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Headed on a flight and feeling nervous or anxious? We get it. Whether it’s your first or hundredth flight, a long plane ride can make even the most seasoned travelers anxious. Find out what our readers say are their best tips for a stress and anxious-free flight!


How to Have a Stress-Free Flight


Travel Fashion Girl help! A reader asks:


I’ll be traveling in a few weeks time with many long flights from Australia. Even though I’ve traveled a lot I’m still a bit anxious about flying. Can you please share your tips for stress and anxious-free flying?


Even people who love traveling can hate flying. Long flights are not only uncomfortable, but rushing through the airport and getting from one destination to the next can be stressful.


Some of our readers are anxious flyers and have discovered tips to help them get through their flights. Here, they share their tips!


Start By Being Early


Many readers say combating stress starts long before boarding the plane. One reader says, “always arrive early. Being late and cutting it close just makes for a bad start to your trip. Running late makes me stress out.”

Aim to arrive at the airport with plenty of time so you don’t need to rush through security or race through the terminals. Slowing down can help you keep your stress levels at a minimum.




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Avoid the Alcohol


One reader says, “I’ve found that not drinking the free booze helps keep me feeling much better. Long flights are so tough but enjoying movies and books and walking up and around the plane every few hours really helps.”

Instead of drinking alcohol, stay hydrated with plenty of water. A reader shares, “staying hydrated and making sure I was hydrated before the trip made a huge difference.”




Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Patterns


Enjoy Some Coloring


Countless articles and studies have shown the positive effects of coloring for adults, and our readers agree. One says, “try bringing an adult coloring book and colored pencils. They’re great for helping to relieve anxiety and keep you busy.

Coloring books like this one are created to provide hours upon hours of stress relief, fun and creative expression.




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Wear a Comfy Outfit


One of the best ways to feel comfortable on a plane is to wear a comfy outfit! We love wearing our favorite Zella leggings with a loose t-shirt and sweater when it gets chilly.

One reader says, “I wear slippers and a soft wrap or scarf so I can feel cozy,” while another adds, “I always wear compression socks.”




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Practice Yoga


Yoga is designed to help relieve stress and our readers recommend trying a few moves as a way to reduce anxiety when flying. One reader says, “Look into yoga stretches you can do in a tight space. Even sitting stretches help me.”

If you can’t move around much, one reader says, “I try to do my yoga routine in my head and just breathe.”




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Think Positive


Mind over matter! Several readers say it’s the anticipation of flying that causes them stress; not the actual act of flying. To help with this, our readers turn to positivity.

One reader says, “think positive! I tell myself that it will be okay and that I can do it. I’ve found that the right thought processes go a long way.” Another reader adds, “practice breathing for four counts, hold for four, and breathe out for four. It helps me, since I hate flying (especially taking off).” If you’re struggling to focus, try using meditation beads to help you count breaths!




Music for Relaxation of Body and Mind




Like breathing exercises, meditation can help you reduce stress and feel calm. One reader says, “I always take an iPod of music with me that includes a meditation song.”

Another says, “my uncle got me a Buddhist meditation CD. It works every time. I play it during take off and haven’t felt anxious as I’m instead focused on following the breathing exercises.”

Alternatively, you can also try a meditation app. A reader says, “I downloaded a meditation app onto my phone that I listen to on long flights.” Headspace is one of the most popular meditation apps and is so easy to use.




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Slip on Noise Cancelling Headphones


Several of our readers swear by noise cancelling headphones for a calmer and more relaxed flight. One reader says, “I bought myself some Bose earbuds and being able to cancel out of the noise and busyness of the cabin helps me so much.” Another says, “get a good set of noise cancelling headphones like Bose. Even if they are expensive, they are worth it!”

Some readers recommend wearing the headphones before boarding the flight. One says, “wearing headphones or earbuds through the airport will give you some solitude and helps you not become anxious from all the noises.”




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Create a Sleep Routine


For long flights, it’s nice if you can actually sleep for at least a few hours. However, this is easier said than done for many of us. Along with wearing a comfortable outfit, one reader has created a tried-and-true sleep routine.

She says, “I use Young Living essential oils now instead of Xanax. I love the lavender scent, as well as Stress Away and Tranquil. The essential oils along with an eye mask and a book help me relax and sleep.”


Do you have any tips on how to have a stress-free flight? Share in the comments below!


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