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Our readers rave about their Baggallini Everywhere Bag and for good reason. This is an awesome crossbody purse for home and abroad! Read our Baggallini purse review!


Baggallini Everywhere Bag Review


Baggallini offers female explorers a stylish purse for traveling. The purse is designed with many features that make it the perfect all-around bag. They are versatile, durable, and practical.

Many readers use these bags at home as well as when they travel. They simply love their Baggallini bags!




Baggallini Everywhere Crossbody Bag


Table of Contents:


Baggallini Everywhere Bag Basics


Brand and Style: Baggallini Everywhere Bag  

Price: $50.00 – $85.00  

Material: 100% Polyester

Dimensions: The bag is 10.75 inches wide and 9.25 inches high.

Features: The purse has six exterior pockets and a sleeve to slip over the handle of your suitcase. It comes with an additional small wallet with eight card slots.

Security: The bag comes with RFID protection to keep your personal data safe.

Travel Type: It’s perfect for carry-on, city breaks, relaxing vacations, and business trips.

Colors: Variety of colors, including black, grey slate, navy maritime, and cream.  







One of the reasons why female travelers love the Baggallini purse is because it has a variety of features. These are some of the top reasons why these bags are so popular for travel:



The versatile Baggallini Everywhere Bag has an adjustable strap that allows you to style this purse as both a shoulder bag or cross body purse. Cross body-style purses are a popular option for our readers. It offers a more secure and safer option for your belongings for when you are sightseeing.

This bag comes in a wide range of colors, from black to beige, purple to green. It is also available in a variety of different patterns, so you won’t be stuck for options when choosing your Baggallini Everywhere purse. One reader loves her Baggallini because “it is so pretty.” Use your Baggallini purse to add a splash of color and as a finishing touch to your travel outfit.

Tip: If you choose to travel with a Baggallini purse, remember to also use anti-theft products, such as a bra pouch, to hide the majority of your cash and extra cards. Only carry the money in your purse you will need for that day.


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The Baggallini purse design is perfect for holding all your essentials while leaving you plenty of spare room as you travel. The purse has many handy pockets and different compartments, which our readers love.

One reader shares, “It has a few zippered compartments and is much lighter than my everyday purse. It is washable, which is one of my favorite things about it. It is great for traveling when I need more space than my other purses.”

Several readers also love their Baggallini purses because of the super lightweight material. One reader says, “I love my purse for travel. Lightweight and just the right pockets.” Another reader adds, “My purse is so lightweight due to the fabric. I’ll probably never carry a leather purse again.”







Our readers love this purse because of its durability. The Baggallini purse is made from an extremely durable water-resistant material that is designed to last. One reader says, “I love my purse; it’s light and durable.” Another traveler adds, “They last for a long time.”

Another reader shares how she just throws her purse in the washer and “it comes out as good as new.” One reader says she was worried about the fabric being tacky, but “it was super helpful when my purse got dirty, and (I) could just put it in the wash.”






Our readers love the versatility of Baggallini purses, using them for multiple purposes when exploring.

One reader says, “I use it for casual travel to take to the beach, tours, hiking and sightseeing.” Another reader says she “caved in and bought one. It was a huge lifesaver in Italy. I used it when out sightseeing and even as a shopping bag when looking ‘round the markets.”





Readers Agree on Baggallini Bags


Many of our readers say how much they love their Baggallini purses.

One traveler says, “I love my Baggallini purse so much; it is so perfect!” Another reader adds, “I really like my Baggallini bag, roomy with inner pockets, and all kinds of design features. Worth the price!”

One feature readers particularly rave about with the Baggallini Everywhere Bag is the handy pockets. One reader shares how she loves her Baggallini purse so much that she “now owns four of them, and I use them for everyday as well as for travel. The front pocket is perfect for storing items I need easy access to.”

Another female traveler finds the pockets on her purse so convenient and useful, because they “mean that there is no need for a wallet, and with all the compartments I can just throw in my glasses, small hair brush, chapstick, and my phone.” Another reader adds, “It’s great for travel because it can fit a ton of stuff and doesn’t attract a lot of attention.”  

Several readers particularly like the luggage sleeve feature. One reader says, “The purse has a luggage sleeve, which is indispensable to free my hands up and not have to keep pushing a shoulder bag back up onto my shoulders.”


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Security and Weight Concerns


One reader says she was worried about her Baggallini bag because of its lack of security. She says it would be easy “to unhook the strap from the body of the purse.” Several readers share how this issue could be solved with a carabiner. One says she uses a carabiner to “link through the zipper to the metal strap loops on the body of the bag.”

A few readers mention the bag was “too heavy and bulky.” Another reader suggests using the return policy if that’s a worry. Amazon and Baggallini both offer free shipping and returns, so you can afford to experiment with the style when buying your new travel purse.


Follow my travel safety tips to avoid theft!


Alternative Baggallini Purses


Some readers love their Baggallini purses so much that they own several different styles of them. One reader says, “I love my Baggalinnis! I have a small cross body I bought for travel, plus two totes, and a larger purse.”




Baggallini Hobo Tote


Baggallini Hobo Tote


The Baggallini Hobo Tote is a stylish and slouchy purse with an adjustable strap. It is very similar in style to the the Baggallini Everywhere bag, except it does not have the exterior pockets.


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Baggallini Pocket Cross Body Purse


Baggallini Pocket Bag


The pocket cross body purse from Baggallini is a modern bag with a square shape. The purse is designed to offer the spaciousness of a larger bag with cleverly placed pockets to avoid an overly bulky look. You’ll look fashionable even when you’re on the go!




Baggallini Slim Cross Body Hobo Bag


Baggallini Cross Body Hobo


This bag is made from a water-resistant nylon fabric, featuring an RFID wristlet and adjustable straps for wearing it as either a shoulder bag or cross body purse. The slim cross body Hobo style is versatile and travel friendly.





Where to Buy Baggallini


Ready to purchase the Baggallini Everywhere cross body bag? Get them on!




Our female travelers are in love with their Baggallini bag, no matter which style they choose! With plenty of pockets and components, Baggallini purses are lightweight and extremely stylish.

One reader sums it up best: “(I’ve) been buying them for years. Love them, fantastic for travel and work.” Why not go ahead and invest in a Baggallini crossbody for your next adventure?   



Where would you travel with a Baggallini Everywhere Bag? Share in the comments below!  


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