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Packing light is not only knowing what to pack, but also avoiding unnecessary items. Grab your ski packing list and and follow these expert tips:


18 Ski Packing List Do’s and Don’ts


Leave the high heels and dresses at home

This is your chance to dress like a true snow-bunny and be warm and comfortable!- Nicole and Kelsey of  Sisters in the Sand


Pack clothes that are practical. 

Off hill fashion is jeans, cowl necks, turtle necks and chunky sweaters.- Eileen Gunn, Editor/ Founder of  FamiliesGo!


Leave the skirts and dresses at home

A nice pair of jeans is much more practical for the evening.- Katy Donoghue of Clehospitality


Focus on the warmth and versatile layers when packing

Before you put it in your luggage, ask yourself, “is this a warm layer that has wicking qualities, and is it versatile?”-  Teju Owoye, founder of Tusodo


Pack light and bring layers

Best tip as always, pack light and bring layers. I wore same ski pants everyday, but just changed the thin layer underneath them. I only brought on another pair of pants: jeans for some nights out. I wore my snow boots on the plane (easy coming from a cold climate anyway) so I was still able to bring all in a carry-on roller board.- Lisa Lubin, Travel and Food writer of LLworldtour


Don’t pack a curling iron.

Even if you go hatless, it’s not going to stay curled.- Angela Todd, Head of Ideas of Funnermother


Avoid long, flowing scarves.

A scarf hanging off you can get in the way of your poles or the lift, etc. Easier to wear a neck warmer/gaiter to keep you warm. Also don’t need any shoes except snow boots.- Lisa Lubin, Travel and Food writer of LLworldtour


Function beats fashion

Function beats fashion when preparing for a ski trip, but that doesn’t mean you have to forgo your style to have fun on the mountain.- Meisha Lawson, Owner of Meisha Lawson Marketing Services


Bring a hair dryer and baby powder.

Unless provided at your resort, a hair dryer is to dry out your boots or gloves for the next day. Put baby powder in boots, socks, and gloves, to extend the length of time your extremities stay dry and warm. (And if you have kids, invest in a lesson) -Angela Todd, Head of Ideas of Funnermother


Put ski mask and boots in your carry-on

When traveling, be sure to keep your ski mask and boots in your carry-on. -Phil Stempin, Chief Sales Officer of ColdAvenger


Never put your coat in checked luggage!

If your bag doesn’t make it to your ski destination, you at least don’t want to freeze while you wait for it to arrive.- Sally Spaulding, Public Relations of Aspen Skiing Company


Pack undergarments inside your boots

My travel tip is to pack undergarments inside your boots.- Nicole McNamee, Sales Director of P.O.P Solutions Group


Stick to basic colors and bring clothes that easily coordinate

Ski clothes are bulky, it’s hard to pack light for a winter getaway. Sticking to basic colors and bringing clothes that all easily coordinate with one another allows you to pack less and still vary your outfits. Also, high tech gear that’s made for outdoor sports stays drier longer and once wet, dries more quickly, so you can pack 1 set of gloves, fleece socks, hat, etc. instead of 2 or 3.- Eileen Gunn, Editor/ Founder of  FamiliesGo!


Don’t bring expensive items

Don’t pack really expensive jewelry, camera, etc. Anything that if you lost it or broke it would devastate you. – Elisse Jo Goldstein-Clark, Partner, Elkhorn Inn & Theatre


Wear or carry on a ski outfit

In case your luggage is lost.- Elizabeth Avery, President and Founder of Solo Trekker 4 u


Pack ski boots

My #1 travel tip for skiers is to pack your ski boots, but rent skis. It saves you the struggle of traveling with bulky skis and the extra charges on airlines, plus you get to try out the latest gear and the best equipment for the conditions that you are in, but you still have your boots which will be more comfy than rentals.- Katy Donoghue of Clehospitality


Leave skis at home

Leave your skis/snowboard at home. With airline fees, it’s simply not worth it to bring these items on a trip. Rent the latest gear (along with a helmet) when you get there. And don’t forget to buy sunscreen/use it. You’re at altitude where the sun’s rays are stronger.- Sally Spaulding, Public Relations of Aspen Skiing Company


Research ski & snowboard packages

Do some research on the ski & snowboard packages at the closest mountain to your ski lodge as some ski slopes offer great value packages for lift tickets/rentals/lessons which end up saving you a lot of money even if the lodging in return is a little more expensive.- Nicole and Kelsey of  Sisters in the Sand


Hit the slopes and have fun!

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