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If you’re like me, getting a mani and pedi is a part of your pre-trip beauty routine. Did you know that gel nails have made on the go touch ups obsolete?

Gels are perfect for one or two week trips. That’s right – your nails, beach to city, will stay intact for up to two weeks with no peeling, chipping, or cracking. Now that’s what a polish should be!

Travel light and forget about packing most of your extra nail tools. Find out more about the gel manicure vs. regular manicure here, and make sure to read the entire article to learn about the benefits and potential health hazards, too.


Long Lasting Vacation Nails



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Gelish Soak Off Nail Polish


What is a gel mani and pedi?


This type of vacation manicure is not done with common acrylic lacquers, but are instead extensions that are reminiscent of real, natural nails. Gels are made of polymers and monomers and are more durable and flexible in accordance with your nail’s shape and flexibility. They bend as your nails do.

For your next holiday, Gelish Nails is not only pretty in Tutti Frutti, but strong too! Who says you can’t be tough and feminine at the same time?




Nail Art Brush


European gel nails keep you elegant all vacation long


Gel manicures are known for their long-lasting powers, plus they look amazing when you’re visiting a stylish European city like Paris, London or Madrid. If you’re heading out on a longer trip, your vacation nails will last the entire time, so you never have to be concerned with touch-ups.

One reader says, “The only thing that works for me on vacation is gels.”

Another reader agrees, adding, “They last for weeks without chipping. I get French tips because you can’t tell when they start growing out due to the clear polish.”


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LKE Nail Dryer


The process for applying gel nails


Gel polish is packaged like regular lacquer. However, it needs to be cured under a UV or LED lamp – like the LKE Nail Light, here – for it to harden on your bare nails.

There are also gel polishes which do not require light-curing. You can just dip your fingers in water for the material to harden. This process helps them last longer and saves post-manicure drying time.

Gel overlay is a thicker consistency and provides an even tougher alternative than regular polish. It comes in different vacation nail color and designs including crystal embellishment, patterns and shimmers. For pretty beach gel nails, you can’t do much better!


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Gelish Soak Off Clear Structure Gel 


Why gel nails are the perfect vacation manicure


Who wouldn’t want their beach manicure to look picture perfect two weeks into their trip? For the ocean, acrylic nails just won’t do. Instead, you can enjoy having beautifully prepared nails without the fear of them ever losing their luster. They won’t dull and retain a glossy, shiny finish that stays on for weeks as this Gelish Structure Polish does.

There are many more advantages in picking gels over the usual acrylics – they don’t produce a stinging scent like regular nail polish, application takes two minutes, and there’s no hassle of smudging your manicure while waiting.


Here are some tips on how to make nail polish last longer!




Sally Hansen


There are many options for getting great vacation nails


Go to a salon near you, and relax while you’re being attended to by kind nails technicians. Get pampered by professionals who will even throw in a massage of your hands and feet. Pick your polish and watch the magic happen after just a few minutes under a light machine. Before you know it, you’ll be good to go!

Of course, you can also get glammed up on your own. This can be a bit tricky and takes time (and patience) but it’s a more budget-friendly option. Stores like Sephora sell mani/pedi kits that you can use at home. Sally Hansen and Nailuv also have popular kits with everything you need to get started.


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Gelish Base and Top Coat


How to create DIY gel nails


You can create your own strong mani with this Gelish Foundation and Top Coat. Here’s a simple tutorial for DIY vacation nails without the use of a light:

  • Apply a thin coat of gel and let it dry.
  • Cover with your preferred nail polish. Allow it to set for at least three minutes.
  • Repeat the first two instructions.
  • Finish off with a top coat. Let it dry for a minute.


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Nail Clippers


Keep your nails prim, trim and proper


One of the simplest ways to keep your nails looking clean and natural is to go for the basics.

Add nail clippers, a file, and your favorite clear polish to your toiletries bag. Clean, simple nails are always in style, and are always perfect if you’re backpacking or embarking on more rugged traveling.


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Important Note: Health Warning


It is still unknown whether there are specific health risks associated with gel nails, so please read all warnings before deciding whether or not to use this manicure method. Some women have experienced the weakening of their nails and other damage from frequent use. There are also uncertainties about the exposure to UV light causing cancer.

While a gel manicure can be a convenient beauty solution to create long-lasting (i.e, over a week) nails, we don’t recommend that you use them frequently. If you do decide to use them, save this beauty treatment for the occasional trip.



Hope you like these manicure options to stay glam without a chip!

Have you tried gel nails? Tell us about your experience in the comments.


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