Whether you’re planning what makeup you need to take, how to downsize them, or how to pamper yourself post-trip, take a look at our favorite travel makeup tips. Don’t forget to download your free packing checklist!


How to Pack Your Travel Makeup Kit Like a Pro

In this special post, professional makeup artist Penny Sadler shares her personal travel tips and shows you the must haves you need in your travel makeup kit.   Makeup to Fit Your Personal Travel Style by Penny Sadler   Do you want advice from a professional...

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Travel Makeup: Facing the Day

  Setting off for an exciting day of sightseeing, the last thing you think about when you’re getting ready is makeup. With the majority of your photos snapped in scenic tourist locations, chances are the photo you took first thing in the morning while eating your...

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Best Travel Makeup: The Multiple Make Up Stick

  The best travel makeup is the one that you can use for everything. Multi-purpose items are just as important with your on the road beauty routine as they are with your travel clothing choices. Tropical heat, diving, trekking, and most other backpacker...

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