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Teva and UGG are two of the more popular travel shoe brands, and our readers can’t stop raving about two of their boot styles. Keep reading to see our Teva De La Vina ankle vs. UGG Simmens boot review!


Teva vs. Ugg Boots Review



Leather boots are a must for fall and winter, and a comfortable pair can make for your travels much more enjoyable. Two waterproof boots I recently picked up were based on recommendations I got from the Travel Fashion Girl Facebook Group—the UGG Simmens waterproof boots and the Teva De La Vina boots.

It started not too long ago when I planned a last-minute trip to Ireland in autumn and I asked the Facebook group what they thought was the best travel shoe for Ireland. And by far, everyone seemed to recommend either the Teva De La Vina or the UGG Simmens boots. Ultimately, I ended up getting both.


If you’re in the market for a pair of comfortable waterproof boots, keep reading to see my review of both of them.




UGG Simmens Leather Waterproof Boot (similar)


UGG Simmens Boot Basics


Style: UGG Simmens leather waterproof boot

Shaft height: 8” (calf-height boot)

Material: Waterproof leather with sheep lining

Colors: Available in black leather and stout leather

Heel Height: 1 inch

Travel Type: Rainy or chilly destinations as well as countryside locations




Teva De La Vina low boot (similar)


Teva De La Vina Boot Basics


Style: Teva De La Vina low boot

Shaft height: 7” (calf-height boot)

Material: Waterproof leather

Colors: Available in black leather and bison leather

Heel Height: 1.25 inch

Travel Type: Rainy or chilly destinations as well as the city

Bonus: This boot is also available in a tall, knee-height style and an ankle bootie style



UGG Simmens and Teva De La Vina Boot Features


For my last-minute trip to Ireland in autumn, I purchased and wore the Teva De La Vina boot (similar) , and it worked out perfectly. However, I late picked up the UGG Simmens boots (similar) and they’ve been great. I love both of these waterproof leather boots for a few reasons.







If you know my love for the Blondo Villa bootie, you know how much I love leather boots that are waterproof. It’s the perfect blend of style and practicality, which is a must for travel.

Since both of these boots are waterproof leather, they’re perfect for travel and walking in rainy weather or on wet terrain.







One of the best things about the Teva De La Vina (similar) boot is the amazingly sturdy sole. This is really key when you’re walking in rainy or snowy weather as well as when you’re walking on ice. When I wear these, I don’t slip around at all, which is really key for me.

The UGG Simmens boot (similar) also has a great rubber, sturdy sole that offers traction. I can easily walk around on wet or slippery terrain when wearing these. And, in general, UGG shoes are known for being high quality and durable, so these will last for years.







While both of these boots are waterproof, they’re not your standard rubber boot or wellies. They don’t look at all like a rain shoe. I love that they provide the function of keeping your feet dry and comfortable while you’re traveling, but they also look like a regular shoe. The moto detail is so trendy, too.

Also, as much as I love black boots, I love a neutral brown hue. It’s a great alternative to black. They go with everything, even an all-black wardrobe. The Teva De La Vina (similar) is a great neutral tan, while the UGG Simmens (similar) is a darker brown.







Another major plus for both of these boots is the height. As both of them are mid-calf boots, they’re much easier to pack than tall, knee-height boots.





If you’re traveling on a trip where you’re going to be experiencing both warm and cold weather, packing a shorter boot or an ankle boot like these are really helpful because that way they won’t take up as much space as a taller boot will on your trips. Plus, you can actually pack some stuff inside to make use of the space.

For practical reasons, the Teva bootie (similar) is easier to pack, as it has a slightly shorter shaft than the UGG Simmens (similar).







If you’re traveling only in the winter or for cold weather, you could almost get away with packing just the Teva De La Vina boots (similar). They’re a great classic style that would work with so many different outfits.

However, I will say the one con for me with the Teva bootie is that, because it’s a shorter boot, my legs can get a bit cold, even when wearing the best thermal underwear underneath. So, if you’re traveling to a really cold destination, you may need a taller boot. The UGG Simmens boot is warmer, which is a plus.





Warm Lining


This is where the UGG Simmens (similar) boot really excels. The sheep lining is so warm and soft, so this boot is warmer than the Teva De La Vina. I love this boot for both autumn and winter. These even provide a layer of warmth in between your feet and the ground.




UGG Simmens Leather Waterproof Boot (similar) Teva De La Vina Low Boot (similar)




Both of these are two great shoes. I love that they’re both available in a taller length, which I’m considering investing in because I would like a little more warmth when it gets really cold here in England or when I travel in winter.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a trendy and durable waterproof calf boot, these are both winners.





Where to Buy


I recently discovered the Shoeaholics website and they have a bunch of discounts, and I actually got the UGG Simmens (similar) for half price, which is awesome because UGGs can be a bit pricey. If you’re local here in England, I recommend browsing this site for great deals. 

If you’re in America or anywhere in the world, I recommend getting them on Amazon.

I picked up the Teva De La Vina (similar) boots on Amazon, which is my go-to site for everything. Both of these boots are eligible for Amazon Prime Wardrobe, so you can try both of them at the same time!



Video Review


Watch this video review here on Teva Delavina Ankle vs Ugg Simmens boots


Have you tried the Teva De La Vina or UGG Simmens? What are your favorite leather boots? Comment below!


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