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How to Make a Travel-Size DIY Makeup Palette

  If you have old powder bronzers or eyeshadow hanging around in bits and pieces, you may want to put it together in a personalized case for travel. You may not get to customize your colors, but palette packing will be lighter by reducing the size of your makeup...

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Thigh Chafing: Products to Prevent the Dreaded Chub Rub

  Summertime fashion is light and airy, and happy as can be until we experience the dreaded side effect of this season's clothing: thigh chafing. But don't fret, we’ve got some tips to prevent ‘chub rub’!   Products to Prevent Thigh Chafing    ...

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The 10 Best Long-Lasting Concealers for Travel

Even among minimalist makeup wearers, long-lasting concealer is a must for many travelers. Here, we share our picks for the best long-lasting concealer for travel. You may be surprised to see which concealers made the list!

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These are the Best Vacation Maxi Dresses for Summer

  It's the season for easy breezy vacation style! We've got a round-up of beautiful summer maxi dresses - get ready to update your travel wardrobe with these versatile, pretty styles for your vacation summer dresses!   Vacation Maxi Dresses for Summer  ...

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How to Survive Long Flights Over 20+ Hours

We love traveling, but one thing we could do without is the long plane ride. If you’re facing an upcoming trip with an extremely long travel time, our readers share their best tips on how to survive long flights. Find out what they are!

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What to Pack for Washington D.C. Year-Round

  Wondering what to pack for Washington D.C.? We've got year-round fashion advice from travel girls who've visited the capital city in every season for years! Read on to find out what to bring on your trip.   What to Pack for Washington D.C. Year-Round...

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The Best Sweatproof Makeup for Hot and Humid Weather

If you’re traveling to a hot and humid destination, the wrong makeup can ruin any photos you plan on taking. If you want a simple beauty look without the oiliness, add our readers’ recommendations for the best sweat proof makeup to your packing list.

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