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After reading a discussion on TFG’s Facebook page yesterday and dealing with my own travel woes, I realized that many people have a major misconception about traveling with carry on luggage.


Why You Should Always Travel with Carry On Luggage

It’s more than just baggage fees

Many travelers think traveling carry-on only is just about saving money on baggage fees.

This is hardly the case.

In fact, you can still check in your bag even if it’s carryon size – I do. The last thing I want after a long trip is to trump around 5 airport connections to get to the other side of the world dragging a bag behind me through endless airport terminals.


Better travel experience

You see, traveling with carry on luggage isn’t just about saving money; it’s about having a more positive travel experience.

This is why.


The bigger the heavier

The heavier and larger your bag, the more uncomfortable your experience. Every ounce of weight in your bag feels like tons after you’ve been on the road for a while.

Once you’ve picked up, unpacked, and repacked your backpack through a few towns and cities, you’ll start wishing you had packed absolutely nothing. Those unattractive Scottvest contraptions would probably even start looking appealing.


What if I’m not carrying my bag?

This goes for all travelers not just backpackers.

For travelers with wheels, using oversized luggage can pose an even larger issue than backpackers – picking up a suitcase is more awkward and difficult than a backpack especially if it’s an oversized bag.

Imagine carrying your suitcase by its tiny upper handle up three flights of stairs or lifting it up every time you find a gaping hole in the middle of the sidewalk.

Even if you’re on a coach tour around nicely paved first world Europe, you still have to lug your bag out of the coach and into you hotel room each and every night. Let’s face it, if you’re on a tour you’re probably moving even faster than backpackers with the hopes of seeing as many locations in as little time as possible making a giant suitcase an utter drag – literally.


Obviously, if your trip has you staying in places with bell hops and porters that do the lifting for you; these points may not apply to you.


One of the most important reasons to travel carryon is to limit the size of your bag and consequently the weight allowing you to have a more pleasure travel experience so you’re not constantly struggling with your backpack or suitcase.




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What you have to realize about traveling with carry on luggage is that this is one occasion where size isn’t the only thing that matters – its weight too. Create a capsule wardrobe and downsize your bag! 

Why do you prefer to travel with carry-on luggage?


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