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We asked TFG readers for their favorite rain and snow shoes and they voted – find out what they chose as the best women’s waterproof leather boots!


Women’s Waterproof Leather Boots

Written By: Annie Jarvis


Whether you’re going on an outdoor hiking adventure or exploring a rainy city, women’s waterproof leather boots are a fantastic addition to any travel wardrobe.


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There is nothing worse than having to head back to your hotel or simply remain uncomfortable because you have soggy feet! Pack one of these pairs of women’s waterproof leather boots so you can carry on exploring no matter how much it rains!




Reader’s Choice: McMillan | Pirlo Buckle | Jonsi Leather




Born Boots are a really popular choice of shoe for female travelers exploring different cities throughout the winter. These boots are treated with a waterproof spray allowing you to carry on your adventure without getting wet feet.

While many consider them to be the best women’s waterproof leather boots, the shoes aren’t advertised as “waterproof.” However, they have a good rib with a rubber sole with a durable construction.

TFG readers love them because they’re both stylish and comfortable, making them perfect for a trip to a trendy European city where there would be plenty of walking and rain, too.

Born’s McMillan style shown above in black looks like a great balance between a bootie that’s too low and a tall boot offering enough coverage for a moderate amount of walking in the rain.

Another option for trips with multi-climates or trips with mostly warm weather but some cold days is the Pirlo shown in tan above. For winter travel, consider a tall boot such as the Jonsi shown in black.


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Reader’s Choice: Connect | Fifi | Snow Boot




Cougar Connect Boots are another more stylish option perfect for exploring different cities throughout the rainy season.

With a small heel these are slightly dressy waterproof leather boots that could go with a range of different outfits. They are a really popular choice for female travelers because they’re warm, comfortable and good for rain and cold weather.

If you like a bit of height you might also want to consider the Fifi Boot shown above in tan, which comes in a variety of colors and has a small wedge.

For extreme cold, try their Insulated Snow Boot shown in dark brown – great for trudging through the snow in conditions up to -22F.


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Reader’s Choice: Adirondack SimmensThomsen




Adirondack Uggs are known to be unbelievably warm and comfortable, making them some of the best women’s waterproof leather boots for any cold climate travel. As part of the cold weather collection, these boots have a replaceable sheep skin liner that keeps your feet toasty and dry.

It’s no surprise that these boots are hugely popular for TFG readers who like to explore the outdoors in winter.

Ugg has several styles we love. In fact, we think they have some of the best women’s waterproof leather boots and we’re not talking about their original design.

We’ve featured two additional styles above that would be perfect for any city in winter: Simmens Wool Lined Boots and Thomsen Tall Boots. They have good traction and can stand the test against varied weather conditions. Plus, they look good, too!


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Reader’s Choice: Merrell Siren Sport 2 | Captiva Launch 2Captiva Buckle Boot




Adventurous travelers that enjoy the great outdoors love the Merrell Siren Sport 2 women’s waterproof hiking boot. These comfortable boots are lightweight and practical.

They have a solid grip that means you feel stable through a range of different landscapes and climates including rain and snow, keeping your feet dry even when soaked through with water. As a plus, you can use them to run and workout, too.

Merrell also has more fashion-forward options for those that prefer adventures in cities and towns including the two boots shown above: Captiva Launch 2 and the Captiva Buckle Boot. Pair them with fleece lined leggings, slim travel pants, or jeans and you’re ready to go!


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Reader’s Choice: Fantasia Boot | Suede Magen | Vida Riding Boot




For those who love to spend their vacations wondering around cities and exploring the sites, come rain or shine, the Blondo Fantastia Ankle Boot is another popular choice. These wool lined boots keep your feet warm and dry, making them great for traveling in the winter when the weather is both damp and cold.

TFG readers also love these shoes for their stylish exterior, as it differs from other more obvious rain boots for women. They’re comfortable and practical but also stylish too. For a couple more women’s waterproof leather boots you’ll be happy to wear abroad, the Magen tan suede is a versatile choice.

If you’re traveling in winter, the Vida Riding Boot is good for cold weather with a sturdy grip on the sole and waterproof leather. Instead of taking rubber rain boots, opt for a chic option like this one.


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Reader’s Choice: Gypsium Hiking Shoe | Bern Baby Boot | Snow Boot




Keen Gypsium women’s waterproof leather boots are a favorite for many female travelers who love going on outdoor adventures because they’re high quality, comfortable and extremely supportive for hikes and climbs.

These non-slip boots are also really popular for anyone traveling in icy conditions as they have quick-dry technology, a rubber sole, and a protective toe cap that keeps your feet warm and dry all day long.

For city travel, they also have the Bern Baby boot, which is water-resistant and good for rainy travel destinations. This is a better option when sightseeing in cities versus the outdoors because you get comfort, weather-protection, and a style that can be worn with your regular clothes.

If you’re traveling in the snow, Keen’s Hoodoo 3 Winter boot might be just what you need. Stay warm in the extreme cold and walk with confidence in icy weather conditions.


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What do you think are the best women’s waterproof leather boots? Comment below!


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