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Planning a ski trip packing list isn’t the easiest of tasks – especially a fashionable one. When your priorities are hitting the slopes, fashion isn’t always top of mind. As I found out when packing for Europe’s budget airlines, their super strict regulations also make it challenging to pack light.


What to Pack for Ski Holidays


Remember to wear your heaviest items on the plane ride over to avoid the need to pack these bulkier items. Not all your clothing has to be ultra-thick; you just need to pack enough layers to keep you warm.

Wear tights under trousers, add some high socks, and tuck your first top layer into your bottom layers to keep those sneaky drafts from creeping in. Check out these 20 tips to avoid overpacking to help you pack us light as possible.

What you should pack for your ski trip depends on what your plans are after your day on the mountain. Whether you’re planning to cozy up by the fire or getting drinks and partying greatly impacts how casual or dressed up you want to be.

If you’re a fashionista and want to look your best after your day skiing, check out this ski trip packing list for some stylish ideas for your next vacation!




Ski Trip Packing List for Fashionistas



Pack a several warm tops for your travel but choose lighter fabrics that you can layer. Long sleeved tops and woolen jackets are the in thing this season; choose stylish and classic ones you can wear anywhere. Tribal prints are a great choice for design but you can also stick to your favorite prints and look chic while bundled up.



Jeans are a must; pair them with thermal leggings. You can also opt to wear them inside your ski trousers to keep your legs warm during your ride on the snowy mountains. If this is the case, pack two thermal leggings – one pair to wear during the day and another for the evenings. For some added style, wear them under a large cardigan or tunic; perfect to get a warm drink at the end of the day. Also, consider taking a warm skirt that you can mix and match with your tops, in case you want to dress up for a nice dinner.



A dress is optional and depends on your post-skiing plans. If you’re unsure, go for a knitted tunic or a long sleeved dress that you can wear casually with jeans or more formal with tights and flats.



Wear a wooly cardigan or a thick vest to help keep you warm, but still looking fab and fashionable. You can also choose to wear your vest and then add on your big, comfy jacket when stepping outside—layering thick outfits. Of course, you can’t go skiing without a proper jacket, so choose a color you can wear with everything. Since you’re on a ski trip, replacing your regular coat with your ski jacket is forgivable, which lessens the bulk of your luggage.



Your winter boots will be a staple for your trip, but also bring along a set of pretty flats you can wear when you’re inside your hotel or go out for dinner and drinks.


Essential Accessories

Don’t forget to bring warm wool socks, scarves, gloves, and hat. Wearing these warm accessories make all the difference in the world. Pack two sets of each so you can wear one on the mountain and the other in the evening.

Hope you enjoyed these fashionista travel tips of what you should pack on ski weekends. For other packing list ideas, check out Travel Fashion Girl’s Universal packing lists that you can customize for any trip.


What are your ski trip packing list for fashionistas? Share them below!


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