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Going on vacation? Don’t worry about is keeping your mani and pedi fresh throughout your trip. Here are some tips on how to make nail polish last longer!


How to Make Nail Polish Last Longer


It’s a downer to head to the airport with chipped nails, especially if you’re planning to Instagram photos on your trip! If your polish tends to chip less than 24 hours after application, chances are you might be skipping a few essential steps. We have a few tips that will be handy the next time you head to a nail salon or if you choose to do your mani pedi at home.


These chip-free tips will help you figure out how to make nail polish last longer on your entire vacation! Say goodbye to peeling and cracks.



Strong Base Coat



Essie | Nailkale


To adhere your polish to your nail, you can’t skip out on applying a base coat. This first step is essential to begin your manicure and pedicure. A strong base coat will smooth the surface of your nails and is the number one step in succeeding at how to make nail polish last longer.

The base coat should always be applied thinly to prevent chipping–a thicker layer will end up peeling quicker when exposed to water. The base coat also prevent stains on your nails from darker polishes such as black or maroon shades.

Go for a base that’s filled with strengthening ingredients such as vitamin E to keep your nails stronger and less prone to breakage.


Fresh Polish



Dior | OPI


If you regularly visit the salon for your manicure, chances are your salon manicurists are using older polishes with added thinners that can reduce the longevity of your mani and pedi.

If a bottle is about less than half full, request a fresh bottle. Thinners will often change the consistency of polishes, making them more prone to chips and peeling.

A newer bottle of polish will apply smoother and without clumps for a longer lasting mani and pedi. Or, when in doubt, bring your own nail polish to the salon.


Fast-Drying Ice Bath



Dryer | Nail Lamp


If you’re the queen of ruining your freshly manicured nails, then the ice bath technique is for you! If you’re short on time and need to dry your polish between coats, dipping your nails in an ice cold bath will harden the top layer of polish to allow it to dry quicker.

The best solution is to use the ice bath technique in between applying thin coats of polish. This will prevent dents and smudges and seal in your polish faster. Dip your nails into the cold bath for a few minutes until you feel the polish hardening.


Alternatively, use a spray or lamp to set the polish!


Topcoat Touch Ups



Nails Inc I Seche Vite


After you’ve finished painting your nails, it’s important to keep your topcoat with you throughout your vacation. Most topcoats will wear down within a day or two depending on how often you expose your nails to water.

Topcoats will prevent chipping on the first day but will lose strength gradually. Make sure to seal your polish all around the edges and tips to extend your mani and pedi.

Especially if you’re on a beach or poolside vacation, packing your topcoat is critical.


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Gel Polish: Your Saving Grace



Soak Off | Gel Lab Pro


Last but not least, if all else fails, a gel manicure is a permanent manicure and pedicure option. If you’re planning a long vacation, this is your best bet.

Professional salons will offer a wide range of nail designs and colors that are practically bulletproof for at least two weeks. While a gal manicure can be a pricey alternative, it will last longer and appear glossier than your average polish.

Gel polish takes about 2 minutes to dry under the UV light which helps cure the polish to your nails, making it resistant to chips and peeling.


Learn more about why we love gel manicures to get the perfect vacation nails!



Before you head off on your vacation, these manicure and pedicure tips will keep your nail polish looking as fresh as the day you painted it!

Do you have any additional tips on how to make nail polish last longer? Share in the comments!


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