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Recently, fashion trends are leaning towards comfort and simplicity. The focus is now on low-key pieces and dressing them up or down for whatever the occasion. Now, there are trendy joggers for women everywhere, including travel. Check out our reader recommendations!


Trend Alert: Joggers for Women



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Wouldn’t you love to leave the house in your sweats and not worry about weird looks from strangers? Wearing womens joggers outfits while traveling is a great way to pull off a comfortable look any time of day.

Technically, the joggers’ fashion trend is nothing more than spruced-up sweatpants, but they are usually more fitted and taper toward the ankle. They can be found in traditional heavy knit, but they also come in a variety of other materials, from linen to leather. Using your destination as a guide, find the right joggers for your trip among the great recommendations from our readers.



The Best Joggers for Women Recommended by Readers




Lululemon On The Fly ⅞ Pants 


Lululemon On the Fly Pants


A fashion joggers womens choice are these stylish Lululemon pants that are casually elegant but functional and offer tons of comfort and durability. 

TFG may be somewhat responsible for our readers’ obsession. One says, This is the group that got me so addicted to On the Fly pants.” (Guilty as charged!)


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Athleta Trekkie North Jogger


Athleta Trekkie Jogger


Many adorable girls jogger outfits have been created with these Athleta pants—just ask our readers. They are really that awesome! These pants come in several colors and the fabric is SO soft, one reader wore a pair on the plane and then lived in them for the next three days!

They are also easy to wash, quick to dry, and can be dressed up or down, depending upon your mood. These pack small too, so bring more than one!


Find out why Anatomie Skyler is the ultimate travel pant!




J. Crew Dreamy Pajama Jogger Pant


J. Crew Dream Pajama Pants


J. Crew and Gap both have cotton blend joggers, which are favorites of many TFG readers. These are more of a loose joggers womens style, meaning they don’t go much above a smart, casual look because their shape is similar to actual sweatpants, but that’s no matter. One reader says, “I like that they’re not skinny.” 


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Encircled Dressy Sweatpant 


Encircled Dressy Sweatpant


Readers insist “sweatpant” is a misleading description for these joggers by Encircled—they can be worn in a more proper setting, too. One says, “These are not sweatpants at all! They’re super comfortable. I wore them to an executive dinner with a white silk blouse and ballet flats. I was the only comfortable woman in the room!” Talk about redefining the womens jogger pants trend!


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Gap Utility Jogger


Gap Utility Joggers


Readers love these Gap pants, saying they are perfect for travel, especially during the summer months. One calls them “cooler, comfortable and dressier than sweatpants,” and another says they are her new favorite find. “They feel like pajamas but look a little more pulled together.” These definitely fit into the joggers trend and absolutely rock as pants to wear on a long flight.


Our readers recommend the best cold weather patns!




Lou & Grey Zen Bounce Upstate Sweatpants 


Lou & Grey Sweatpants


We’ve all been squeezed into an economy seat on long haul flight and have worn the wrong thing and instantly regretted it. If you choose these Lou & Grey sweatpants you’ll be happy with that decision for the duration of your trip. One reader calls them ’“the MOST comfortable I’ve ever worn,” while another tells us, “I travel in them exclusively. They are well made and last for years.” Any jogger outfit for women should include these soft pants, on or off the plane!




Vuori Performance Jogger Pants 


Vuori Jogger Pants


Want a sporty look with long-lasting quality and comfort? Plenty swear by Vuori Performance as their go-to travel pant, as one says, “I have a pair of cotton knit Vuoris that I wear as my plane outfit.” Because of their soft, breathable material that seems like a wise choice!




Anthropologie Mixed-Knit Jogger


Anthropologie Mixed-Knit Joggers


These Anthropologie pants are a soft, relaxed tencel that will get you through any journey in comfort. And because they are a bit of an exaggerated Capri cut, these are great joggers for short women, too! 

Readers also love their cargo-style pockets, which are perfect for carrying your small valuables when touring any city. One reader who’s leaving for London, says she’s “planning on wearing these a lot.”



Joggers for Women Comparison Chart


Lululemon On The Fly ⅞ Pants  “This is the group that got me so addicted to On the Fly pants.” Check Price
Athleta Trekkie North Jogger "They are really that awesome!" Check Price
J. Crew Dreamy Pajama Jogger Pant “I like that they’re not skinny.” Check Price
Encircled Dressy Sweatpant  “These are not sweatpants at all! They’re super comfortable" Check Price
Gap Utility Jogger “They feel like pajamas but look a little more pulled together.” Check Price
Lou & Grey Zen Bounce Upstate Sweatpants  “I travel in them exclusively. They are well made and last for years.” Check Price
Vuori Performance Jogger Pants  “I have a pair of cotton knit Vuoris that I wear as my plane outfit.” Check Price
Anthropologie Mixed-Knit Jogger “Planning on wearing these a lot.” Check Price



Will Joggers Work in a Tropical Climate?


These pants are certainly cozy enough for the plane, but are joggers comfortable enough for a hot destination as well? The key to choosing a pair for a warm climate is the fabric. Seek out breathable, airy textiles like cotton, linen, or specific fabric that’s designed to wick away sweat.  

A popular joggers outfit women love for summer destinations is sandals or flip-flops with a white tee, sun hat, and polarized sunglasses. You’ll be ready for a day at the beach that includes a stop at a sunnyside cafe for lunch!



Do They Provide Leg Warmth?


Try french terry or fleece-lined joggers for women to keep you toasty in the winter. Both styles are comfortable and versatile. 

When it comes to styling jogger pants for women outfits in the colder months, pair a cozy hoodie with slip-on sneakers for casual outings or merino wool sweater in a rich, earth-tone with gold earrings and low-heel ankle boots for a night out.



Can They Pair Well With Heels?


It can be hard to imagine embellished joggers outfits for women who love to dress up, given that these are often called “semi-fancy sweatpants,” but with a little creativity and confidence, you can easily pull this look off really well! Little details, like a zipper ankle or moto style, keep them from looking lazy or sloppy. 

Create an interesting contrast with a sparkly top or blazer, chunky jewelry, and a clutch. To finish off an elegant nighttime look, pair with traditional heels, closed-toe wedges, or sandal wedges (dependent on the season!).



Are They a Great Alternative to Denim?


Since the length and ankle are similar to that of skinny jeans, the women fashion joggers trend is an awesome choice that doesn’t sacrifice comfort. Your thighs are free from constricting fabric and their material is more breathable. 

Joggers for women look best paired with loose or fitted tops which are shorter in length. To make a longer top work, you can try loosely tucking in the front or knotting it at the side.



How to Determine the Best Fit


Now that you’re convinced that joggers on women look great and are sold on the benefits of bringing these cute pants on your next trip, these are a few tips on what to look for in fit. 

The waist should hit right above your hips and can be elastic or drawstring. They are usually loose at the top of the leg and may also have a slight drop in the crotch. (Think of them as similar to harem pants, but not as drastic.) The legs taper as you move down and end with a banded ankle. Try bunching the ankles up for another interesting look.




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What are your favorite joggers for women? Share and comment below!


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