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Bose QuietComfort 20 Review: Noise Cancelling Headphones

Our readers say that Bose makes the best noise canceling headphones for travel. Inspired by their recommendations I decided to splurge and try them out for myself. Take a look at my Bose QuietComfort 20 review to learn if these noise cancelling headphones really work!

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What to Wear on a Rainy Day When You’re Traveling

  Wondering what to wear on a rainy day when traveling? Here are some packing tips to help you make the most of the weather - rain or shine!   What to Wear on a Rainy Day When Traveling Written By: Nina Thomas     “There's no such thing as bad...

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Traveling With Jewelry: 10 DIY Packing Tips & Tricks

  Jewelry is an essential part of fashion -- even when you travel. Here are some of my favorite packing tips for traveling with jewelry, which include some that I found on Pinterest!   Traveling With Jewelry   Table Of Contents   There are many...

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Save Suitcase Space with these Winter Packing Tips

  Thicker clothing isn't always better and layering is the key to staying warm in cold weather. Keep reading for our top five winter packing tips!   Winter Packing Tips Written By: Nina Thomas   Which takes up more room: a down coat or a bikini? Packing...

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How to Stay Warm on a Long Haul Flight

Have you ever stepped onto a plane only to realize that it’s freezing? While for short flights you might be able to make do, the freeze out can make long haul flights feel like torture. Before your next flight, make sure you pack one of these essentials for staying warm on a long haul flight!

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