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We love using Amazon for our travel purchases, and now with the option to try before you buy, this makes things a whole lot more affordable! Find out why we are obsessed over Amazon Wardrobe and why it’s made shopping for your travel so much easier!


Amazon Prime Wardrobe




Compass Rose Compression Packing Cubes


Amazon is particularly helpful for travelers. Often, we have to buy a wide range of items before a trip, from luggage organizers to band aids to comfortable walking shoes. Rather than have to order each of these items from different retailers or run out to various different stores, you can order them all from Amazon and, if you have Prime, receive them in 2 days with no shipping costs.

We love Amazon for this reason, so we were excited when the retailed opened up Prime Wardrobe service to Prime customers. This try-before-you-buy service is really popular, and it’s especially ideal for travelers. Find out why!


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Vionic Valeri Espadrille Flat


What is Amazon Prime Wardrobe?


Prime Wardrobe is a service where you can order several clothing items, try on that clothing at home, and only be charged for the items you don’t send back.

The idea is that you can try on several items without having to be charged for them. This helps you avoid that stressful wait for a refund, especially if you order several items to try on.

This is a particularly great feature for items like shoes and jeans where you might need to try on a few sizes. I’ve been wanting to try these sandals but have heard the sizing can be tricky. Now I can order a couple of sizes, as well as other styles, to see which one works out.

When you’re preparing for a trip, the last thing you want to do is worry about watching your account for a refund or exchanging sizes. With Amazon Prime, you can focus more on your trip than your order.


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UGG Lorna Leather Boot


How Does Amazon Prime Wardrobe Work?


When shopping on Amazon, you can search for items directly in the Prime Wardrobe section, or search for items as you normally would in the search bar. On the right side where you’d normally add the item to your cart, you’ll see a Prime Wardrobe option on eligible items.

To use Prime Wardrobe, you have to select at least three items and up to eight items total. Once you receive your package, you have seven days to try on your items.

By the seventh day, visit your Amazon Orders page to check out. Here, you’ll indicate which items you’re keeping and which ones you’re returning. Pack up everything you’re returning and use the prepaid UPS shipping label to send the items back.

Prime Wardrobe offers free shipping and free returns. You won’t be charged for anything until you send your items back, and you’ll only be charged for what you keep.

The next time you’re traveling and need a pair of waterproof boots, you can try several styles and sizes all at once. And with free two-day shipping, it’s perfect for those last-minute packing emergencies.


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Cole Haan Single Breasted Packable Rain Jacket


What Brands Can You Shop with Prime Wardrobe?


If you already use Amazon, you know there are thousands of popular brands available. Prime Wardrobe is eligible with a number of these brands, including Adidas, Calvin Klein, Lilly Pulitzer, J Brand, Levi’s, and more. New brands are being added all the time, too, as Amazon continues to expand this service.

I’ve heard so many good things about this Cole Haan waterproof jacket (and they would look great for travel in Europe!) but I can’t decide on a size or color, so now I can try a few out with Prime Wardrobe without paying for all of them up front.


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Blondo Villa Waterproof Ankle Bootie


Using Amazon Prime Wardrobe to Build Your Travel Wardrobe


Amazon Prime Wardrobe is like no other shopping feature. We love that you can order several items at once and try them on before paying for them.

This is a great feature for travelers. So often, I’ve been packing for a trip only to realize a few days before my flight that I’m missing something, be it a comfy pair of shoes or leggings for the flight. With Prime Wardrobe, you can order that new pair of shoes in multiple sizes and colors to make sure you get the right fit the first time (and in time for your trip).

So, if you’ve been dying to try the Blondo Villa booties that I and other readers keep raving about, you can use Prime Wardrobe to try out a few colors and sizes and then keep the one that works best for you!

That’s at least how I use Prime Wardrobe to build my travel wardrobe. During my travels, I keep a running list of all the items I used the most, as well as those I see on other travelers that I’d like to add to my packing list. It might be a pair of cute ankle booties or a rain jacket.

When I return from my trip, I can work on refreshing my travel wardrobe. With Amazon Prime Wardrobe, I liked the idea of using it to try several sizes or colors of the same item at once. As you only need to add a minimum of three items, I might try two different shoe sizes and two different colors, or a few different styles from the same brand.


I can’t wait to use this service more and hear how other travelers use it to build their wardrobe!



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