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If you need help downsizing your luggage, this is one of the best packing hacks that will instantly do the trick: use your packing cubes as compression sacks! Keep reading to see the step by step process!


How to Pack Like a Boss Using The Travel Essentials Packing List


In today’s packing tutorial, I show you how to pack light using the Travel Essentials Packing List. While the clothing could work for a trip of any length, the additional items (makeup, toiletries, etc) would work best for a weekend getaway, beach trip, or for extremely minimalist traveler.


Layout your main clothing items

4 Pieces from Minimalista Packing List including button up shirt, tank top, travel pants, and maxi dress


5 Additional pieces from the Travel Essentials Packing List including three bottoms and two tops.


Layout additional clothing


Additional items include 5 underwear, 2 socks, reversible bathing suit, waterproof jacket and fleece.


All the total contents in the bag including accessories, toiletry bag, makeup, and entertainment


Choose Your Method of Organization


One 35L travel backpack and 2 slim packing cubes, One packing cube: fleece, waterproof, and


2nd packing cube: 8 pieces of clothing


Roll clothing and use hair ties to hold larger items tightly in place


Adjust items until you find the right fit


Start working your zips around and adjust the clothing as you go


Once the cube is closed, look for any available spaces to squeeze additional items


Bring the zippers around close to the available space and push in the items


Inspect the remainder items and see if there are an opportunities to maximize space


I’ve got room in my Ziploc underwear bag so I add my socks


I only have my bathing suit left and find a bit of space in the other cube


everything’s now packed in two packing cubes and a small Ziploc


For Minimal Makeup and Accessories


I use an easy to clean makeup bag


Here you can see the difference between 80L, 55L, and 35L size backpacks.



As you can see in my ultimate packing hack, I like using packing cubes not only to organize but also compress my clothing to maximize my space. Using them as shown in this post will help you fit most clothing into a smaller bag. Please read this post for alternate ways of using packing cubes.


What are your packing hacks?


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