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One of the reasons why Travel Fashion Girl is an invaluable resource for you is that you can always count on learning from others’ mistakes. In fact, TFG is comprised of 6 years of lessons learned while traveling in my quest to find lightweight luggage solutions. Learn from my expensive luggage lessons as I uncover the best suitcase for me. Will it be a rolling duffle bag? Find out!


Rolling Duffle Bags


Let me make the mistakes for you – especially when they’re expensive. In this case, my mistake was spending almost $300 on a suitcase that just wasn’t the right fit for me. Ouch!

When I purchased my new Osprey Meridian 22 this year, I delved into unchartered territory: wheeled luggage. I am a backpacker and have been since 2008. However, my increasing back problems have caused me to hand in my backpacker “badge” and get a set of wheels.

I’ve been absolutely miserable with this bag! The problem doesn’t lie with the bag itself – it’s a terrific bag for someone without back problems that can actually take advantage of the backpack straps.


Why I have issues finding the perfect bag.


The problem lies with the type of traveling I do and the tough terrain in which I cross. It’s hard to find the right travel bag to meet my needs. A backpack really is perfect for my type of traveling.

After we created the Guide to Choosing a Suitcase based on expert travelers’ opinions (not mine as suitcases are not my cup of tea) I realized where I went wrong. I followed the tips we received in order to create the guide and now I think I know what I really need:


I need a rolling duffle bag.


I don’t need a backpack with wheels as I can’t carry it anyway but I need a bag that’s easy to lift when crossing rivers, climbing up ferry steps, or when confronted with massive potholes on the sidewalks. Rolling duffle bags are the perfect solution!


These are the characteristics that are important for me as a long term traveler with back problems:

  • STRONG wheels
  • Lightweight (around 5lb ideally)
  • Shoulder strap
  • Carry-on size
  • 40 Liters or about 2000ci capacity
  • Organizational pockets not necessary (I love my own packing organizers!)
  • Prefer easy to clean nylon or synthetic material as opposed to canvas or fabric
  • Soft bag preferred
  • Price tag under $350 (I travel 365 days a year I’m okay with an investment piece)


After racking my brain and obsessing over which bag to buy, I thought I’d share my research with you. Which of these wheeled duffle bags would you choose?


16 Wheeled Duffle Bags: Which would you choose?



The North Face Wayfinder 19″ Travel Bag


High Sierra Carry On Expandable Wheeled Duffel


Kipling Madison Wheeled Luggage


Samsonite Luggage Andante Wheeled Duffel


LeSportsac Luggage Rolling Duffle


eBags Mother Lode Wheeled Duffel


eBags eTech Mother Lode Wheeled Duffel

Rockland Luggage 22 Inch Rolling Duffle Bag

Wheeled Equipment Duffel


Travelpro Maxlite Rolling Duffel


Tough Traveler Wheeled Prestige


OGIO Business and Luggage Ascender


Bric’s Luggage Carry On Rolling Duffle


Piel Leather Soft Carry-On Wheeler


Vera Bradley Grand Traveler


Osprey Ozone 22″ Wheeled Luggage


After careful consideration I purchased the Osprey Ozone and absolutely love it! It’s not a duffle but it’s super lightweight and spacious too. 

Which of these rolling duffle bags would you choose?


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