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The question below is about one of our most popular topics: how to pack for a multi-country European vacation. Read on to learn what the TFG readers suggest.


 How to Pack for a Multi-Country European Vacation


Travel Fashion help! Reader asks:

I have some prep time but I’m curious about (fashionable) packing essentials for a trip to Prague, followed by a quick trip to Rome, the first week of April. Do you have any tips?



The Europe packing list suggested in the above image is perfect. Maybe have a nice top in there for sunny times, and sunglasses. I’d say a nice pair of boots.

Not walking boots, but just nice city ankle (or higher) boots, but ones that are comfortable. It might be rainy. Also a pair of ballet flats too.

Remember to always, always, always check the weather forecast for each destination on your itinerary before your trip. Once you’ve researched the weather, you can focus on creating a travel capsule wardrobe, which should easily fit in a carryon suitcase with the help of packing cubes to compress your clothing.


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Based on your suggestions, we’ve chosen our packing essentials for a country hopping trip to Europe in spring:




Tee | Shirt | Tank | Sweater | Dress 1 | Dress 2 | Jeans 1 | Jeans 2 | Coat | Jacket | Cardigan | Skirt | Boots | Flats | Scarf | Bag


Multi-Country European Vacation: Spring


The weather will be between 13C and 18C in Rome and I’d say during the day, so a nice light jacket too, and an umbrella, although you can just get that there.

Prague will be colder but she could layer up under the jacket or short coat. Temps there maybe about 7C to 12C during the day. A scarf, definitely.

Take one that will do you during a nice day if it’s sunny, but that you can wrap round and round to keep you warm when needed.

Both can be quite fashionable cities but there are also a lot of tourists and travelers so anything goes. She won’t feel out of place in whatever she wears. Jeans, I’d say are a must. – Ashley Peacock Rogers


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Remember in all the churches you’ll need to be covered. Black skinny jeans, leather jacket, and my red flats were a go-to for me. It’s going to be pretty chilly! Also, rain jacket is always a good idea. Forget heels, cobble stone is going to be your enemy! – Allison Ward 


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Second the ballet flats option – you’ll be doing a lot of walking in Rome, there are so many gorgeous piazzas to discover! April will be chilly in Prague but a little warmer in Rome, and the cherry blossoms will be out! Jeans and changeable tops with a dress + tights and a light spring trench will see you through! – Taking to the Open Road

A neutral shower-proof trench coat is a good bet. And I agree about heels, but ballet flats are a great option as they’re good to go from day to night. – Need Another Holiday 

Yes, agreed with Allison….wouldn’t wear heels. Take an umbrella for rainy days in Prague. – Kakul Ehsan Butt 


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What are your tips on multi country European vacation? Share in the comments!


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