10 Steps to Packing the Best Travel Shoes

I Have No Idea What Shoes to Pack for My Trip!?



This is a common packing question and we can help you by breaking it down in the following steps. Click on each of the below items to learn more about each one.


Step 1


Choosing the right shoes for a trip is challenging but it’s not impossible. The main thing to remember is that comfort is king – you can’t enjoy your trip to the fullest extent if you’re in pain and can’t walk. While the ideal shoes will be both comfortable and fashionable, style will have to take a back seat if it means you can’t wear a pair of shoes for hours at a time.

To give you a few ideas, take a look at our readers’ favorite comfortable walking shoes.

Step 2


Start by reading this guide on choosing travel shoes where you’ll learn that three is the magic number to pack for any trip. Think it’s impossible? Not if you make sure everything mixes and matches as you would when planning a capsule wardrobe for travel – the key to packing light!

Try to find versatile shoes that will match with all your outfits but make sure at least two of the suggested three pairs of shoes are extra comfortable. You’ll want to rotate between the two.

Step 3


Determine what activities you will do on your trip. You want to choose travel shoes that can be worn in several scenarios. Make the most of the pairs you do bring and avoid packing duplicates.

Check the extended weather forecast on weather.com or similar so you pack the appropriate footwear for the climate. Generally speaking, you’ll want to pack:

  • Winter: Mid-calf to Knee High Boots
  • Spring/Autumn: Ankle Boots
  • Summer: Flip-Flops by the Beach/Sandals

Step 4


For complicated trips such as digital nomad, gap years, sabbaticals, or other extended travel – please read how to choose shoes for a round-the-world trip. These posts are also a must read: Round-the-World Packing List and the Ten Step Packing Guide for Long Trips.

Step 5


If you’re planning what to pack for Europe, shoes will be one of your biggest challenges. My biggest piece of advice is to choose function over fashion. Really? Yes! The last thing you want is to allow pulsing, injured, or tired feet prevent you from enjoying the trip of a lifetime.

For more Europe travel shoe inspiration, read these posts:



Step 6


For cold weather travel, leather (or faux leather) boots are always our top pick. Here are several options:



Step 7


For beach vacations, I love these flip flop style sandals. If your trip will include nice dinners or evenings out, add a pair of sexy wedges or dress sandals. For sightseeing days and exploration, choose cute espadrilles or sturdy slip ons.



Step 8


Here are 10 of our top cute and comfortable ballet flats for city trips which can be worn just about anywhere any time of year. For a packable flat, choose soft classic styles like these that offer the most versatility with your outfits and destinations. For something dressier and chic opt for fashionable pointy toe flats but save these for occasional use not as your main sightseeing shoes because the shape tends to make them less comfortable than the round styles.

Ankle booties are the perfect shoe for trips with transitional climates in addition to autumn or spring weather travel.


Step 9


For trips under 3 weeks, take a look at this vacation guide for more packing tips and for trips 4 weeks or longer, this packing guide is for you! Sign up for Travel Fashion Girl’s newsletter and get access to packing templates, ebooks, and more.

Step 10


If you feel extremely overwhelmed at the idea of moving abroad, review this packing course which shows you specific techniques to plan around limited clothing choices, varying climates, and other unexpected life situations.


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