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I hope you’re finding our packing lists a helpful travel planning resource. Read the guide
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Most packing list visual sets consist of a ten piece sample travel wardrobe. You can either travel only with these ten items, remove a couple of pieces, or add a few more as shown in our Signature Guides.

The product images shown in the packing lists are simply to provide you with ideas that you can use to go into your closet and create your own travel wardrobe.

While you can shop the lists and buy everything you see you can also use them as inspiration. Find a piece that you already own or buy one more suitable to your style.

The clothing we feature tends to sell out right away so we link to similar items whenever possible.


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When creating your own custom packing list, make sure to use items of equal value.

For example, if you see thermal leggings shown and replace them with linen pants, that probably won’t work. The idea is to take what the item represents and find something suitable. In this case, thermal leggings would mean you need a warm layer for your legs.

If you don’t like leggings find an equivalent such as yoga pants, jeggings, or fleece lined trousers. You have to choose what works best for you, your style, and your body type.



For a step by step breakdown about how to create an efficient travel wardrobe for any destination, please read The Stop Overpacking Course and learn to pack like a pro.


Look at each item shown as a representation ONLY of what it symbolizes.

We try to make the packing lists as neutral as possible. The clothing shown isn’t always our personal style and we do our best to choose fashion inspired items that are easy to adapt.

Interpret the lists and transform them into your own creation. If you see a white button down top, but prefer a boat neck long sleeve, go with what makes sense for you and your trip. A long sleeve top is a long sleeve top.

If you see a denim grey button up shirt, it only stands for a button up shirt. If you see skinny jeans in yellow, they only mean jeans. It’s very simple. I just figured you might prefer physical pictures instead of plain black silhouettes for inspiration.

If you see skinny jeans but you prefer straight leg, then pack straight leg. The only reason you see so many skinny jeans is because that’s what’s currently popular in the market. Our visuals are based on what retailers have in stock at the moment a post gets published. This is why it’s also difficult to create a summer inspired clothing set in the middle of winter.


Please remember, you’re meant to customize them to fit your needs. That’s the beauty of it!

Don’t look at the guides and think, I can’t wear that on my body. Every woman is so wonderfully unique so it’s up to you to determine how you can take the ideas presented in the visual packing list and make it work for you.

Don’t think that an item is not age appropriate for you. Again, look at each item for its simple representation: tops, bottoms, long sleeve, short sleeve, jeans, shorts, dress. If a shirt looks shorter than you like, choose a longer one. If a pair of pants is boxier than you like, select a fitted pair instead.

Don’t think an item is the wrong length. If you see shorts you find too short or too long, choose ones that you find most suited to you. Likewise, if you see a shirt length that’s not right for you, choose one that is.



Why the Destination Packing Lists Do Not Include Outerwear


You may not have noticed, but unless an article specifically features a cold destination the packing lists do not usually include outerwear. Outerwear includes jackets, coats, sweaters, cardigans, etc. This is for a reason. I don’t know what time of year you’re traveling. Generally speaking, you should always travel with two outerwear items that are adjusted according to the weather at your destination.


PLEASE NOTE: Sample capsule wardrobe visuals do not include: accessories, outerwear, lingerie, sleepwear, workout clothes, etc.


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Hope these notes make it easier to use our tips. We want to make packing as easy as possible for you.Thanks for reading!