You can get this bag in 20”, 24”, and 28”, so whether you’re looking for a carry-on bag or something to check, this one’s for you.


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Shop Peugeot Voyages Carry-On, 19″: Amazon | Macy’s | Bloomingdale’s


Best Polycarbonate Zipperless Luggage: Peugeot Voyages


Travel elegantly and confidently with Peugeot Voyages hardside luggage with no zippers! This trunk carry on luggage is constructed from impact-resistant 100% polycarbonate that is lightweight and durable, and crafted with the utmost attention to detail, this carry-on is ideal for the most discerning traveler.

Interior includes a lined divider with a large zippered mesh pocket and tie down straps, plus a blue tooth tracker pocket while features two TSA-accepted combination locks to keep your items secure and a USB port that allows you to charge your electronics on the go.

With dual density, double-spinner wheels assure a stable base with multi-directional rolling with zero weight on your hand for easy travel. Bold and assertive, yet sophisticated and timeless, the bag is available in matte anthracite, glossy white, and glossy red.




Level 8 Gibraltar Carry On Luggage, 20″


Best No Zipper Luggage for Organization: Level 8


If you’re looking to travel securely, then the Level 8 Gibraltar 20″ zipperless hard shell luggage is a great choice for your next trip. This durable suitcase is made of aluminum with metal corner guards, so you know your precious belongings won’t be bashed around during transit. It has a minimalist design but has spacious interior features with double sided packing and removable pockets for optimal organization.

It’s a hardy piece of travel gear that has an 8 spinner wheel system for a smooth rolling experience. Beyond its sleek design, it also has TSA-approved locks to ensure your things stay secure.


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Somago Carry On Luggage, 18″


Best Small No Zipper Suitcase for Short Trips: Somago


If you’re looking for a small carry on with no zippers, then try this Somago 18-inch carry on. Its sturdy design looks like it might be heavy, but it’s incredibly lightweight – only 7.04 lbs. Made from high quality PC material for enhanced strength and durability, the lighter and durable polycarbonate texture is extremely scratch-resistant, keeping the suitcase beautiful trip after trip.

Its sleek, delicate design is perfect for any traveler—whether you’re heading away for the weekend or you’re a regular in the skies. It has a TSA lock to make sure your belongings are safe and secure. This stylish suitcase also features 4 multidirectional silent spinner wheels that move smoothly and quietly.


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AnyZip Aluminum Frame Luggage, 28″


Best Large Zipperless Suitcase: AnyZip


If you’re looking for large hardside luggage with no zipper style, this AnyZip 28” aluminum frame suitcase has a sleek-yet-vintage look with no zip design that brings greater convenience. While this is a large suitcase, it only weighs 14.22 lbs.

The four corners of the luggage have 100% aluminum corner guards to further protect your luggage while the vertical design appearance of the luggage surface prevents scratches and keeps the luggage clean and looking brand new after long hours of use. The double TSA customs zip lock is strong and reliable, giving you more peace of mind while traveling.

With 4 multi-directional swivel wheels distribute the weight of your luggage evenly, ensuring an easy glide through a busy airport or train station, quietly and smoothly.




Away The Carry-On Aluminum Edition, 21.5″


Best No Zipper Luggage Set: Away


Sized to fit in the overhead bin of most major airlines and compact enough for train and car trips alike, this Away no zipper suitcases makes a statement wherever it goes. Interior features a central panel with a mesh top for the things you need quickly. A hidden laundry bag to keep dirty things dirty and clean things clean. Plus, their signature compression system with a buckle to help you pack even more in.

Features two TSA-approved combination locks, slow-release handles, and leather details. With upgraded wheels for an even smoother ride. Breeze through airports, train platforms, sidewalks, and even cobblestone streets.

Don’t like the set? You can grab this in carry on, bigger carry on, medium and large sizes only.


Why pick a hard case luggage no zipper?


The best hard case no zipper luggage could possibly make your travel much easier. Zipperless bags are often more secure because instead of a zipper they have heavier duty locks. They tend to be made out of durable material meaning they are less likely to get beaten up. And the right one is built with quality and organization in mind, making your overall travel experience better!



What is the best no zipper luggage?


The best hard shell luggage no zipper depends on how you travel. You’ll want to take into consideration things like the luggage’s weight, durability and whether or not the locks are TSA approved.

If you plan to travel carry on only (like a TFG should!) check the size of your case against airline regulations before buying.




Apple AirTags


Luggage Tags


A super practical addition to your new suitcase is a luggage tag! TFG readers have been raving about luggage tags, and highly recommend them for every trip.

Luggage tags are handy little trackers that you attach to your belongings and then track through an app on your phone. The most popular option in the TFG community is Apple Airtags, which hooks up to the Find My iPhone app so you can see where your item is in real time. Readers say they’ve been lifesavers in finding lost luggage in an airport!

For non-iPhone users, readers recommend the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag and the TilePro, which are compatible with Android devices, and the TilePro also works for iOS.

Luggage tags are not only handy for your luggage but for your purse, keys, wallet, or even your parked car. You can enjoy your vacation with the utmost peace of mind!




Compass Rose Carryon Size Packing Cubes: Slim Size Cubes | Medium Size Cubes


How to Pack Your Travel Clothing


It’s time to pack your clothing to prepare for your big trip! Many readers use our packing cubes for this task.

The Compass Rose Packing Cubes are now offered in two sizes: slim and medium. The slim size cubes measure 13 x 5 x 2.8, and the medium size cubes measure 2.8 x 13 x 8.5. Both fit an international carry-on suitcase and can help you organize and compress clothing items. The medium sizes is great for bulkier items.

If you’d like more help on learning how to use packing cubes, see the video below.



Watch this video to start learning how to organize with packing cubes!


We also put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can also compress your belongings. This method has helped many women travel carry-on only!




Compass Rose Digital Luggage Scale


Not many people are familiar with luggage scales, but they’re incredibly helpful when you’re a frequent traveler.

We recommend bringing along a lightweight luggage scale to weigh your hard luggage no zipper before going to the airport. This will ensure you are below the weight limit and avoid extra charges.

With a compact luggage scale in hand, you’ll never have to worry about excess baggage fees!



What do you think are the best zipperless carry on luggage pieces? Share and comment below!


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