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Located at the very bottom of Central America, Panama is a small Latin country that invites travelers from around the world. Here you’ll find lush jungle, coastline backed by the Pacific Ocean or the Caribbean, sandy beaches, rocky shores, dining options of all kinds, a rich culture and of course, the Panama Canal. If this destination is on your list, find out what to wear in Panama!


What to Wear in Panama

Written By: Rachel Campbell



Summer in Panama is most people’s winter, so the months of mid-December through mid-April. You’ll also find lots of sunny days and temperatures that remind you of how close to the equator you are. This will impact your decisions of what to wear in Panama.




Panama Clothing Style


Summer in Panama means that you’ll find most people, both locals and visitors, walking around in shorts, thin t-shirts and sandals. Popular and worthwhile accessories include hats and sunglasses.

Because Panama is a tropical country, bright colors are very popular here, which can make choosing what to wear in Panama lots of fun.


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Panama Summer Weather


Panama really only has two seasons: summer, which is the dry season and lasts from mid-December through mid-April, and winter, which is the wet season. Even though summer in Panama is the dry season, you’ll find that humidity still very high.

You’ll also find temperatures in the 90s and 80s during the day and dropping into the high 70s during the night in higher elevations.


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Even if you’re staying at a higher elevation, you’ll find that the temperatures really don’t change more than 20 degrees one way or another, if even that.


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Hat | Tank | Flats | Earrings | Tote | Sandals | Shorts | Sunglasses


What to Wear in Panama in Summer: Sightseeing


Because most attractions are outside and exposed to the natural elements, you’ll want to dress in a fashion that keeps you both comfortable and cool. You’ll also want to take into account the various rain showers that can come out of nowhere.

This means that lightweight, quick-drying clothes are a must. In addition, you’ll want to skip packing your high heels and stick to a pair of flats and a pair of water-resistant shoes. This way you’ll have a pair for shopping and a pair for jungle trekking.


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What to Pack for Panama in Summer: Essentials


As mentioned above, summer is the season of sunshine and hot temperatures. But that doesn’t mean that you can get away with just wearing your bikini everywhere you go. Below are some items you’ll want to pack.


  • A summer dress- A short flowy dress is perfect for Panama, especially in Panama City. That’s because within the city you’ll find that the dress code is a little less casual and a little more formal.
  • Quick drying or water-resistant shoes- Great for hiking and walking the shoreline, quick drying shoes will keep your feet happy. Because these shoes dry quickly, you’ll also find that you won’t be traveling with a foul smelling sandal in your bag.
  • Sunglasses- The sun is bright, bright, bright in Panama, especially during the summer. Because of this, you’ll want to pack a quality pair of sunglasses that you can wear during your hike, on the beach and in town.


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Panama Accommodations


Panama offers lots of different types of accommodations to choose from, which helps you really customize your trip. You can choose from simple hotels in town to resorts on the beach.

If you’re looking for a budget friendly option, you’ll want to look into staying at one of the many hostels in Panama City and the rest of the country.

If you’re looking to reconnect with nature, then you’ll find that an eco-lodge is the way to go. When booking your accommodation, keep in mind that there is a 10% hotel tax that may not be included in the advertised nightly rate.


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Panama Transportation


One of the reasons why Panama is such a great country to visit is the transport system. Not only can you choose to ride on one of the many public buses, but you can also choose to fly!

Domestic flights are available every single day and travel between all of the major towns within Panama.


What to Do in Panama in Summer


Even though Panama is a relatively small country, there are lots of things to do and see. One of the most popular activities is to visit the Panama Canal. Though you won’t be able to ride a ship through the canal, you can view the ships from various viewing platforms.

You’ll also want to book a snorkeling or scuba diving tour. These tours are available on both the Pacific and the Caribbean side, though most choose the Caribbean side.

If you don’t want to snorkel but love fishing, book a deep sea fishing trip off of the Pacific coast.


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What are your tips on what to wear in Panama in summer? Share your tips in the comment below!


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